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PEZ Holiday Gift Guide #3: GORE, North Pole Engineering, NameDecals, La Passione, Campagnolo Bora, Velo Angel Saddle, Reddiyo Training & Giro Indoor Jersey

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The PEZ Gift Guide: Get ready for winter with GORE, North Pole Engineering ANT+ to bluetooth cable bridge, new Flandria Bikes NameDecals website, let it be a winter you’ll never forget while wearing La Passione, Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45 wheelset, Velo Saddles – Angel TT, Reddiyo custom dynamic training plans and the first indoor jersey of the Giro d’Italia created and produced in collaboration with Technogym and Castelli.

Get Ready for Winter with GORE

For those of us who live north enough of the equator, winter is on its way (if not already here if you’re far enough north). In my part of the world, we’ve already had several morning with the temps in the low 30s F. And I’ve done more than a few rides with the temps just north of 40F. As the Norwegian saying goes: “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær.” Translation: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” And according to GORE: “It’s never too cold. Cold-weather gear should not mean ‘so-bulky-you-can’t-pedal gear.'” So here are some essentials from GORE for those who want to brave the cold.

M GORE WINDSTOPPER Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirt – $90


When you’re planning an adventure in challenging weather conditions, make sure you get the basics right. This GORE® WINDSTOPPER® long sleeve base layer will keep the wind off your core, allowing you to perform better in the worst weather conditions.

  • Elastic GORE® WINDSTOPPER® insert on front, at sleeves, over shoulders and on kidney area
  • Thin and soft fabric
  • Minimized seams for less chafing
  • Flatlock seams

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  This is a mid-weight base layer that keeps me warm enough down into the mid-40s F. YMMV and if you need more thermal insulation, GORE makes a heavier weight (7.1 oz vs 5.1 oz) more thermal version that I also have for when it’s colder. What separates it from most other cold weather base layers is the WINDSTOPPER fabric. For me, protecting against wind chill is what really makes a difference and helps keep me from getting too cold. And remember, just the act of riding creates wind chill. On a cold but sunny day with no or only light wind, this GORE WINDSTOPPER base layer is often all I need underneath a good thermal jersey to be “warm enough.”

NOTE:  Pay attention to GORE’s size and fit guide. My experience is that it’s true to measurements. And (at least for men’s wear) GORE has “downsized” their sizing. I’ve previously worn size small for GORE kit (and almost all my other kit from other manufacturers), but I’m now a size XS in GORE’s stuff.

The front of the base layer is WINDSTOPPER

But the back is mostly a “porous” thermal material for wicking

C5 Thermo Bib Tights+ – $170


Compacting thermal bib tights with DWR and WINDSTOPPER® fabric along the groin protect from cold and road spray while insulating and supporting your muscles. A breathable WINDSTOPPER ® cup offers additional wind and spray protection while creating space. For riders tackling endurance rides in harsh conditions.

  • ADVANCED Brand Core seat insert with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Cup.
    GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Cup Technology highly breathable, preformed windproof front for optimum comfort
  • DWR treatment of the fabric
  • Thermo-stretch functional fabric
  • Stretch material for freedom of movement
  • Mesh insert in back for optimum ventilation
  • New draped design with reduced seams and increased stretch comfort

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  I know a lot of riders wear regular bibs (or shorts) with tights over them for cold weather riding. But for those times when full-length tights are the order of the day (for some reason, I actually prefer wearing 3/4-length tights if I can in cold weather), I wear bib tights — which are in keeping with GORE’s philosophy that cold-weather gear should not mean “so-bulky-you-can’t-pedal gear.” Plus one less layer to deal with if I have to make a pit stop. I love the brushed fabric that is soft against my skin. And these tights really insulate (I’m comfortable wearing them down into the mid-30s F). And there’s strategically placed WINDSTOPPER to help keep the important bits from getting frozen. Just as important, the pad is the same one GORE uses in their Cancellara kit (made by Elastic Interface who make top-level pads for a lot of different clothing manufacturers), so I know my butt will be happy for 4-6 hour rides — which is more than long enough for me for winter riding (despite having previously ridden Freezing Saddles, I’m not too proud to admit I’m basically a wimp in cold weather).

Pardon the wrinkles … and if fluo is not your thing, GORE makes these in basic black too

The Y-back and bib straps (laser cut, lay flat) are perforated for wicking

An angular shaped pad that I’ve described as resembling the Transformers symbol

C5 Thermo Jersey – $130


Aero fit jersey for cold weather with thermal fabric in the main torso to protect and insulate your core, with a lighter version in the lower part of the sleeves and side panels. Three rear pockets securely hold your ride essentials. A functional cold weather jersey with clean, sophisticated look for dedicated roadies.

