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Holiday Gift Guide #7: Sportful Thermal Jersey, TruTrainer Power Rollers, Waterfield Tool Case, Zipp, Kitzuma, Minoura, Road Book, Naroo Masks, Cadex & Sidi

Those holiday gift ideas just keep coming

Holiday Gift Guide #7: Time is running out, more gift suggestions: Sportful Super Giara thermal jersey, Zipp Quickview computer/GoPro/light mount, Trutrainer Smartload Power Rollers, Waterfield jersey pocket tool case, Naroo Z5H mask, CADEX Boost saddle, Kitzuma Cycling Logistics fully built bike delivery, Minoura Kagura SmartTurbo trainer, The Road Book 2020 and Sidi Shot 2 gold silver for 2021.

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SPORTFUL SUPER GIARA Thermal Jersey ($190)
Giara, loosely translates to gravel in Italian or at least in the northern Veneto dialect. While this surface is the inspiration for the product line, Sportful have created a whole product line to offer functionality, durability and an aesthetic easily-suited to all types of riding including the “gravel”, adventure, exploration, near or far, whatever you want to call riding your bike.
The Thermal Super Giara Jersey ($190) is heavy on storage, with 3 rear pockets and 2 easy to get to mesh side pockets for essentials on long unsupported rides.
The middle rear pocket sits taller than the rest, for a rain jacket, burrito or an oversized US can of your preferred drink – or even the Waterfield jersey pocket tool case (keep reading to see more about it).
Enhanced visibility is designed into the arm and above the 2 pockets with a hi-vis reflective strip that lights up when hit by lights.  Subtle but effective, they land in between the tiny flash tabs we so we on some kit, and the full glow neon shells favored by commuters.  My flash-on demo above doesn’t do its brightness justice.

My size medium tester fit my 140lb 5’8″ frame perfectly – trim without excess material, but not squishing me in like a full racer cut would.   The material is a double-layer polyester fabric with heathered yarn with a brushed fabric on the inside of the back.  Zipper is a large sized YKK® Vislon® model – which I think is perfectly suited to the more robust intentions of this jersey.

I’d classify this as either a heavy weight jersey, or light weight jacket.  The double-layer polyester did a surprisingly good job of keeping me warm.  On a couple of rides around 8C degrees (48F), I layered this over a long sleeve synthetic base layer, and added a windproof light vest over top and I was set for comfort.  What I really liked was how well the combo kept me warm, but with enough ventilation that I never got that over soaked sweaty feeling I often do when wearing a fully windproof jacket.

It comes in black, brown, and red colors also, but I really like this shade of blue that shows off the interesting weave details and subtly reminds my riding buds that I’m just a little different, but I still belong.

Turns out I’m not the only one who likes this jersey as availability on Sportful.com has all but dried up.  However, sources tell me you can still find ’em at Mikes Bikes online and at one of their 12 stores in Northern California.

Find ’em at Mikes Bikes

ZIPP QUICKVIEW Computer/ GoPro / Light Mount – US$70


Joining the ranks of budding GoPro film makers, I quickly found a need for a decent way to mount the camera and computer onto the bike.  Until now, there have been few options other than the K-Edge Wahoo XL Combo Mount I reviewed here.

Now Zipp has recognized this growing market, and offers a decent integrated faceplate mount to handle the computers, GoPro and some lights together.

Zipps’ Quickview Computer mount connects to Zipp’s Service Course series stems, and is designed to handle Garmin and Wahoo computers, GoPro cameras, and a variety of lights, plus comes with a lifetime warranty.  Yep – lifetime!

The unit replaces the existing faceplate on Zipp Service Course and SL road stems, and is machined out of aluminum to be strong enough to handle the increased loads (and values) of various computers, cameras, and lights that you’d want to mount out front, and securely anchor the added gear into the stem with the 4 bolts of the face plate.

It’s designed to be mounted up or down, depending on how you like to hold your gear.  (Cue Michael Scott: “..that’s what she said…” smirk).

This kind of security does come with a slight cost on weight – adding approximately 62grams to the stem combo weigh, before any gear is added.  While the existing faceplate is replaced by the mount, the whole stem / Quickview mount combo weighs in at 205 grams with a 110mm stem (at least mine did).

● See more info at the Zipp website.


The popularity of Trutrainer’s Smartload Power Rollers has gone beyond all expectations for the small Indiana based company – causing them to increase staff by 50% this year – (ie: they hired a 3rd employee).  They’ve also moved into a brand new, larger production facility (goodbye basement!), and are tooling up to meet the increased demand for what we think are arguably the best rollers out there.

stephen trutrainer power rollersTheir best in class Smartload Power Roller means that you can train under full power loads and with the most popular training apps – Zwift, Trainer Road, Sufferfest, Xert and more – for an unequalled indoor cycling training experience.

