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Gear Break: Tifosi Optics, Continental Tires, Santini, CADEX Handlebars, Lezyne LEDs & Brooks B17

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Gear Break: Tifosi Optics launches Kilo endurance sport sunglasses, Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR: The ultimate all-round performance road tire, Santini flanks L’Étape du Tour de France 2022 with a special new collection, CADEX expands experience with launch of AR handlebar, Lezyne: Class-leading LED cycling lights and Brooks B17 range.

Tifosi Optics Launches Kilo Endurance Sport Sunglasses


Tifosi Optics, the #1 selling brand of eyewear in specialty cycling stores, introduces Kilo, a new lightweight sunglass with multiple sport-specific lens configurations.

Kilo is available in three interchange models that are equipped with three included lenses for bright, low, and no light settings. For those looking for a single-lens solution, it is also available available in Blackout with a smoke polarized lens engineered to eliminate glare. Kilo will also be offered in Tifosi’s new Clarion Red Fototec lens, a photochromic lens that can adapt on the fly to ambient light, transitioning from a nearly clear tint in low light to a red mirrored smoke tint in full sun. This lens also better repeals, providing a clear view during the hardest workouts.


Tifosi Optics is committed to offering sunglasses that are durable and comfortable. That’s why Kilo is built with a lightweight Grilamid TR-90 Frame that provides all day comfort and fully adjustable rubber ear and nose pieces that swell with moisture guaranteeing they stay in place at your sweatiest. It’s polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof with vented lenses, making Kilo an ideal protection for endurance sports like cycling or running. Kilo will retail starting at $69.95.


Tifosi is the word for Super-fan. That is exactly who we are and who we make our eyewear for. Our mission is to provide technically advanced eyewear to enthusiasts of all sports and outdoor activities. We design, test, and torture our product to enhance your sport whether you’re running a 5k, riding your first century, or playing 18 holes on Sunday. Tifosi defines us. We are enthusiasts about our product, our sport and our fun. We are moms, dads, coaches, players, volunteers, survivors, team, success, and family. We are Tifosi.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR: The Ultimate All-Round Performance Road Tire


Continental has launch of the Grand Prix 5000 S TR – the latest performance-focussed tubeless ready bicycle tire to join the award-winning Grand Prix 5000 range. Lighter, faster, stronger and easier to mount as tubeless than the Grand Prix 5000 TL, the new S TR is designed to be the ultimate performance-focussed road tire – whichever form of road riding a cyclist chooses. The new Grand Prix 5000 S TR [tubeless ready] tire will provide greater speed, performance and sidewall protection than the Grand Prix 5000 TL tire, with easier mounting and all-new hookless compatibility at a lighter weight.


The new S TR is 20% faster and 50grams lighter thanks to its 2-ply structure, with 28% more sidewall protection. Available in black or black and transparent sidewall colourways, the S TR utilizes Continental’s patented BlackChili Compound for the ultimate balance of rolling resistance, grip and longevity; Vectran Breaker for puncture protection and tear resistance, and Lazer Grip for outstanding cornering. Rather than simply update the Grand Prix 5000 TL, Continental have reinvented their approach to tubeless ready road tires. The S TR is hookless compatible and tubeless ready as standard, thanks to a new user-optimized tubeless system and robust construction.* The new construction makes tire mounting easier while providing increased support on the road for confident and dynamic handling.


The Grand Prix 5000 S TR has been tested in training, racing, and performance laboratories by multiple teams across the professional peloton in 2021. This season it has been ridden by Grand Tour stage winners and world champions alike – including Fillipo Ganna’s World Championship time trial victory in September. This latest performance tire comes to market as Continental celebrates its 150th anniversary, demonstrating the brand’s ongoing commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation in the field of mobility. This new tire has been under development since 2019, with more than 18-months of product testing and trials completed.


Al Hamilton PEZ sez: I had a pair of Continental tires a few years ago, I think they were GP4000, and all I can remember is that they were hard wearing and very hard to get on the rim. German engineering as you would expect, robust, solid and reliable.


When I received the Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR’s I was expecting quality, but they are also light, weighing it at 250gm for the 700 x 25, although I weighed them at 245gm. When asked what I size I rode, I said I would use either 25 or 28, and I’m glad to say Continental sent 25, as you can blow them up to 100psi. Where I live the roads are smooth, so high pressures are no problem.


Unlike the previous ‘Conti’ tires, the 5000 were no more difficult to fit than any others I have had, one lever and all the skin was still on my fingers. The only problem was finding the ‘rotation’ arrow. I guessed the tyre direction would have the pointy bit of the tread pointing forward, but always better to make sure. With a torch I eventually found the arrow, but there was nothing in the instructions or on the website.


