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Gear Break: Vyper Chair, Fulcrum, Dynaplug, Fizik, Endura & Campagnolo Ekar

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Gear Break: Another varied collection of new equipment: The best shop chair you will ever sit on by Vyper Chair, Fulcrum E-Racing 4 wheels, Dynaplug new bar end tubeless repair kit, fizik redesigns power transfer with the Vento Stabilita Carbon shoe, Endura updated Windchill range and Campagnolo Ekar’s Rear Mech.

Vyper Chair: The Best Shop Chair You Will Ever Sit On, No Butts About it.


For too long, hard working men and women all across the country have suffered on cheap, plastic shop chairs that have strained backs and been unkind on many behinds. Now it’s time to stand up and focus on your tochus, introducing the premium quality shop chair you deserve.

Found in workshops everywhere, cheaply made, mass produced, uncomfortable, half-assed shop stools have historically been the only option available to American workers. Noisy, unstable and with no back support, sitting in these chairs can seriously impact health and lead to painful disorders in later life. That’s why we decided to create the Vyper Chair, the first 100% American made premium shop chair designed to be the tough, stable shop chair that your body will thank you for.

We made sure to address the main pain points in the design of our chair. The first thing we needed to work on was making the seat more comfortable to sit on and work from. So, we beefed up the seat with 4 inches of foam padding and covered that with some durable, double stitched industrial grade leather. Making a seat pad that is not only comfortable, but tough enough to take anything a busy workshop can throw at it.


The next thing we needed to tackle was the fact that shop stools typically have no support for your back. We added an option for a strategically designed backrest that will help improve your posture and is at the perfect angle for welders and fabricators. To top it off, both the main seat & backrest are fully customizable so you can add your own logo & choice of color.

To improve on the crappy hydraulic height adjustment on other chairs, we made ours with a robust 1″ acme thread rod that can hold over 400lbs, eliminating the pain point of a constantly changing height adjustment.

To dramatically increase the strength and sturdiness, we equipped machined steel (or aluminum) arms to hold everything together. No more broken chairs leading to nasty falls. As with all parts on the Vyper chair, these arms are fully customizable in any color you wish.


To make the chair even stronger, we also added a stainless-steel footrest. This has the added benefit of you always being able to rest your foot, correcting your posture and reducing strain on your back.

Lastly, we had to find a way to upgrade one of the most important parts of a rolling shop chair, the wheels. The solution came in the form of some fantastic American made, 4-inch industrial grade casters. These bad boys can glide over any surface smoothly and quietly, significantly reducing the effort required to move and removing the jerky motion offered by inferior stools.

So, say goodbye to the cheaply made garbage you are used to, there is no reason to put up with that anymore. Visit us at https://www.vyperchair.com and see the last shop chair you will ever need.

Fulcrum E-Racing 4 Wheels
The ideal solution to enjoy your rides on the new road or gravel e-bikes.


Aware of the constant growth in e-bikes, we have developed the first all-round wheel specifically for this market segment. We have a proven track record in the E-MTB world and we have applied this technical expertise to the latest evolution of current bikes and new way of cycling. E-bikes let you ride further and for longer, or try new routes (or adventures even) that previously seemed impossible. Now you can attempt them more easily and enjoy the views. An approach to cycling that is free of restrictions and that leaves ample space for the cyclist’s personal choices.


In recent years the motors used on road and gravel bikes have also become increasingly powerful, as the performance levels have increased. This has revealed the need for a specific wheel designed to support the greater loads, in terms of weight and torsional stress, at play on the wheel components.

At the same time, in order to fully enjoy the evolution of the frame/motor system, bikes must be as light and easy to handle as possible. This is where wheels play a fundamental role and where the reliability that is the hallmark of all our projects really comes into its own.


We began by developing a specific rim profile, with an inner rim width of 22 mm (ideal for tyres between 30 and 45 mm), special self-locking long head nipples and project-specific spokes. As we discovered when we developed the E-MTB wheels, the motor increases the load on the freewheel, which has to support greater torsional loads for longer periods too. This is where we focused our attention. Seeing as the freewheel body is the contact point where the drive force is transferred from the cassette to the wheel body, it is subject to higher stresses due to the increased power and jerks caused by the activation of the motor. This led us to use a tempered steel freewheel body, with specific internals, able to support a tensile strength greater than 30%. The results of lab analysis on the behaviour of the single pawls on cycles higher than a billion are clear: the life of cemented steel is estimated to be 2 times higher than Ergal models used for traditional road models.

