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Inter-BIKES: Best of Show Vol. 4

Time for the main course – the new bikes to sink your teeth into! I hate posting the brief shots because they don’t show you what you need to see, and I hate writing the little blurbs that don’t tell you enough. That said, wet your whistle for a few of the coolest at the show…

The first stop of the day was at Colnago. Yes the new C50 was there, but the bike to see was the (sadly) limited edition… B stays, HP stays, Monocoque front, and all is clear… Would I happily take a new C50 or super slick Ti- CT2? OHHELLYEAH!

But I would rather roll on this!

The DeRosa Primato is a fine acknowledgment for the steel purists. The classic Molteni colors make this a real standout.

Working my way back, I spotted the Cannondale booth, and although most of the familiar faces are gone, I did catch a few familiar doodads Like Simoni’s mountain goat. I would love to get more time with this rig, as the details were impressive… And also note that the new faces at Cannondale are great people and we hope they do very well this year!

Next stop was for a shot of Espresso at Argon 18. We tested their top dog Platinum and it remains largely the same (thank God, as it is an under-priced over-performing superbike!). It gets a tad lighter and also goes naked! Less paint and more clear coat for 2004. Also a slew of happy guys at Argon 18, and why not? They have a winner…

I stopped and almost pooped my pants when I saw the Bianchi Luna. White Carbon weave, sweet lines and a show-stopper finish made it maybe the best looking bike at the show. I would have loved to have found out more, as this is clearly a bike that Bianchi desperately needed after a few years of offering little more than a classic color. Let’s hope they can save the team this year without Jan!

Look’s 486 was a very nice offering indeed – too bad our own pic didn’t turn out. We saw a few of these on the gc roads around Italy, Fance and Spain this year. We love the shape and styling of the frame, the bb looks like the stiffest around, now if only they could shave a little weight…

Next on the block is the Kredo from Kuota, the Italian company whose Khan we just tested. Its finish is as good as the Khan, It weighs damn near nothing, has a bottom end that looks as solid as you can make a bike, and if it rides near the quality of the Khan, will be a 2004 must have. I also like the blue lettering…

Last up is the good old boys from Specialized and their new S works. They do something similar to the Kuota Khan, having a top end and seat stays in Carbon and directing the major portion of the seat stays right past the Seat tube for a smooth ride. They couple this with giving you that big-tube, aluminum bottom end that made the S works one of the benchmarks for stiffness in 2003. If they solved the teeth chattering ride, without giving up and of that sprinting base, this things a monster!

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