● Read the PEZ First look at the SmartLoad Power Rollers here.
● Buy yours at TruTrainer.com here

WATERFIELD Jersey Pocket Tool Case – $69.00

The Waterfield Jersey Pocket Tool Case could not be more aptly named – it does everything the name says.

This one landed just in time for Christmas, so I channeled my cheer into this short look at just some of the items you could put inside – while freeing your bike from the encumbrance of an under-saddle tool bag or giving up one of your bottle cages.

It’s a smart little case – stylishly patina’d leather on one side, durable woven cordura on the back.  The main pouch is a sealed zipper that opens to reveal a bright yellow inside that makes it impossible for your goodies to hide.

It’s divided into 3 sections – a felt-lined sleeve for your phone, a roomier center for larger items like tubes & levers, and two slim side pouches for tools and such. Outside is one more water-proof zipped pouch to hold cards, keys and cash.

Also, I apologize for the soundtrack.  – Pez

• Find it online at https://SFBags.com




Naroo is a Korean company that makes a variety of masks for different purposes: designed to breathe freely and to guard against pollen, foggy goggles, UV rays, pollution, or the winter cold. The Z5H Mask is:

● Developed for all-weather usage
● Reinforced anti-fog functions (reduce the effect significantly)
● 99% UV Protection
● Optimal design to perfectly cover the ears and act as a windbreak
● Nose clip and special stitching give you the option to customise the mask to fit you best
● Moisture-wicking fabric
● Frontal mesh fabric for optimal breathing
● Special combination of different thicknesses, patterns and tensions in the knit allow for a comfortable fit
● Non-interfering under eye stitching that prevents the fabric from interfering with the eyesight

What makes the Z5H Mask different is the EX-BONE 3 that — in conjunction with breathing holes — is anti-fog.


Chuck Peña PEZ sez:
The Z5H is essentially a lightweight balaclava that allows easy breathing that won’t fog up your eyewear. The pics on their website show it being worn with it covering the back part of the head, but its super-stretchy material also allowed me to pull it up around my head for full-on ninja mode.  It does what it’s supposed to – provide thermal and wind protection (it’s not windproof) for your face and neck. And the EX-BONE 3 really works. I’ve ridden in temps down into the 30s(F) without having my glasses fog up.  The EX-Bone nose bridge acts as a “grab hold” for pulling the mask down to take a sip from a water bottler and then pulling it back up into place. Easy peasy.

There’s also a correct way to wear the mask to assist in fog reduction – simply tuck the mask under the bottom edge of your sunglasses, to close off the channel above your cheeks that funnels exhaled breath up under the lenses.

One thing to note: In the age of COVID, this mask is NOT rated to N95 standards and  intended for protection against the virus. The breathing holes are just that … holes. The instructions say: “Do not use EX-BONE as a physical protection shield.” And Naroo confirmed for us: “The Z5H has holes in the front for breathability during exercise, so it doesn’t protect from droplets.” If you need a mask for COVID purposes, have a look-see at Naroo F-Series masks: https://naroomask.com/all-products/#fline.

● Naroo Z5H price: $60.00
● More info at: naroomask.com

CADEX Boost Saddle – $300

cadex boost saddle fullThe ultra-light CADEX Boost sets a new standard in weight, rider support, and comfort.  You might be impressed by the lux-brand style packaging, like I was, but what most got me was how light this saddle is.  In the hand it feels lighter than any saddle I’ve ever held…

cadex boost saddlerails

I weighted the 148mm saddle at 140 grams.  Yeah, that’s light (and that’s 48 grams lighter than another new saddle that just landed here too).

Cadex uses an “exclusive advanced forged composite technology base and an integrated rail design, the Boost saddle yields a revolutionary carbon composite frame providing maximum power transfer and compliance without extra grams.”


I’ll get this onto a bike soon and let you know how the rest of it checks out, but if you can’t wait, you can find more info at: Cadex-cycling.com.

KITZUMA Cycling Logistics Launches; Offers Fully Built Bike Delivery
Cycling industry logistics vets reinvent how bikes are shipped, delivered for manufacturers, retailers, DTC consumers, teams, and more.


A team of cycling industry logistics veterans with decades of experience in the field is rethinking the way bikes are shipped for every purpose with their new brand Kitzuma Cycling Logistics. The over-the-road shipping service officially launched on December 1st offering dock-to-door, box-free, ready-to-ride bike delivery nationwide, and for any purpose, with pricing and shipping times on par with the major delivery services.