So how do they feel on the road? I had been using Italian tires, the same company that make F1 tires, which are about the same weight and look fairly similar, it would be interesting to see if I could feel a difference. I was running tires and tubes, no tubeless here. Due to time I only had the chance of one ride before writing this short review, but first impressions are usually the best for a comparison. For comfort they felt the same as the previous tires, but there was definitely a ‘liveliness’ when getting out the saddle on short climbs and a secure ‘grippyness’ on the corners. I would also say they felt like they rolled better on the descent. All in all, I would say the GP 5000 are an improvement: easy to fit and ride well. I had the all black version, but the transparent sidewall tires do look the business.



Key features of the Grand Prix 5000 S TR**

  • 20% faster
  • 28% more sidewall protection
  • 50g lighter improved mounting


Black sidewall tires

  • Weight – 250g / 280g / 300g / 320g
  • Dimensions – 25-622 / 28-622 / 30-622 / 32-622
  • Technology – Black Chili compound, Vectran Breaker, LazerGrip
  • RRP 79,90€ per tire.


Transparent sidewall tires

  • Weight – 250g / 280g / 300g / 320g / 280g / 300g
  • Dimensions – 25-622 / 28-622 / 30-622 / 32-622 / 30-584 / 32-584
  • Technology – Black Chili compound, Vectran Breaker, LazerGrip
  • RRP 79,90€ per tire.
  • More info at: www.continental-tires.com


Santini Flanks L’Étape du Tour de France 2022 with a Special New Collection

etape santini

Santini has been selected as sponsor of L’Étape du Tour de France 2022: the Italian cycling wear company is dedicating both a men’s and a women’s collection to the famous amateur cycling event, which takes place on Sunday, July 10th next. The collections will be available to purchase in the Village and also from the brand’s website.

From 2022, Santini will be sponsoring L’Étape du Tour de France, a cycling event that allows thousands of amateur riders to retrace the roads of the Tour de France as part of one of the most appealing and pivotal events on the calendar.

L’Étape du Tour de France attracts in excess of 16,000 competitors from all over the world each year as it not only delivers all of the emotions of cycling the same roads at the Tour riders but also opens up the most beautiful and iconic climbs in the French mountains to the riders.

Next year’s edition on Sunday, July 10th 2022, will see the peloton tackling Alpe d’Huez in the French Department of Isère. One of the most insidious and grueling climbs in the entire Alpine range, this epic challenge includes 21 hairpin bends, numbered in descending order to help the increasingly exhausted cyclists tick them off.

santini etape

The Santini collection
Santini will be producing a line of cycling wear for L’Étape du Tour de France comprising a men’s kit and a women’s kit, a windproof vest and accessories such as gloves, cap and socks. The men’s kit is a mix of dark blue and black while the women’s has a navy blue and light blue color palette. The Italian company is also expanding the capsule collections by adding a cotton t-shirt with the same graphic as the rest of the kit and a water bottle.

Developed the Santini design working group coordinated by Fergus Niland, the collections are an homage to the Alpe d’Huez’s history and its first appearance in the Tour de France in 1952. Fausto Coppi won that year and the images used for the background of the jerseys are taken from the edition of L’Équipe newspaper published the day after his victory. The white and red bands across the centre of the jersey are a nod to the colors of the jersey worn by the great Italian cyclist and his team in that period too. A whole host of other graphic elements also reference Coppi: including the “L’aigle solitaire au sommet de l’Alpe d’Huez” script, the 1952-2022 logo on the sleeve and the reference to the 70th anniversary of the victory and the Alpe d’Huez’s inclusion on the Grande Boucle route.

  • All of the items can be purchased from the event Village and from www.santinicycling.com
  • More information on Santini Cycling Wear HERE
  • Check out all the details on L’Étape du Tour de France HERE.

CADEX Expands Experience with Launch of AR Handlebar
The 190g CADEX AR handlebar is a lightweight one-piece carbon bar that delivers superior control and maximum comfort over rough roads and mixed-terrain.


CADEX, the manufacturer of high-performance cycling products, announced today the launch of their second handlebar and first all-road focused product, the CADEX AR handlebar. The bar weighs in at a mere 190g (size 420mm) and features an innovative one-piece, nobond mold construction.


Ergonomics have been optimized on the CADEX AR handlebar with a subtle back sweep for increased comfort on the climb, as an 8-degree flare and 3-degree out and back sweep provide full control for sprinting and descending all roads, all day long. This superlight yet ultra-strong composite handlebar sets a new standard for high-performance all-road riding.