This, alongside other technical specifics, guarantee a longer life and reliability, even in the most demanding uses. We are so confident in the ability of these wheels that we guarantee the E-Racing 4 up to 135 kg for bike, rider and luggage (backpack or bike packing bags, etc.).


HG11 467€ and XDR 475€
HG11 583$ and XDR 593$
HG11 £429.99 and XDR £429.99


TYRE TYPE: 2-Way Fit Ready (for clincher and tubeless ready)
DISCIPLINE: E-Road / E-Gravel
WEIGHT: 1870 g
RIM HEIGHT: Front and rear: 34 mm
RIM WIDTH: 27.1 mm
TYRE WIDTH: from 30 mm to 45 mm
SPOKES: FRONT 24 (16 left – 8 right)
SPOKES: REAR 24 (8 left – 16 right)
SPOKES: MATERIAL Stainless steel, double butted
SPOKES: PROFILE Rounded, straight pull
NIPPLES: Aluminium, long head
FRONT HUB: Aluminium, aluminium flange
REAR HUB: Aluminium, aluminium flange
BEARINGS: Sealed cartridge bearings
WEIGHT LIMIT: 135 kg (bike, rider, equipment and luggage)

● More information at: www.fulcrumwheels.com.

Dynaplug Launches New Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit
By Popular Request…it’s the people’s tire plugger!


This is the people’s tire plugger– made by popular request from Dynaplug customers, the Dynaplug Covert tubeless tire repair kit features Twin Tube™ technology, which allows you to store 2 plugs in each tool. That’s 4 plugs ready-to-go!


The Covert tools threads into mounts that snap into an ODI-compatible grip lockring, adding new functionality to the riders – favorite locking grip system. Even better, the Covert kit includes a free pair of ODI Vans LOCK-ON grips! Just lock on the grips and you’re ready to go.

Riders everywhere are going stealth, with mini tools, spare tubes and other repair accessories hidden inside frames, steerer tubes, crank spindles and even thru-axles. Now Dynaplug jumps in to dominate the plug side of the hidden tool revolution with a stealthy version of their fan-favorite, award-winning, Meerkat-approved plug system.


A couple turns of the Covert tool removes it from the end cap. The snug snap-on cap protects the plug tips when not in use, just pop it off and the plug is ready to deploy. The Twin Tube™ technology plug tube unscrews from the tool body to flip around with the other size plug ready to deploy. Fit one side of your bars with the Soft-Tip ready and one with the Megaplug, and you’re ready to go with both sizes, or set ‘em up the same if you tend toward a standard size hole when getting flats.


Tubeless tires are not only faster to ride, they are also faster to repair in the event of a puncture. Dynaplug has established itself as the best solution for fast repairs in the field to plug pesky punctures that evade sealant.

Following in the pattern of their Racer-series tools, the Bar End Racer is double-sided, with one standard Soft Tip plug and one Megaplug ready to plug almost any type of puncture. Megaplugs are (as the name implies) extra-large for big holes, while Soft Tip brass plugs fill garden-variety small tire holes. Both plugs can be doubled up or combined to fill super-sized holes. Covert kits include 3 spare Soft Tip plugs and one Megaplug.


Dynaplug® Covert Kit Highlights:
● Kit includes:

○ 2 – Dynaplug® Bar End Tools
○ 1 – Megaplug
○ 3 – Standard Plugs
○ 1 – Standard Twin Tube™
○ 1 – Standard/Megaplug Twin Tube™
● MSRP: $ $69.99
● Product Page: http://www.dynaplug.com/covert.html
● Tool Construction – Anodized Billet 6061 Aluminum and Hardened 304 Stainless Steel with Brass/Alloy and Viscoelastic rubber plugs.
● Weight: 38.5g (2 tools loaded with plugs)
Limited Lifetime Warranty

fizik Redesigns Power Transfer with the Vento Stabilita Carbon
A revolutionary addition to the top of their performance road shoe range – featuring Dynamic Arch Support 2.0.

