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Gear Break: Helmets, Jerseys, Competition, Training, Shoes & Pump!

Gear Break: It doesn’t come more varied than this: Ready to race with Limar Air Pro helmets, Primal Omni jersey and shorts, win a classic LOOK KG 396 frame, Lezyne new CNC Tubeless Drive, free Wahoo TICKR with The Sufferfest annual subscription, Sidi new Sixty Ltd.



Limar AIR PRO helmet boasts an extremely innovating production process in which the use of carbon fiber, due to its high mechanical resistance and lightweight, it becomes the heart of the helmet.


We have exploited the unique properties of carbon, coupling them with eps, to realize a maximum resistance core with minimum thickness.
Two structural wings merge with the side ribs of the shell, creating a highly performing cage in terms of safety, aerodynamics and ventilation.


Limar Air Pro is the flagship model in our Air Revolution range. Shaped by the air, this is the result of countless hours of development, testing and refining in collaboration with Astana Pro Team riders to reach the highest performances, always saving significant watts during competitions.



● More info on the Limar Air Pro at limar.com/air-pro.

● Buy Limar Helmets and gear in North America from Albabici.com.

Primal High Beam Omni Jersey and Obsidian OX Omni Bib Shorts


High Beam Omni Jersey – $110
This is a reasonably priced jersey (the Omni line is a step below Primal’s top-of-the-line Helix collection) designed for hot weather riding with:

● Lightweight breathable fabric provides cooling and moisture wicking
● Fit that conforms to your body with 360° comfort stretch
● Full hidden zip
● Angled pockets


Chuck Peña, PEZ clothing tester: “Primal calls this jersey ‘race fit’ but for me (size small) it was more on the ‘comfortable’ side of race fit. Don’t get me wrong: it’s definitely a form fitting jersey. But just didn’t hug me as tightly as some of my other race kit. The sleeves (not laser cut) had just enough grip for my skinny arms. It’s definitely light (tipped my scales at 130 grams) and the fabric is ‘airy’ with lots of ‘micro’ pores throughout. Soft and smooth against bare skin. It stacks up well against other jerseys I have in 90ºF heat and humidity. Some nice touches: low collar (essentially collar-less), full YKK zipper (the gold standard), and instead of silicon gripper at the waist, a rear gripper panel (4 cm wide) that’s a lot like the leg gripper panels on a lot of shorts. But what makes this jersey different than every other jersey in my cycling wardrobe is that the dots of the design are a reflective material (hence the High Beam moniker) to help you be more visible in low light.”

The camera flash gives you an idea how highly reflective the jersey is when hit by light

Obsidian OX Omni Bib Shorts – $120


Primal’s slightly different take on bib shorts design with fewer panels:

● Four panels
● Flat lock stitched seams
● Perforated, laser cut bib straps
● E6 Carbon antibacterial and antimicrobial chamois made by TMF

Chuck Peña, PEZ clothing tester: “Primal says four panels and that’s right if you’re not counting the bib section or the leg gripper sections. Regardless, I love the idea of fewer panels. But to pull this off, you need to have material with firmer compression and 360 degree stretch to get the fit right. I could probably do with ever so slightly more compression, but Primal got it right and it works. It’s not just fit — the feel of the material is very soft and smooth. I’m used to wider leg gripper panels, but the 4 cm wide ones gripped well enough with no slip. Throw in laser cut bib straps (I’ve become a fan of these) and these are very comfortable bib shorts. Primal claims the chamois (which has multiple density padding) is good for 6+ hours of riding and I’ll affirm half that time and it certainly felt like I could double it without a problem. For the weight weenies, the Omni bib shorts tipped my scale at 171 grams.”

The Primal logo on the left leg is a glossy, rubber-like material

More info on the Primal Omni range at: www.primalwear.com/collections/omni.

Win a Unique Edition of the Classic LOOK KG 396 Frame
Fundraising Campaign in Support of the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Association



A Part of Cycling History Could be Yours. Only Yours
The end of the ‘90s: a decade today’s forty-somethings look back on with nostalgia. France has just won the football World Cup and the Festina Affair has catapulted cycling to the forefront of international media. Celebrated with great pomp, the year 2000 marks the beginning of a new millenium. Some fantastic prophecies predict the end of the world. These warnings – which fortunately never came true – are quickly forgotten. What we do remember however, are the Sydney Olympic Games.

LOOK is already a long-standing partner of the French National Track Cycling Team, and our in-house engineers have as usual pulled out all the stops to design another technological marvel: the KG 396. Designed for the track and time trialling, this exceptional frame combines high modulus carbon layup with optimized aerodynamics and an offset fork to give its riders an undeniable edge. Exceptional, and built to win: its numerous victories are indisputable proof. LOOK is offering participants the exclusive opportunity to win an iconic KG 396. The bike is a time trial model in size L.

LOOK has supported the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque association since 2005, participating in various events and fundraising campaigns in the cycling world (Étape du Cœur, Tour de France, Gentleman du Cœur…). This year, we would like to help a child with a heart condition by offering up the famous KG 396.

To be in with a chance of winning, you can participate in our fundraising campaign by purchasing one or more tickets. We will be putting 1000 up for sale, at a price of 12€ each.

