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Gear Break: Scicon Kunken, Officina Battaglin, MAAP, 4iiii, Pegatin and Precision Fuel & Hydration

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Gear Break: Scicon Sports bridging the gap between sports and fashion with the Aeroshade Kunken, Officina Battaglin will launch the 2022 collection through a virtual event, MAAP//The Evade Collection – Move Together, 4iiii – The Inside Ride, Pegatin – Winter is over, 25% OFF! And Precision Fuel & Hydration launches resealable ‘Jumbo Gel’ pouch containing a massive 90g of carbohydrate.

Scicon Sports Bridging the Gap Between Sports and Fashion with the Aeroshade Kunken

Scicon Sports introduced the new Aeroshade Kunken, bridging the gap between sport and fashion, loaded with performance features and design, everything the race track or a red carpet calls for. Effortless style and comfort on and off the bike, all while meeting the highest demands of world class athletes.

  • With the option of a bold and daring monogram lens asking yourself will you see it?
  • Will you see it before you put it on?
  • Will you see it while riding?
  • But why not just see for yourself?


The unique lens option, features an exterior Scicon monogram logo pattern taking the combination of sports and fashion to the next level. From the outside you see the bold and daring monogram logo pattern come to life and from the inside, it is not observed.

Uncompromised vision for sport or everyday activities.

For the individuals that are rather looking for a clean and classic look, the Aeroshade Kunken is available in various lens color options without the monogram pattern.


The Aeroshade Kunken comes with an all new, fully customizable Flexfit™ nose pad, adjustable depending on fit preference and individual facial structure, one nosepiece that does it all.

Five visible extended air dispersion gaps on each side, ensures ventilation for consistent fresh air behind the lens to prevent fog build up.

Key Features Include:
INCREASED PROTECTION & FIT: Scicon Sports SCN-PP™ lenses are durable and meticulously tested to ensure protection against high-speed impacts. A fully adjustable Flexifit™ nose pad and adjustable Flexifit™ temples provide exceptional comfort and fit for any shape of face.

SCN-PP™ TRUE VISION: Optical clarity and enhanced contrast. 11 lens color options are available, including colored multimirror, low light pink, photochromic, transparent and a new monogram multimirror aesthetic.

PERFORMANCE & UV PROTECTION: Air dispersion gaps on the edge of the lens increase ventilation to prevent fog build up. The Horizon Adapt™ mechanism, a height adjustable nosepiece, allows to tailor the field of vision depending on preferred riding position. 100% UV 400 protection blocks all light rays up to 400NM, including both UVA and UVB rays.

ECOLOGICALLY PRODUCED: Handcrafted in Italy, featuring ecologically produced, bio-based frame material that is durable, lightweight, strong, withstanding the harshest conditions – all while reducing the carbon footprint.

RACE TESTED AND PROVEN: Tadej Pogačar was first seen sporting the Aeroshade Kunken to victory at Il Lombardia in 2021. In the 2022 racing season, the Aeroshade Kunken will be worn by no less than four UCI WorldTour teams with UAE Team Emirates, BikeExchange-Jayco, Israel Start Up Nation and Team Astana Qazaqstan.

RRP €190 / £160 / $220 / A$310 / CA$280

Four frame color options: Carbon Matt, Black Gloss, White Gloss, Crystal Gloss.
Seven lens color options: Multimirror Red, Multimirror Blue, Multimirror Bronze, Multimirror Silver, Photochromic Silver, Monogram Multimirror Red, Monogram Multimirror Silver.

The Aeroshade Kunken are now available globally at Sciconsports.com and select premium retailers. Scicon Sports’ WorldTour team partners will be debuting the new Aeroshade Kunken models at the 2022 UAE Tour starting on Sunday 20 February 2022, having field-tested the new shape since Il Lombardia last year. This will see UAE Team Emirates, Israel Premier Tech, BikeExchange-Jayco and Astana Qazakstan all racing the new Aeroshade Kunken on the world stage.


