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Holiday Gift Guide #2: Campagnolo, La Passione, Selle Italia, Silca, Reap, Sealskinz, Bike Hugger & Goldwin

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Holiday Gift Guide #2: Into December and the gift count-down is on: The Campagnolo BIG corkscrew, La Passione CC merino family, Selle Italia Flite Boost X-Cross Superflow and Gravel Superflow saddles, new REAP Vulcan Triathlon Hyperbike, Purist Hydroflo for Bike Hugger, Sealskinz waterproof all weather multi-activity glove, Silca Seat Roll Asymmetrico with BOA and Goldwin women’s inspiration long tights.

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Campagnolo BIG Corkscrew


Uncorking a bottle of wine can be a simple gesture, or a convivial ritual if the tool used for the task is the Campagnolo BIG corkscrew. Its history, shape, size and functionality have made it a point of reference for those who appreciate wine, art and design. The new titanium body of the corkscrew renders this already-cult object entirely unique, both to own and to give as a gift. Titanium is a precious material, particularly in the mind of the cyclist: it is the lightest and strongest metal par excellence. Titanium is the material chosen by those who want a unique frame, and the same can be said of this version of BIG, the corkscrew for those who demand more.

Beauty and quality must be accompanied by maximum functionality, in line with true Campagnolo tradition. Indeed, to prevent incorrect extraction of the cork from leaving residue in the wine, the Campagnolo BIG corkscrew is designed so that the screw self-centres on the cork, ensuring optimal extraction every time.

The titanium version is only available on Campagnolo’s e-store €209 (circa $225).

The satin version is available from Amazon here for $222.00.

Winter is Magical with La Passione CC Merino Family
The perfect allies to ride warm and comfy.


Merino wool is one of the most versatile fabrics among natural fibers and is the ideal choice to manufacture high-quality technical clothes. The extraordinary properties of this finest wool give natural insulation and moisture-management to the body, providing a soft and smooth feeling on the skin. La Passione has developed a series of items using the best fabrics on the market, made in Italy with 100% cruelty-free New Zealander Merino wool fibers. The result? High-quality products perfectly suited for every winter ride.


Let’s start with the basics. The first rule of layering provides a proper base layer, so both the Merino base layer Merino Long Sleeve base layer are designed to be versatile as needed. It regulates the body temperature and wipes the sweat in any weather condition. It’s been manufactured to be worn as a second skin: it has flatlock seams and a race cut and is available in three colors: Black, Blue, and Grey.


The Adventure Merino Jersey blends great softness and high technique. Thanks to the natural properties of this precious wool, this piece prevents heat energy loss and ensures a stable temperature regulation while pedaling, by releasing moisture from the body.


The jersey maintains the classic look of La Passione Merino collection, featuring special inserts on the shoulders, a practical snap button as a neck closure and one rear pocket. This pocket is made of two-way stretch fabric combined with waterproof inner lining, which allows for great breathability because of its bonded structure.
This item is available in two charming colors that perfectly match with the new season vibes.


The Merino Socks and the practical Merino Neck Warmer – coming in a brand new color – complete this total wool look with their soft natural yarn, pleasant to the touch and even more comfortable during the ride. The Neck Warmer has the mission to protect the neck, mouth and nose, guaranteeing the maximum of breathability. The socks, on the other hand, will keep the feet warm and dry, maintaining a practical anatomic fit.

More info at: www.lapssione.cc.

Passionate About Off-Road? Selle Italia Proposes the Flite Boost X-Cross Superflow and Gravel Superflow Models


The new Flite Boost range by Selle Italia includes two models designed for mountain bike and gravel enthusiasts: the Flite Boost X-Cross Superflow and Flite Boost Gravel Superflow. Two saddles that respond to bikers’ demands: lightness, comfort, resistance and performance. Both come with the Shock Absorber system between the body and rail, which absorbs vibrations caused by pedaling on rough terrain, and feature a TI316 rail and Fibra-tek covering, renowned for their resistance and durability.


