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Holiday Gift Guide #6: Castelli, Velo, Alé, Basso, Lazer, Sports Optical, BlenderBottle, Campagnolo, MOST & Fx Chocolate

Another mixed bag of gift ideas

Holiday Gift Guide #6: A big mix of gifts today: Castelli Alpha ROS 2 jacket, Velo’s Angel TT saddle, Alé men and women’s long sleeve jersey, Basso Diamante SV bike, Lazer G1 MIPS helmet, Sports Optical direct lens technology, Campagnolo classic cycling cap, MOST Iron 6 multi-tool and Focus Formula from Fx Chocolate.

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Castelli Alpha ROS 2 Jacket


The 3rd generation of Castelli’s best jacket brings warmth, breathability and a high level of rain protection along with a soft, comfortable fi, this jacket leads the way in demonstrating how a winter jacket should perform.


The double-layer construction allows you to open an outer wind-protection layer while keeping the insulation layer closed and thereby allowing airflow inside the jacket to evacuate moisture while avoiding direct contact with the skin. Climbing? Open the outer layer to allow moisture to escape. Descending? Close the outer layer and are completely dry inside.


Perfect enclosures at the neck, waist, and wrists ensure comfort and completely sealing out wind without bunching or riding up, and the use of GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® fabric along with waterproof seam taping on critical seams around the shoulder will ensure comfort when it gets wet outside. Other seams are hidden out of direct water flow, and the water-repellent treatment on the fabric offers the perfect balance between water protection, breathability and comfort. completely dry.

All these features make it a favorite of the Team Ineos riders, and the most versatile performance jacket for cold-weather training Castelli has ever created.

● Castelli Alpha ROS 2 Jacket: $369.99
● See the jacket on the Castelli website: www.castelli-cycling.com

Watch PEZ’s review of the Castelli ROS Collection here:

Velo’s Angel TT Saddle

Make the winning move aboard the Angel TT Saddle. The Angel TT saddle features Velo’s patented Y-Cut and ArcTech technologies to create the highest blend of comfort and performance available in a saddle.

velo angel TT bicycle saddleThe open Y-Cut allows for ventilation and pressure relief, while the ArcTech rails provide additional flexibility perfect for long and short rides alike. The women’s model features an additional layer of proprietary comfort forming foam designed to offer slow rebound and is highly shock absorbant fit for a queen.

Available in Black, White, and Oil Slick with CrN/Ti alloy or carbon rails. Check out Velo’s full line up of aftermarket saddles now available in the USA.


● More info at: velosaddles.us
● MSRP: $198 – $290

Alé PRS Bullet DWR Men Long Sleeve Jersey – $179.99


Specifically developed for intense training, this jersey is a pro team favorite for its great fit and warmth. The water repellent treatment all over the jersey fully preserves the breathability and prevents water and debris from penetrating the fibers.

● Recommended for temperatures between 46 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit.
● Price: $179.99
● See it here at: www.alebikewear.com



Alé Graphics PRR Fiori Lady Long Sleeve Jersey – $169.99


Specifically developed for intense training, this jersey is a team favorite for its great fit and warmth. Offered in a fabulous floral design, this jersey is truly unique.

● Recommended for temperatures between 50 and 61 degrees Fahrenheit.
● Price: $169.99
● See it here at: www.alebikewear.com


Lazer G1 MIPS Helmet


Lightweight, well-ventilated and great protection – the Lazer G1 MIPS offers it all.
Weighing in at 235 grams, the G1 MIPS is the lightest helmet Lazer has ever made. It is the climbers’ favorite on the ProTour. Not only is it a featherweight, but it is extremely well ventilated. Twenty-two vents and internal air channels create 8% more airflow over the head than wearing no helmet at all.


It’s also comfortable – vital for long days in the saddle. The Super Lightweight ARS Fit System ensures an easy to adjust fit with no pressure points or hot spots. Two sets of pads are included so you can choose between the superlight race or comfort pads. Awarded the esteemed 5-Star “Best Available” protection rating, the G1 MIPS is currently the Virginia Tech number 1 rated helmet in the road product segment.