Al Hamilton PEZ sez: I’m not too keen on the modern large cycling glasses, I’m still happy with my slim Oakleys and Rudy Projects. When the Scicon Kunken arrived I was sure I wouldn’t like them, but once you are wearing them they don’t feel any different. Personally I found two advantages: The lager lens stops any chance of wind getting into your eyes causing you to tear up, a problem I have had on occasions. Also you don’t have any light at the bottom of the glasses, sun reflecting up off the road.


Now that I’m a convert to larger glasses, what about the Scicon Aeroshade Kunken? Very comfortable with help from the adjustable nose piece and legs. Being able to adjust the hight with the nose piece is quite a bonus. They also feel secure on the road. The vents on the side of the lens and at the top of the frame should stop any fogging, not that it was a problem.


Talking of the lens, the Scicon monogram logo pattern on the lens looks great, but of course you can’t see it on the inside. More importantly there is no glare and your view of the road is sharp and clear.


The Kunken comes with the usual cleaner/bag and also a soft case that can also be used as an under the saddle bag.


As Chuck Peña always says: “Take you helmet with you when you try glasses.” No problem with my Giro, the Scicon Kunken fit well, no bumping against each other. As you would expect from Scicon, the Kunken are sturdy and well made. Unless a car runs over them, they should see good service for a long time.


Officina Battaglin Will Launch the 2022 Collection Through a Virtual Event

Officina Battaglin, the Italian steel bike brand founded by the 1981 Giro-Vuelta winner Giovanni Battaglin and his son Alex, has just announced that it will showcase the new bikes of the 2022 collection through a virtual launch event.

The 2022 Collection Digital Debut is a high-end professional production that will take place on Wednesday, March 2nd, at 2:00 pm CET.

After Alex and Giovanni presented the collection in Singapore last December, the launch of the new models was set to be a series of exclusive in-person meetings held in different countries.


The travel restrictions in response to the spread of the new Covid variant led to the decision of moving online: “After our successful presentation in Singapore last December, we had planned on repeating the same event format in other countries,” said Officina Battaglin’s CEO, Alex Battaglin. “With the spread of the Omicron variant, we decided to create a virtual launch event from the ground-up. While there’s no substitute for seeing the bikes in person, this presentation will allow a larger audience of passionate cyclists from anywhere in the world to take part in the premiere. At the same time, the digital experience will accomplish something that an in-person event can’t: participants will get a unique behind-the-scenes look at Italian frame building, with unreleased footage of the finishing process.”


Debuting Inside an Italian Gem
The new Officina Battaglin bikes will make their “digital debut” inside the lavishly painted rooms adorned with frescoes of Villa Godi Malinverni, a storied villa just a few kilometers from the Battaglin workshop.

“Instead of an aseptic studio environment, we’ve chosen a stunning villa, one of Italy’s many hidden gems. Our country is a unique source of inspiration for creating special bikes, and we wanted the setting of the event to reflect that.”

What to Expect from the 2022 Officina Battaglin Collection: New Designs and Only 110 Build Slots
The main focus of the presentation will be the new Officina Battaglin collection.

The virtual event will provide technical insights about each product and a closer look at their aesthetic refinements. Officina Battaglin’s signature cromovelato finish will obviously be a major feature of the show.

Those interested in starting a custom build project will also get all the details on how to reserve one of the 110 build slots available for a custom 2022 Battaglin bike.

Taking part in the 2022 Collection Digital Debut
To avoid technical issues, only 500 seats are available for the event.

The video will be accessible from any device with an Internet connection, and the registered users will have access to the full recordings.


  • To join the 2022 Collection Digital Debut, visit: officinabattaglin.com/officina-battaglin-2022-collection-digit al-debut-2/

  • MAAP//The Evade Collection – Move Together


    Kick off the 2022 cycling season with MAAP’s Evade Collection. Now there’s a whole team.