The CADEX AR handlebar features the same precision carbon fiber layup technique found in CADEX WheelSystems as well as the unique one-piece, no bond mold construction debuted on the ultra-light CADEX Race bar earlier this year. This single-piece composite construction eliminates the excess weight and inherent flex found in the bonded joints of traditional three-piece bars, resulting in a bar that is both lightweight and stiff.


“With the new CADEX AR handlebar, we’re bringing the innovative one-piece, no bond manufacturing technique first introduced on the Race handlebar to the all-road experience.” says Jeff Schneider, Global Head of Product for CADEX. “The result is a super light yet ultra-strong sub-200 gram bar that combines ergonomic shaping, enough back sweep to bring the rider slightly more upright, and just enough flare to deliver full control in all conditions.”


Key Features Include:

  • 8-degree flare and 3-degree out sweep
      Provides total control over rough roads and mixed-terrain, while increasing comfort on your all day missions.
  • Extended 40mm tails on the drops
      Adds maximum stability and leverage for increased confidence when sprinting or descending.
  • Short Reach and Shallow Drop
      A reach of 70mm and a drop of 115mm enable a quick transition from the bar tops and hoods, for added control when switching hand positions.
  • One-Piece Construction
      An advanced one-piece mold manufacturing process and carbon fiber layup offer outstanding stiffness and durability at an ultralight weight.
  • Di2 Compatible
      Compatible with Shimano Di2 bar-end style junction (EW-RS 910).

Technical Specifications:

  • Full one-piece, no bond carbon bar
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Width (hood to hood): 400mm | 420mm | 440mm | 460mm
  • Width (bar end to bar end) : 460mm | 480mm | 500mm | 520mm
  • Flare: 8 degrees
  • Outsweep: 3 degrees
  • Backsweep: 3 degrees
  • Drop: 115mm
  • Reach: 70mm
  • Weight: 185g (400mm) | 190g (420mm) | 195g (440mm) | 200g (460mm)


In addition to the CADEX AR and Race handlebars, CADEX also offers cyclists several other high-performance cycling components, including 36mm, 42mm, and 65mm hookless carbon road WheelSystems, 4-Spoke Aero and Aero Disc Wheel Systems for TT and triathlon applications, Race and Classics tubeless tires, as well as the award-winning Boost saddle.

Lezyne: Class-Leading LED Cycling Lights

Just because the daylight ends doesn’t mean your ride has to. Our extensive lineup of premium LED bike lights ensure that you can keep going all day—and all night—long.


Equipped with our custom-programmed Alert Technology, the Alert LED range isn’t shy about hogging the spotlight—or dishing it right back out, making these powerful LEDs the ultimate visibility solution—night and day. Once deceleration is detected, Alert-enabled lights begin glowing solid, at full strength before providing a distinct flash pattern once stopped to alert riders or vehicles behind. Once riding is resumed, the light will automatically return to its previous output mode.


Over 10 years of pushing the boundaries of LED design and performance have culminated in an unrivaled lineup of LED bike lights offering unmatched performance, value, and reliability.

Whether you’re in the market for an outstandingly bright headlight for midnight trail riding or a “be-seen” taillight for your evening commute, our collection of LED cycling lights ensures that riders can find the perfect combination of output, runtime and form factor to meet their cycling needs.


More info at: ride.lezyne.com


Brooks B17 Range
Since the 1890s, still the best-selling Brooks model.


It may seem surprising that in a world of modern materials and manufacturing processes, cyclists would still find the utmost comfort in technology from well over a century. Yet the Brooks B17 leather saddle is proof that peak saddle comfort had been reached long ago.


Still carefully crafted in the UK from only the finest vegetable-tanned leather, the iconic Brooks B17 silhouette features generous sit-bone support and a hammock-like suspension system to move naturally and dampen the discomfort of bumpy riding surfaces.


But what truly sets the Brooks B17 apart is not how each saddle is formed in the factory, but instead, how they are shaped by the life of their riders. Like a fine pair of shoes or your favorite jeans, Brooks leather saddles are made to break in – not wear out – changing little by little with each passing mile—from its rich surface patina to the ever increasing level of comfort. For riders, the story of the cyclist gets logged in leather, resulting in a saddle with an individual look, shaped to the fit and riding style of each individual.


Available in a variety of colors and surface finishes in either carved (with a hole) or standard models, Brooks B17 saddles pair perfectly with made-to-match leather handlebar grips and tape for long-lasting comfort a century and a half in the making. Shop both at Brooksengland.com today.

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