What sets Kitzuma apart from other logistics brands in the bike industry is the simplification of the process: Traditionally a manufacturer must build up a new bike, then break it down again to box it up; then they hand it off to a shipping company who delivers it via truck and/or air cargo to the retailer/consumer; finally, the recipient has to unbox and rebuild the bike. “Instead, Kitzuma picks up, transports, and delivers bikes fully built and ready to ride,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Taylor Essick. “We handle any style of bike from racing to urban and dirt to pavement; even E-bikes, which have been notoriously problematic and expensive to deliver, are no problem for us.”

“In our decades in the industry, we knew there had to be a better, more streamlined way,” Essick continues. “As bikes get more and more complicated, many brands have struggled with selling high-end bikes, only to have them show up in a box and burden the customer with building it. There’s no personal connection between shipper and customer in that scenario, not to mention that bikes often arrive late, damaged, or sometimes not at all. We’ve figured out a way to solve these problems and others inherent in the industry. And we’ll deliver for any purpose you can think of, including retail shops, trade shows, major races/events, local cycling clubs/teams, individual DTC buyers, and more.”

Kitzuma is already shipping bikes in a pilot program with a major distributor representing three major bike brands. Kitzuma has been delivering these direct-to-consumer bike orders across the Southeast for a few weeks now. They also have commitments from a handful of other brands beginning soon, and with the launch, they’ll open that service to brands and individuals across the country. Potential partners appreciate the inherent benefits of Kitzuma’s unique model.

“From day one, we’ve been committed to never damaging a bike. Ever.” COO and Co-Founder, Chris Cosgrove adds. “We only work with bikes, unlike the shipping giants who handle countless other products in massive quantities. We’ve designed a racking system that keeps them perfectly safe throughout the transport process, and we back each and every shipment with a guarantee for safe delivery.”

Kitzuma simply picks up fully built bikes from the source, racks them individually in their specially equipped vans and trucks, and then delivers them to the recipient’s door ready to ride. They’re never boxed and never come in contact with any other cargo. The specially trained delivery techs will even spend some time setting up the bike for the individual consumer, answering questions and addressing other needs as well.

“We’ve invested heavily in building a technology platform to improve the bike shipping experience,” says CITO and Co-Founder Tony Eggers. “Our goal is to leverage technology to connect people who have bikes with people who want bikes, and to support a network where bikes can move throughout the world efficiently and transparently.”


● Learn more about us at https://www.kitzuma.com


the road book 2020

Cycling’s comprehensive annual guide is back as The Road Book 2020 launches, recapping an historic Year Apart for professional cycling. The book, which seemed so unlikely earlier this year, covers over 700 pages of unique insight, punctuated by exquisite essays and stories from some of the star names of the past year. Content within includes the third edition of The Road Book’s ‘In The Winner’s Words’ featuring the recent Giro d’Italia victor Tao Geoghegan Hart, the emphatic winner of the elite women’s World Championships Anna van der Breggen, and the hugely anticipated Wout van Aert.

Full PEZ review HERE.
● RRP – £50
● Available from: www.theroadbook.co.uk

MINOURA Kagura SmartTurbo Trainer


Join the virtual training revolution with the Kagura LST-9200 SmartTurbo Trainer by Minoura. Using Bluetooth or ANT+, connect easily to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and use apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad to make the most of your indoor training time. Minoura has used its decades of experience in indoor training to make the easiest to use magnetic resistance smart trainer available. The Kagura SmartTurbo trainer can run as a powered unit for virtual training with up to 2000 watts of resistance or an unpowered mag trainer with a permanent magnet offering four levels of resistance.


● MSRP: $649.99
● More Info: shopminoura.com

SIDI Shot 2 Gold Silver, A New LDT Colour to Leap into 2021


According to the fashion trends, the colours for next year draw on a rich palette that symbolizes optimism to welcome 2021 in the right spirit. Along with the colours that relate to nature, a dazzling gold – in all its shades – still plays an undisputed leading role. Sidi has chosen to launch an exclusive limited edition colour for its new Sidi Shot 2. A metal-shaded gold will make every ride unique in terms of style and performance.

The slender structure of Shot 2 fits perfectly this semi-iridescent hue that has the power to make even the most grey winter days shine. A one-of-a-kind that cannot be missing in a cyclist’s collection.

The features of Sidi Shot 2 in short
SHOT 2 are highly performing shoes characterised by a great response in the pushing phase. Lightness, comfort, and design are further enhanced. The new integrated heel box is even lighter and reinforced so as to prevent any deformations after efforts and extended pressures. The new “C-BOOST SRS” sole made with state-of-the-art carbon is characterised by a special shape of the metatarsal area that allows for greater power transmission on the pedals. The shoe has the “Double Techno3 Flex” closure system to eliminate completely the area of pressure on the instep and greatly improve the sensation of closure, besides requiring a smaller leaning surface on the tongue of the shoe.

● More from Sidi at: www.sidi.com.

Note: PezCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.


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