    The Evade Collection features fresh colors in their lightweight performance Evade Pro Base Jersey, plus the all new Evolve Pro Air Jersey and base layers, accessories and premium off-bike tees and sweats.

    MAAP’s new lifestyle range featuring tees, crews and hoodies in a modern oversized square cut fit, is crafted from 100% cotton for ultimate comfort. In their ongoing commitment to supporting global sustainability, the Evade Tee is made with bluesign® APPROVED fabrications.

    “We wanted to offer a new level in post-ride comfort with the off-bike selection from the Evade Collection. We’ve used signature colors from our ranges so that there’s a cohesive experience for cyclists from the moment they take off their jerseys to kicking back..” said Darren Tabone, MAAP’s VP of Product.

    Evolve your line-up now via maap.cc or through your local MAAP dealer.


    Product List:

    • Evade Pro Base Jersey
    • Evade Crew
    • Evade Hoodie
    • Evade Tee
    • Evolve Pro Air Jersey
    • Evolve Team Base Layer
    • Evolve Cap
    • Evolve Sock
    • Evolve Water Bottle
  • More info at: https://maap.cc

  • 4iiii – The Inside Ride


    If someone had told me as a young cyclist that riding a bike indoors, on a trainer, would one day compete with the joy of riding outside, I would’ve waited for the punchline… and yet, in the year 2022, here we are! We’re living in a golden age of indoor riding, with an ever-growing list of interactive programs and equipment that have many of us considering whether we’ll log our next ride on “real world” trails and roadways, or on one of the many digital/virtual platforms available in the comfort of our own home. For me, nothing will ever replace the beauty of getting out into the elements and experiencing a connection with nature and the bike, but I do find myself enjoying the perks of a spin in the spare room more and more.


    As much as I love the 30-minute pre-workout workout that is layering up for a winter ride and the additional 20-minute post ride, guilt-induced cleaning of my salt/mud/snow/ice covered bike, the convenient and time-effective nature of throwing on a pair of bib shorts and hopping on the trainer is hard to deny. With the ability to create meet-ups and group workouts on most training platforms, the social aspect of indoor rides has made logging in the equivalent to rolling up to the cafe for the weekly group outing. When riding outdoors, there’s always a requirement of awareness of your surroundings such as traffic, other riders/pedestrians and physical obstacles on the road/trail. In contrast, trainer sessions allow for a cyclist to safely give their single-minded focus to the data that ultimately powers them on all of their two-wheeled adventures. I love knowing I can truly empty my last ounce of strength and dig for every watt when doing an indoor workout, free from the responsibility of keeping a straight line, my head-up or even my balance once the sweet release of a completed interval has come.


    With tools like the 4iiii PRECISION Powermeter and Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor the ability to gain great insight into your current conditioning and create detailed, personal training programs to maintain or improve it, is at your fingertips. One of the key advantages of a crank-based power meter, like the 4iiii PRECISION, is that you can easily track the same power and cadence data whether you’re riding in or outdoors, whereas smart trainers are limited in that they only serve as an indoor power meter source. Whether your goal is to increase your endurance for a summer bike-packing adventure, build your power output to conquer that beast of a hill on your daily commute that often has you walking the final pitch, to up your pedaling cadence for a more effective sprint in a criterium race, or to simply burn some calories and work up a sweat, our technology is designed to help you succeed.


    I’ve been witness to many a self-proclaimed, “non-cyclist” friend, becoming readily obsessed with programs like Zwift due to the playful gamification factor that takes hold of their inner Nintendo-loving, teenage self. You don’t have to be immersed in the world of watts to know 600w is bigger and better than the 560w sprint you unleashed on the previous sprint segment in Watopia, or that increasing your 5-minute power from 190w to 250w as a byproduct of chasing mohawk-sporting virtual avatars, will help turn that once nemesis of a commuter climb into nothing more than another bump in the road!