A cult saddle for both amateurs and professionals, Flite has written thirty years of Selle Italia’s history and was relaunched in 2020 in a more modern and higher performing key: Flite Boost. A range including a selection of models, which, thanks to Flite Boost X-Cross Superflow and Flite Boost Gravel Superflow, is aimed at mountain and gravel bike enthusiasts alike.


Flite Boost X-Cross Superflow
Flite Boost X-Cross Superflow brings the style and performance of the Flite model to the roughest trails. A short and compact shaped model designed for mountain biking and all off-road disciplines; it has side inserts in SuperFabric to protect the saddle from any knocks and abrasions typical of the off-road world, and a shock absorption system between the body and rail. Featuring a central Superflow cut-out to guarantee utmost comfort and evenly distribute pressure in the perineal area, as well as a TI316 rail, particularly resistant and durable. The shell is made with carbon composite and nylon and the covering is in grey Fibra-Tek, a technical microfibre that guarantees resistance and lightness. Available in two idmatch sizes: S3 weighing 204 grams and L3 weighing 208 grams.

Recommended retail price: €214.90 – £204.90


Flite Boost Gravel Superflow
Dedicated to gravel fans, the Flite Boost Gravel Superflow has a classic flat shape that guarantees utmost freedom of movement in the saddle and Shock Absorbers between the body and rail, which eliminate vibrations caused by pedaling on rough terrain. Featuring a central Superflow cut-out and TI316 rail, the saddle is covered in Fibra-Tek with a light layer of gel inside the padding. Available in two idmatch sizes, S3 weighing 228 grams and L3 weighing 232 grams, the Flite Boost Gravel Superflow comes with a grey cover featuring details in aqua green.

Recommended retail price: €214.90 – £204.90

For more information: www.selleitalia.it

Check prices for Selle Italia saddles at Amazon here

REAP Announces The New Vulcan Triathlon Hyperbike
Radical British-Built Beam Frame Racer Delivers Next-Generation Performance.


REAP BIKES is delighted to announce the launch of its new triathlon bike, the Vulcan. Developed from REAP’s first bike, the exceptionally aerodynamic Generation 1.0, the Vulcan is defined by its holistic design approach and race readiness. In particular, it features a proprietary new cockpit and a hydration system tested for ‘T1 to T2 speed’ – that is, with refills included – versus misleading steady-state aerodynamics alone.

The Vulcan name pays homage to Britain’s history of aerospace engineering and reflects a shared ambition. The Avro Vulcan was a pioneering strategic bomber introduced in 1956, the early jet era. It combined speed and range with a high payload and became an icon for its radical delta wing shape. The parallels with our bike are clear.

Key features of the Vulcan:
● REAP Ballistic Cockpit: The Vulcan is the first production bike to be supplied with forearm-hugging aero extensions as part of the vastly adjustable Ballistic cockpit. The aero extensions save drag, improve comfort and control, and make it easier to stay in your best position
● British built: REAP Bikes are 100% designed, made, painted and assembled in the UK
● Integrated BTA hydration: A BTA bottle mount with an aero fairing. Rapid bottle swaps make you faster from T1 to T2 versus refilling integrated systems
● Proprietary rear storage: Carry two bottles, 8 gels and a toolbox behind the saddle and out of the wind
● Perfected details: Rotary dropout adjusters; multi-position seatpost; aerodynamically shielded front derailleur with extended chainring capacity
● Carbon fibre flight case included: Made by REAP in the UK, so that every Vulcan is delivered ready for fly-away races or training camps

The REAP Generation 1.0 paved the way for the Vulcan and its radical beam frame is carried over. The beam, or V-frame, design eliminates the seatstays and seat-tube and their associated drag. While the overall concept has been seen in triathlon before, right back to the Zipp 2001 from 1992, REAP’s development work with the UK’s leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) experts, TotalSim, pushed performance to new heights and made the Generation 1.0 the outright fastest bike in the world in wind tunnel testing. The new features of the Vulcan make it even faster.