  • Premium fabric feel providing thermal stretch comfort
  • Mesh insert in back for optimum ventilation
  • Modern, aero road cycling fit lengthened sleeves and dropped tail
  • Ergonomically shaped collar
  • Elastic grip on bottom hem
  • 3-gusseted back pockets
  • Mesh insert to prevent back pocket from sagging when stuffed
  • Secure zip pocket on rear for keys or valuables

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  I love everything about this jersey. I love the way it looks — not quite monochromatic with the side panels and underside of the sleeves a different shade with a dot pattern. Plus the contrasting full-length zipper with the GORE logo (noticeable enough but IMHO tasteful and subtle). I love the way it fits — just this side of race fit so there’s enough room for a cold weather base layer. For a thermal jersey, it doesn’t have a lot of bulk. I love the way it feels — the inside is a fleece-like material that’s soft and smooth. And even though the seams are serge stitched, they don’t chafe. Most importantly, it’s functional a thermal jersey with a high collar (also soft) and a full-length wind flap behind the zipper to help keep cold air out. It’s actually a jersey I can wear in the fall, winter, and spring — depending on the temperature and weather conditions, i.e., wind and sun, I just layer under and/or over it, as needed.

A classy looking jersey IMHO

The dots on the black strip (gripper on the inside) are reflective

Secure zipper pocket

M Thermo Mid Socks – $30


For chilly days, this versatile sock will aid in keeping your feet warm, while working to move sweat away from the skin quickly. Firm and supportive material keeps this sock in place, ensuring it doesn’t get in the way of your workout.

  • Highly moisture wicking technology.
  • Wool material construction for warmth and durability
  • High insulation level
  • Medium padding level
  • Grip band around midfoot to keep sock in place
  • Comfort mapping construction uses specific placement of fabric for ultimate comfort
  • Designed for optimal comfort with less seams
  • Achille’s tendon protection channel
  • Toe and heel protection
  • Sock height from ankle 16 cm / 6.3 inch

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  As you would expect for thermal socks, these are a little thicker/bulkier than what you’d wear during the dog days of summer. But they still fit comfortably in my cycling shoes (although I probably don’t have to tighten the BOA dials as much). More importantly, as someone whose feet get cold easily, they keep my feet warm. With regular cycling socks, I would wear shoe covers (or at least toe warmers) once the temp drops into the 50s. With these socks, I find I don’t need shoe covers (unless it’s windy) down to ~50F. And with covers, my feet are almost “toasty” in truly cold weather.

I think these are within the sock height limit per Ed, Leslie, and Al

Shield Thermo Overshoes – $80


Road specific overshoes made with one single piece of stretch material to ensure perfect fit and sleek finish. Ideal for road cycling in very cold or damp conditions. A zipper placed to the inside of the foot, away from the achilles tendon, allows for easy on and off, while maintaining the tight smooth fit.

  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ fabrics with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product technology totally windproof, extremely breathable and durably water resistant, lightweight protection
  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ material with stretch technology to provide freedom of movement
  • Fabric with versatile thermal protection
  • DWR treatment of the fabric
  • Stretch material at cuff
  • Abrasion resistant material at sole
  • Tight fitting fabric creates a slim overshoe
  • Zipper for easy on and off

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  These are both thermal and insulating (the inside is a soft, fleece-like material) and windproof, but without a lot of bulk. Again demonstrating the GORE philosophy that cold-weather gear should not mean ‘”so-bulky-you-can’t-pedal gear.” Unfortunately, I won’t get to use them this winter because the pair I got were one size too small. Fortunately, they fit my wife’s shoes. According to her: “They’re really warm.” I love my wife, but my feet are jealous.

For winter overshoes, these are fairly sleek

The cleat and heel counter cut outs are very well reinforced

North Pole Engineering ANT+ to Bluetooth Cable Bridge


Have ANT+ sensors but want to run/record them using your iOS device or other non-ANT+ devices? North Pole Engineering now provides a simple standalone bridge to enable running Xert, Zwift or other smart training apps.

The setup steps are simple. Open the Cable app. Let it scan for sensors and pick the ones you want to connect. Then open up your phone to your desired app and you’ll see it connected and ready to roll. These settings are saved for next time unless you want to connect different sensors, and you can set up different profiles for different combinations of sensors.