    Curious how many calories you burned while pedaling your way through the latest Netflix superhero movie? Wondering whether your left leg really is stronger than your right from all those years of skateboarding, and wondering how to rebalance them? Looking to understand the correlation between lower vs higher pedaling cadence and how it affects your heart rate? Our products can provide accurate information on these and countless other mysteries of the cycling mind and there’s no better place to play with and learn from the data they provide, than from the seat of your conveniently located indoor training set-up.

  • More info on 4iiii PRECISION Powermeter.
  • More info on the Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor.

  • Pegatin – Winter is Over, 25% OFF!


    Go to our website and use the code SPRING22, everyone will get a 25% discount on all their orders! Even if is not a gift, it’s the perfect time for you to give yourself a present with some high-quality stickers!

    Remember, in case that you like to stay tuned with news about cycling and the newest bikes from different companies, you can check out our blog! We also give discounts to all our readers, so stay tuned!


    How do I claim my coupon?

    • Visit www.pegatin.com
    • Choose your personalized bike sticker
    • Click the “have a coupon?” option
    • Enter the promo code SPRING22
    • Enjoy your Pegatin with 25% OFF!
    • We guarantee all of our products for one year – this means that we replace them FOR FREE if you have any issues at all.



    Don’t wait and get your custom name stickers now!

    We guarantee all of our products for one year – this means that we replace them for free if you have any issues at all. And you can ask for custom stickers as well!

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    Enjoy your ride! 🎉

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    Precision Fuel & Hydration Launches Resealable ‘Jumbo Gel’ Pouch Containing a Massive 90g of Carbohydrate
    A new “jumbo gel” pouch containing multiple 30-gram servings of carbohydrate in one pack has been launched.

    The PF 90 Gel by Precision Fuel & Hydration, which develops hydration and fueling strategies for some of the world’s leading sports stars, delivers as much carbohydrate as around three-four standard energy gels to help athletes stay fueled for longer.

    The vegan product, which contains no artificial ingredients and has been certified by global anti-doping program Informed Sport, has been designed with long runs and rides in mind.
    The pouch has a resealable cap, meaning it can be consumed in stages without creating mess or wastage.


    Former Ironman 70.3 Dubai winner Adam Bowden said: “The fact I know the PF 90 Gel has 90g of carbohydrate in each pouch makes it easier for me to hit my numbers and know how much fuel I’m consuming. The gel is palatable, easy to carry and the resealable lid ensures it’s the perfect choice for long races.”

    The PF 90 Gel is the latest addition to Precision Fuel & Hydration’s fueling range, following its PF 30 Gel and PF 30 Drink Mix. As with those initial products, the new gel contains twice as much glucose than fructose to aid carb uptake.


    Precision Fuel & Hydration co-founder Andy Blow, a leading sports scientist and keen endurance athlete, said: “It’s often claimed that the maximum hourly carbohydrate intake that can be tolerated during exercise without causing stomach upset is 90 grams per hour, but there’s been a growing trend for athletes to report consuming more than this supposed 90g ceiling.”

    Take marathon legend Eliud Kipchoge. He’s reported to have been utilizing carbohydrate intakes of greater than 100g/h in both his Breaking2 attempts back in 2017 and 2019.
    “In our work with elite athletes we’ve certainly observed similarly high levels of intake in cyclists and triathletes,” said Blow.


    The Dorset-based business also unveiled its Quick Carb Calculator last year, which enables athletes to work out how much carb they need per hour in different scenarios.
    Andy said: “In our experience, most amateur athletes tend to not consume enough carbohydrate per hour during hard training sessions and races.

    “If this is the case for you, it’s actually great news as it means there’s a strong chance you’ll be able to unlock some improvements in your performance and recovery if you’re able to dial your intake up and give your body a little more fuel to burn when you’re working hard.”


    Founded in 2011 by Blow, with help from heart surgeon Professor Raj Jutley, the consultancy has worked with a long list of elite global sporting talent, including teams from the Premier League, Rugby Premiership and major US sports, to Olympians, Wimbledon tennis finalists and Tour de France riders.

  • For more information visit www.precisionfuelandhydration.com

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