Beyond supporting a worthy cause and helping children with serious heart conditions in underprivileged countries, the person who wins the KG 396 frame will also be claiming a small slice of LOOK history. A history written by men and women passionate about their craft, and their brand.

With the right legs to launch it, the KG 396 brings magic to the velodrome, and it doesn’t take the French Team long to figure it out. The Sydney 2000 team includes Florian Rousseau, Arnaud Tournant, Laurent Gane, or Felicia Ballanger and Marion Clignet, and each of them races the bike to an Olympic medal.

Arnaud Tournant Team Sprint Olympic Champion in Sydney 2000
“The Sydney KG 396 is probably the best bike on the track today. In fact, many other federations are envious of this absolute jewel.”

Aboard the KG 396, Arnaud Tournant was the first rider in history to crack the symbolic one-minute barrier for the 1km standing start.


Victorious on All Terrains Tour de France, July 12, 2001
In 2001, the Tour de France sees three teams riding the time trial version of the KG 396: KELME with Santiago Botero, CSC with Laurent Jalabert and the Crédit Agricole team. The latter will be victorious on the team time trial on July 12 at Bar-le-Duc. Crédit Agricole is still, to this day, the only French team to have won the team time trial at the Tour de France.


The yellow KG 396 is officially integrated in the LOOK range in 2001. This color is removed from the catalogue in 2003, yet the bike remains available in different designs until 2005.

look kg 396

Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque
Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Enfants du Monde allows children suffering from heart malformations to come to France and receive operations when they cannot be treated in their home countries due to a lack of financial and technical means. Hosted by volunteer host families and operated on in 9 hospitals throughout France, more than 3,500 children have already been cared for since the creation of the Association in 1996.



Lezyne: Tube Less, Ride More with the New CNC Tubeless Drive
Keep your tubeless setup tube-free with our new 3-in-1 CNC Tubeless Drive, the ultimate trailside tubeless tire support system. Combining an ultra-high-volume hand pump, CO2 inflator and tubeless tire repair kit, the CNC Tubeless Drive aims to keep you rolling no matter what chaos you manage to send your tire’s way.

The CNC Tubeless Drive is an innovative 3-in-1 mountain bike hand pump engineered for high-volume tubeless tire repair and inflation. The compact system combines a tubeless tire repair kit, CO2 inflator and a high-volume hand pump—all conveniently housed in a lightweight machined aluminum construction. This allows for quick trailside repair. Its long hose, overlapping handle and high volume design provides efficient inflation for up to 30 PSI (2 BAR). The chuck is tubeless specific and “flips” for Presta, or a threaded Presta shaft (with the valve core removed) to provide more airflow when seating a tubeless tire. And the CO2 inflator allows for instant inflation and additional tubeless tire seating power. It comes equipped with five aggressive, high quality tire plugs that are sealant friendly, and one replaceable 20-gram CO2 cartridge. The rebuildable CNC Tubeless Drive is the ultimate repair setup for mountain bikes and e-bikes using high-volume tubeless tires.


● Max: 30 PSI | 2 BAR
● Weight: 276g
● Dimensions: 173 mm
● CNC Tubeless Drive Regular price $79.99
● More information at: ride.lezyne.com.

● Buy it on Amazon.com here

Last Chance! FREE TICKR with The Sufferfest Annual Subscription Purchase
Offer Ends July 20 | Train to Be More than Faster


Sign up with Wahoo/Sufferfest at: thesufferfest.com

• Or you can buy a Wahoo Tickr here.

Back to the Future EP. IV: Sidi Presents a New Sixty Ltd
Sidi features a new limited edition of Sixty, inspired by the futuristic DeLorean DMC-12 interior design from the 1980s.


It was 1985 when the first episode of the Back to the Future trilogy was released. In the movie the eccentric scientist, “Doc”, builds a time-traveling automobile – a DeLorean DMC-12 – a hardly known car that became suddenly part of the jet set of cult items.

The Sidi Sixty new limited edition, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, is inspired to its interior design, illuminated by futuristic blue LED lights: its Microtech Pro upper is shiny, shifting to a pure 1980s style, elegant and always trendy – a benchmark for all generation.

Just like a futuristic automobile, that can fly in a time tunnel, Sixty is a blend of details and innovative solutions by Sidi, such as Tecno-4 closure system, that provides an ultraprecise regulation. Being inspired by its trend-setting forerunner, that was produced in 1988 and was applied to the iconic models of the collection, now like then, Sixty continues to be projected toward the future.

As to power, its ultralight Vent Carbon sole has been conceived to better transfer the pedaling power as well as to ensure the greatest robustness and breathability, also in case of high temperatures. Its carbon fibers provide the right degree of both stiffness and controlled flexion, particularly at the toe, relieving the stress in the plantar tendons and facilitating proper blood circulation during effort.

Light, performing and robust. The iridescent look of the new Sixty is a one-way ticket for a dazzling time-journey.

● Upper: Microfibre Techpro Matt Mesh
● Sole: Vent Carbon Sole
● Tecno-4 Push System
● HighIGH-Security Velcro
● Integrated Heel
● Antislip Replaceable Heel Pad
● Go to sidi.com for more.

● Shop for Sidi SIXTY Shoes here

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