When you’re after every bit of speed, the addition of the Aeroshell (sold separately) transforms the G1 MIPS into an aero helmet.

● Price: $249.99 USA SRP, $349.99 Canada SRP
● Lazer website: lazersport.us

Basso Diamante SV Bike


The pinnacle of the Basso brand carries the name Diamante and it has, since its introduction, represented the culmination of the brand’s experience and its mission to continuously innovate a better cycling experience. Creating the fastest version of that fantastic ride quality was the objective behind the project that would add the letters SV to the Diamante. The resulting model saw every square milimeter of its design dedicated to the embodiment of the acronym for SUPER VELOCE. Translated, it means SUPER FAST… but through meticulous research and development since its release, now becomes SUPER FASTER. Introducing the all new Diamante SV.


While improving upon past succeses is never easy, taking an award-winning and universally lauded platform and making it not only faster but better proved to be a herculean task. Basso, thanks to its competitive nature and desire to evolve, enjoyed the challenge and the end result demonstrates the effort, attention to detail and passion that went into this project. A perfect blend of carryover tech and new design make for a better, best Basso.

The original SV followed a real world aerodynamic principle behind its design, making for a frame that performed on the road, not only in the wind tunnel. By concentrating on complete system design as opposed to singular component design the new SV boasts better integration which, in turn, improves aerodynamics. The extremely aerodynamic cockpit is but one example among many of integration improving aesthetics but more importantly performance.


The seamless connection between bar, stem and frame, with each being optimized aerodynamically as a cohesive unit makes for aerodynamic form and performance design. The OpenFlow fork/tire/wheel interface offers wider spacing between the wheel/tire unit and the fork, thus creating a smaller aerodynamic footprint and increased airflow.

While the form of the frame and its parts were all put under aero scrutiny the Aero+ development witnessed efficiency improvements even in the paint used to complete the new SV’s frame. Thanks to the 3D structure of the ceramic nano particles the paintwork becomes less porous and more compact, making the resulting surface more uniform and less prone to drag.


Complete system optimization and its resulting aerodynamic benefits are only possible through a high degree of integration. Aerodynamic shape and seamless connection of parts make for a better aero footprint while the integration of said parts allows for improvements in terms of: AESTHETICS, EASE OF USE, SIMPLICITY, SAFETY and AERODYNAMICS. The new SV and its components are fully integrated and allow for full and complete internal cable management. The aerodynamic handlebars route cables into the completely new and extremely aerodnamic stem with unique, SuperSafe bar clamp system. Even the spacers underneath the stem were developed for easy adjustment despite having internally routed cables. Composite inserts upon each spacer confer an added element of comfort thanks to vibration dampening qualities while an internal blocking system incorporated into the headset ensures cable integrity and frame safety.


With speed being the key design premise behind the SV, increasing the aerodynamic efficiency alone wouldn’t justify a new release. The engineering staff at Basso worked diligently to create a fast, extremely agile platform that could perform over a wider range of surfaces. Specific speed, or rather speed that can be applied only on certain, perfect terrain is useful… versatile speed however is paramount.


Riding fast no matter the surface is the definition of a speed machine designed for all. As the desire to both ride and race across mixed surfaces increases so has the versatility of the pinnacle of the Basso livery. This VERSATILE VELOCITY comes from several factors, all predicated on maintaining forward movement despite vertical feedback from the surface. Increased tire clearance allows for tires of up to 32mm as well as the comfort, contact, grip and vibration dampening they afford the rider. The immediately recognizeable and particular design of the fork confers a compliant geometry while its structure maintains lateral stiffness… which translates into increased vibration dampening yet with no compromise in terms of handling or reactivity.


In creating the newest version of the SV no element was left without scrutiny and development was applied in a 360°, wholistic manner. Externally most of the development is readily visible however, underneath the paint, inside the tubes lies a very important element of performance that Basso pioneered well before the days of carbon fiber. Basso began rider specific construction by differentiating tube sections and construction of frames tailored to specific riders size and needs with the steel frames of the past and incorporates this practice into modern carbon frames. Diamante SV’s carbon layup, tube shapes and construction vary in function with size to ensure a perfect ride feeling and experience as a result.