Vento Stabilita Carbon

fizik have returned to the lab to build upon the successes of their ground-breaking Dynamic Arch Support system. The Vento Stabilita Carbon road racing shoes are designed to prioritize foot stability, minimising unnecessary foot movement that leads to wasted watts and lost power.

Stripping away any unnecessary material and weight, fizik have priotritized performance by positioning Dynamic Arch Support 2.0 on the outside of the instep for better power transfer and comfort. Integrated into fizik’s latest carbon outsole, Dynamic Arch Support 2.0 consists of an external, separately adjustable strap assembly that provides tailored support to the plantar fascia. When the plantar fascia is properly supported, the medial arch stiffens, allowing for efficient power transfer and the most direct energy delivery from legs to pedals.

Vento Stabilita Carbon

To further refine performance and comfort, fizik’s Volume Control system has also been upgraded, allowing for individual adjustments between the instep and forefoot areas with new, smaller Boa® Li2 dials.

Engineered to eliminate lost watts, the Vento Stabilita Carbon feature fizik’s latest carbon fibre outsole, rated a 10 out of 10 for stiffness, while expanding airflow and reducing weight via strategic design and internal channelling. Lastly, to maximize stability, resilient, polyurethane-laminated fabrics combined with a comfortable mesh cradle the foot and lead to long-lasting support throughout the entire pedal stroke.

Prices: Vento Stabilita Carbon – £374.99 / €400 / $399.99

For riders ready to experience the latest technology from this race-winning shoe maker, the Vento Stabilita Carbon are available now through fizik dealers or online at www.fizik.com.

Vento Stabilita Carbon

Endura Launches Updated Windchill Lineup

Wind – friend or foe dependant on the direction, but almost always a factor when riding on the road in winter. Endura’s updated Windchill range acts as a windproof shield preventing heat loss, while transporting sweat away from your body creating a comfortable, warm micro climate while the soft, stretch fabrics ensure a great fit on the bike. It won’t reduce the headwind but it will help keep your body working at its optimum temperature to push on and enjoy the ride. Endura has overhauled core items of the popular Windchill range to keep you warm, comfortable, and visible on wintry roads.


Windchill Jacket II (men’s and women’s) | $159.99 msrp


The Windchill Jacket II provides 360 – degree wind protection and is the perfect partner for blustery rides. Made from stretch, windproof thermal grid-backed fabric throughout, it offers exceptional warmth. The jacket is cut in a road, gravel or trail friendly fit and offers large pockets to carry the ride essentials. Large, zipped underarm vents aid temperature regulation. The Silicone grip hem prevents the garment from riding up. Reflective trims increase visibility. Last but not least, the Windchill Jacket II looks great with new, contemporary aesthetics, in every colourway.

Available in sizes S-XXXL. There’s also a gilet version for core body wind protection, the Windchill Gilet II ($99.99 msrp) – available in black in sizes S-XXXL.


Windchill Bib Tights II | $189.99 msrp


The Windchill Bibtights employ a combination of windproof panels on the front and brushed back thermal fabrics on the back to optimize wind-cheating and moisture-beating properties. The luxurious, high stretch Thermoroubaix® fabric provides comfortable insulation and features the PFC-Free DWR M™ treatment for excellent eco-friendly water repellency. The bib tights feature Endura’s exclusive 600 Series Pad, engineered using a computer-cut Continuously Variable Profile process which delivers a high stretch pad with integrated gel inserts for added comfort and an antibacterial finish. Reflective prints and panels catch vehicle headlights, boosting visibility in low light conditions. Available in Black and in High-viz yellow in sizes S-XXXL.


Windchill Gloves II | $47.50 msrp


These gloves are just right for spring and fall, or for those who just need gloves for the occasional chilly morning. The windproof back panels are paired with thin palms for plenty of grip and just enough warmth to beat the chill winds without overheating. Colorways and reflective hits tie into the rest of the Windchill collection.


● More info at: www.endurasport.com.

Key Component: Campagnolo Ekar’s Rear Mech



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