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Hot Tub’ Set-Up: Kool-Stop & Tufo

Hot off the Test Bench, a few great reasons to keep those tubs and carbon wheel set-ups alive! We check out the Campi2000 pads from Koolstop, and Tufo’s high pressure tires & Adhesive Tape. A few more reasons not to fear Tubulars and Carbon wheels…

OK, ok, I know. Tubulars are supposedly dieing – and there are so many Clinchers that have the “Feel close to the ride of a Tubular” and – since Clinchers are so much easier to use, there are no reasons to run Tubulars right?

Nope. Want a few reasons to run a high end setup? Try a carbon wheel set that weighs in a pound lighter than your lightest clinchers, add to them the higher pressures available (for way lower rolling resistance) and the better puncture resistance built in to the more high end tubulars and you have all the performance reasons you need.

A few other things might be holding you back. Say you don’t want to mess with the Cork pads that some wheel sets need (The newest set from Reynolds, as well as those from several manufacturers require special pads). Well the Guys at Kool-Stop were thinking that they should come up with an answer to the swapping of pads when you swap back to your metal clinchers for training… Their newest pads are designed to be gentle on your zillion dollar carbons and keep right on stopping you when you switch back to your regular hoops.

The Pads are a little larger in length and width to put more stuff where you need it. They also have a much larger and better shaped channel system so that water gets away easier and so that they don’t clog up like the skinny pads (Campy original pads for Record brakes) I switched out had done.

The bottom line here is that they stop me better on both sets of my Carbons and also work very well on the Clinchers I run. Take a look at www.koolstop.com for more info!

The next cool thing out there for Tube hoops are a couple of things from Tufo that make life sweet.

First up is the answer to the question “How the hell did you catch back on so fast”. It’s the Adhesive Tape product that basically lets you say bye bye to Rim Cement! It is applied first to a cleaned up rim and then you simply roll on a tubular and blow it up. The stuff holds great! It means no more goop all over the place and when carried along with a spare, means that you can rip of a flat and get back rolling again awfully quick!

Tufo’s rim strips come in standard and “Extreme” (for High temp areas) and work in all but the wettest conditions. It’s a cheap and Extremely easy way to start rolling and to restart rolling and makes the flat issue a non issue for tubulars.

Add to that one of the reasons Tubular wheels are so sweet… good Tubular tires…

Tufo’s 215 gram high pressure beauties are nothing if not sweet. They have a solid (low rolling resistance) center stripe and side walls that are damn grippy (even when a 145 pounder like me runs them at an insane pressure like 160). While they are a super smooth ride at more applicable pressures for me (130 – 140), the “Tubular” ride I imagine everyone is referring to, is the one you get when these things almost levitate at high pressures. Couple this with a semi deep section wheel set that tips the scales at 1000 grams and you have a couple of things that you can actually notice providing a difference in performance!

The bottom line is that Tubulars are not nearly as tough to deal with as most folks think. And with the guys at Tufo making tires this sweet and finding such an easy way to fix a flat, you simply can’t beat the quality of ride and performance benefits with low weight wheels and super nice tires. As for clinchers, Tufo might have the sweetest available in their Tubular clincher, but more on that later!

You can Find Tufo at www.tufonorthamerica.com And if your local speed shop doesn’t carry them, ask why!

Take a look at www.koolstop.com for more info!

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