Toolbox Editor Dr. Stephen Cheung sez: “I use it to pair my PowerTap hub (ANT+) for power and cadence, Wahoo TickrX (ANT+ and Bluetooth) and TruTrainer (ANT+) together to all run through my iPhone when I run my Xert workouts indoors. Works perfectly and frees up my big screen TV for watching CX races and binging videos instead!”

For those of you wanting to use your phone as your main recording device while riding, the Cable works perfectly for that purpose too, being small enough to tuck into your saddlebag or your jersey’s key/coin pocket.

New Flandria Bikes NameDecals Website


Having your name on your bike is a Pro touch for the rider that has it all, and it’s made easy with www.NameDecals.com.

Through the website, you can design personalized stickers with a myriad of flags (and logos), a choice of different fonts, and color options too.

These aren’t your average stickers, either – they are extremely high-grade decals (The same quality as the logos on your bike). And are pre-fitted with application tape, making installation a breeze.


With free global shipping, they make a great stocking filler.

  • Prices start at £5.99 GBP / €6.99 EUR / $7.99 USD for a 2-pack, up to £25.99 GBP / €30.99 EUR/ $33.99 USD for a pack of 40
  • More info at: www.NameDecals.com

Let it be a Winter You’ll Never Forget While Wearing La Passione
Warm, comfortable, elegant: there’s a solution for every outing during the cold season.

la passione

The blazing sunsets, the frosty mornings on the meadows and the silence after the rain, winter is definitely one of the most exciting seasons to go out cycling, but it is certainly the most challenging for both the temperatures and the sudden changes in weather conditions. La Passione has the right equipment to cope with the most challenging side of winter and turn it into a unique experience thanks to garments tested for great adventures regardless of the temperature.

When we talk about Prestige, we are talking about top of the range garments, specially designed for even the most demanding of cyclists who want to combine style with performance. The winter line consists of the Prestige Winter Jacket, a high technical jacket which offers excellent temperature regulation and a classic look, thanks to the extremely compact and elastic membrane fabric with which it is made. The numerous reflective inserts allow to ride safely even in low visibility conditions while large pockets allow you to carry all your essentials.

The Prestige Winter Tights, on the other hand, are made from premium ThermoRoubaix fabric with a special Endurance finish that makes them resistant to moisture and splash, as well as comfortable for every winter ride. In addition to these iconic garments, there is the versatile Prestige Thermal Jersey. This jersey is made from a highly elasticated fleece fabric perfect to keep the body warm and protected. While it features the sleek yet technical finish of a jacket, it has all the softness and stretch of thermal jersey.


For those looking for a more comfortable cut without sacrificing a perfect fit, then let us introduce you to the Club Winter line consisting of the Club Winter Jacket and Club Winter Tights.

The Club Winter Jacket is made with a 3-layer membrane fabric on the front while the back and underarm areas are in thermal stretch fabric with DWR treatment that, together with the larger shoulder diameter, increases the range of fit ensuring an impeccable look combined with extreme comfort.

The same great fit can be found in our Club Winter Tight, specifically modeled for the cycling position in a regular and comfortable fit while the Club Thermal Jersey guarantees excellent thermal properties in an ideal cut for feeling comfortable at all times.

la passione

For her, La Passione has designed the Grace Winter Jacket and Grace Winter Tight. The ergonomic tights feature a multi-panel structure for maximum wearability while a specific rear insert in perforated fabric improves stabilization of the tights on the female body. The jacket is a real concentration of technology, in a specific cut to increase support and fit the bust and underbust areas as well as inserts on the back and under the arms in DWR treated thermal fabric.

la passions

As for the really biting winter temperatures, La Passione has created even more specific products so you don’t lose the excitement of going on your daily ride. The Deep Winter series is inspired by a concept of thermal balance that consists of counteracting the negative effects of cold through products designed to reproduce the well-known layering in a single garment.