Furthermore, REAP’s carbon fibre expertise gives the Vulcan incredible ride quality, combining vertical compliance with immense torsional stiffness for precise handling and efficient power transfer. Very simply, it rides like a great road bike, but goes a lot faster.

REAP Bikes founder and MD, Martin Meir, comments: “The Vulcan is the result of our tireless pursuit of total system perfection. Our first bike, the Generation 1.0, focused on aerodynamic performance and tested as the fastest bike in the world. The Vulcan is all about details – precise positioning, efficient storage, and the most advanced cockpit ever seen on a production bike. REAP is a small brand but we’re able to punch above our weight thanks to our engineering expertise, race experience, and close relationships with our athletes.”

Three top triathletes are already confirmed to be racing the REAP Vulcan in 2021: Elliot Smales, Fenella Langridge and Tom Bishop. Further signings are expected over the off-season.

REAP athlete Elliot Smales commented on new model announcement: “I cannot wait to race the Vulcan. I’ve loved competing on the super-fast Generation 1.0 bike and the developments made by REAP in the Vulcan look really exciting because everything is so athlete-focused. I was really happy to contribute some feedback to the development process and even happier about what REAP came up with. The Vulcan looks amazing.”

The Vulcan is available to order now, with deliveries starting in January 2021. Pricing is as follows:
£5500 Vulcan frame module: frame, fork, cockpit, brakes, storage systems
£8195 Vulcan Ultegra Di2, with Parcours Passista wheels
£9945 Vulcan Dura-Ace Di2, with ENVE 7.8 wheels
£9770 Vulcan Red eTap AXS, with ENVE 7.8 wheels

REAP website: reapbikes.com

Purist Hydroflo for Bike Hugger – $14.99


A Specialized 23 ounce, Purist Hydroflo bottle with a Bike Hugger Logo. Effortless to squeeze, easy to grip, and sip with no bottle taste.

● Color: Natural
● Material: Low Density Polyethylene
● Capacity: 1.4 Pounds
● Brand: Bikehugger

About this item
● Specialized Purist Hydroflo bottle with a Bike Hugger Logo
● Hydroflo delivers a tidal wave of water to your mouth.
● 100-percent recyclable, BPA free and, independently tested and approved by SGS
● Unique, three-sided shape fits perfectly in your hand for a solid, controlled grip.
● To deliver a pure water taste, Hydroflo is infused within silicon-dioxide.
● Available at: https://amzn.to/3ocNpcu

Sealskinz: Waterproof All Weather Multi-Activity Glove with Fusion Control™


A rugged, close-fitting, waterproof glove with high abrasion resistance. Great for MTB, climbing, ice climbing, cycling, commuting, and skiing.

● Stepped stretch Lycra outer
● PU Suede palm
● Merino wool interior
● Silicone grippers on the index and middle fingers
● Touchscreen friendly
● Thumb wiper
● Velcro closure
● MSRP $85.00
● Buy ’em at Amazon here

Silca Seat Roll Asymmetrico with BOA – $49 (USD)


A sleek and compact seat roll designed to store everything you need for flat repairs or light mechanicals out on the road. Securing to the bike with the power of the BOA Fit System, this seat roll is ideal for the uncompromising cyclist who appreciates the meticulous packing of and organized work area of an unfurled seat roll, plus the quiet ride only possible with the BOA that eliminates rattling, swaying, swinging seat bags.

• Buy ’em at Amazon here.

Goldwin: Women’s Inspiration Long Tights – $120.00


Graduated compression gear, approved by General Medical Device in Japan, suppresses unnecessary muscle vibrations. Our unique solid design and comfort integrates onto your body and assists in blood circulation and alleviates swelling. Useful for recovery and daily conditioning and can be worn for every sport.

● General Medical Device in Japan.
● Graduated compression promotes blood flow.
● Suppresses muscle vibration to enhance performance.
● A special tape is used to create a flat surface to reduce chafing on the skin.
● Blocks harmful UV rays 90%, UPF 30 or more.
● Fabric: 75% nylon, 25% polyurethane.
● More info at: usshop.goldwin-sports.com.

Note: PezCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.


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