While a great deal of innovation made for many changes to the SV, the newest version is made as all Basso bikes before it: Made to race, made to last. Made one by one in a way that guarantees the same fantastic ride feeling and performance after several seasons as the first day on the road, the Diamante SV represents a sound investment into your cycling. From the structure and build to the shape and technologies used to build the frame the Basso bike takes reliability to a new level. Meticulous research and development has allowed Basso to create an even more resistant and long-lasting paint solution. Several tests confirm the new Basso paintwork to be significantly stronger than other paint solutions. The 3D structure of the ceramic nano particles increase hydrorepellance as well as reduce porosity to make for a stronger, more aero and contaminant resistant paint job. The result: paintwork that is stronger, faster, more resistant, cleaner and easier to clean.


Making the fastest Basso even faster made for a difficult task but one that was a source of great motivation inside the 4 walls of the Italian factory. Bettering our best was accomplished not only through improving performance but by increasing versatility, effectively increasing the domain in which the SV can demonstrate its superior performance.

● Discover more at: bassobikes.com

Sports Optical Direct Lens Technology


Sports Optical’s proprietary Direct Lens Technology enabled the first prescription lenses to be mounted direct in high curvature sports frames. The latest evolution of our processes allows for full edge to edge prescription lenses put directly into the shield style lens of the Oakley Radar EV frame. Provides amazing coverage and peripheral vision clarity. Custom lens colors and coatings are available. Call us at 303-455-3369, visit our websites (sportsoptical.com and tacticalrx.com), or come visit our store in Denver.

● More info: www.tacticalrx.com
● Retail price: $675 and up with frame and single vision prescription lenses.

BlenderBottle® Strada™ Protein Shaker


The Strada™ shaker features innovation so advanced, using it is practically effortless. Just a touch of a button opens this beauty of a bottle, providing one-handed convenience. Done drinking? Snap the cap shut and the bottle closes up tight, thanks to its locking lid and leak-proof seal.

● Design: Easy Open. Easy close
● Performance: Perfectly Smooth
● Enhanced Mixing: Rounded Base
● Carry Loop: Clip It, Loop It, Hang It
● Insulation: Refreshingly Cold
● Capacity: 24 oz
● Dimensions: 3.85″ x 3.85″ x 8.95″
● Price: Under $20
● See more at: www.blenderbottle.com

Shop Blender Bottles at Amazon here

Campagnolo Classic Cycling Cap
A timeless cycling cap from Campagnolo, complete with a stylish Tricolore.


The cap every true cycling fan has to have in the closet, a logo that makes every outfit special.

First choice fabric and silkscreen printing ensure the top quality of this unique accessory. Four colour versions to renew an icon of the cycling world. Over the decades the Campagnolo cap has been worn by champions and cycling fans. Two solid-colour versions to match more classical outfits, and two coloured versions inspired by the Italian flag to celebrate the most authentic Made in Italy spirit.

● Made in Italy
● Silkscreen printing
● Four colour versions
● Price: GBP £15.50 / USD $20.00 / EUR €16.99
● More information at: campagnolo.com

MOST Iron 6 Multi-Tool


A compact, lightweight and essential multitool, perfect for slipping inside the back pocket or saddlebag. Extremely compact, it is ideal for carrying with you always. Tools made of high-quality Chrome-Vanadium steel to resist oxidation and increased durability.

Hex: 4, 5, 6
Torx: T15, T20, T25

● GBP £19.00
● See it here at: pinarello.com
● Find your nearest UK Pinarello store at pinarellostore.co.uk

Focus Formula From Fx Chocolate

Focus Formula From Fx Chocolate

Blending therapeutic doses of functional health ingredients into artisanal chocolate bites for a delicious and simplified way of ingesting supplements, the Focus Formula powered by ashwagandha is ideal nutritional and cognitive support for training.

More fun than powered supplements or a handful of pills, Fx Chocolate bites offering full potency and daily dosage recommendations in a single square of 60% dark chocolate. Offering clarity, focus and composure before, during or after rides. Also sugar-free, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and made in the USA.

● 30 day supply/$40
● More info at: fxchocolate.com

● Shop for FX Chocolate at Amazon here

Note: PezCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.


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