The Prestige Deep Winter Jacket is the ultimate technical concentrate of winter outerwear and is the most suitable choice for cold climates. This garment literally negates the need to carry different garments as its structure, composed of matching fabrics, makes it truly unique in managing very different climatic situations. A flat, light low-volume outer fabric combines perfectly with a sort of inner squared thermopile, connected but at the same time unconnected to the outer layer. A real plus for this jacket, which offers a double layer of insulation, promoting the twin-deck effect and facilitating the expulsion of sweat. The different weights of the panels arranged across the body of the jacket create a winter shield that works like a second skin, as warmth is guaranteed by a comfortable and breathable inner lining. While riding, the zip can be opened for extra ventilation – both from above and below, thanks to the double slider – without changing the dry microclimate on the chest. The high inner collar prevents the passage of cold air, protects the nose and mouth, and can be conveniently folded over the outer collar in milder conditions. Similarly, the slim inner glove prevents cold air from entering and insulates the wrist perfectly.

la passione

And finally our tights, the Prestige Deep Winter and the Club Deep Winter both improved in key areas thanks to customer feedback. The former, made with a special 3-layer membrane that helps the push pull effect, has a new waist panel with membrane protection and a DWR treated endurance fabric on the back. The latter has been developed using a new, even warmer fleece membrane fabric at the knees and waist to minimize the feeling of cold. A useful thermo zipped fleece bodice completes the garment, excellent to face the toughest winter tests.

Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45 Wheelset


Campagnolo’s Bora Ultra WTO 45 wheelset finds the perfect balance of speed, agility and stability, making it the ultimate choice for all-round riders. The rim’s versatile design takes real-world riding conditions into account, not just those created in a wind tunnel, and the result is the most efficient drag-reducing rim shape available. A lightweight HULC carbon construction, pristine smooth C-LUX finish and CULT ceramic bearings complete this Grand Tour-winning wheelset.


Velo Saddles – Angel TT


Make the winning move aboard the Angel TT Saddle. The Angel TT features Velo’s patented Y-Cut and ArcTech technologies to create the highest blend of comfort and performance available in a saddle. The open Y-Cut allows for ventilation and pressure relief, while the ArcTech rails provide additional flexibility perfect for long and short rides alike. Velo also offers the Angel TT in a women’s model.


The Angel TT Women’s features an additional layer of proprietary comfort-forming foam designed to offer slow rebound and is a highly shock-absorbent fit for riders of all levels. Check out Velo’s full line-up of aftermarket saddles now available in the USA at velosaddles.us.


  • Colors: Black, White, Oil Slick
  • Weight: 179g (Ti Rails) 137g (Carbon Rails)
  • MSRP: $198 USD (Ti Rails) $290 USD (Carbon Rails)
  • More info at: velosaddles.us

Reddiyo – Custom Dynamic Training Plans


$14.99/month – Free 7-Day Trial


Training doesn’t have to be complex, which is why Reddiyo provides endurance athletes a simplified way of training using custom dynamic training plans that adapt based on rider-provided data. With the belief that athletes shouldn’t have to be IT professionals or data scientists to understand their workouts, Reddiyo’s training plans use intelligent software to provide easy-to-understand stats, training recommendations, plan adjustments, and structured workouts. High-quality training becomes simplified to establish and accomplish a clear set of goals without overcomplicating the process, all within Reddiyo’s training platform.


The First Indoor Jersey of the Giro d’Italia Created and Produced in Collaboration with Technogym and Castelli

The first indoor jersey of the Giro d’Italia is today revealed, designed in collaboration with Technogym and Castelli, which are both partners of the Giro d’Italia Virtual.


The Giro d’Italia Virtual is an indoor cycling project developed by RCS Sport in collaboration with BKOOL. The event offers cycling fans the opportunity to experience multiple stages of the Corsa Rosa from home, riding their own bike, on the MyCycling Smart Trainer or on Technogym-related professional indoor bikes. This is achieved through a high-definition video simulation that benefits from an avatar and 3D elements developed by BKOOL. It is compatible with the Technogym Ecosystem, for an immersive indoor cycling experience never seen before.


The Giro d’Italia Virtual is a project consisting of three distinct separate rounds, running from October to May 2022; Grande Partenza – Part 1 (from 15th October to 2nd January), Grande Partenza – Part 2 (from 14th January to 3rd April), and Grande Arrivo (from 6th to 29th May), which takes place simultaneously with the 2022 Giro d’Italia.


The Characteristics of the Jersey
The jersey has been created specifically for indoor workouts. The 3D mesh fabric allows maximum breathability to keep you cool, while its 100% polyester content guarantees maximum absorption and dispersion of sweat.


The jersey is not too transparent for those who wish to wear it for a group workout. If used at home it is easy to remove thanks to its long zip. There are a pair of back pockets to insert AirPods, a phone or headband or anything else used during training. Its low collar design guarantees maximum breathability. It can also be transformed into a great jersey for riding outside on the hottest days in summer.


Note: PEZCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.

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