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Inter-Bikes… Getting Framed in Vegas

Tough not to wet myself walking through and looking at everyone getting frames more right than ever…

Walking into Trialtir’s display section was an easy first stop, as it featured a well functioning espresso machine. But the frame line up from the Cambiago kid will pop the eyes open for any bike snob, regardless of the hangover…

The bulk of the line up gets a face lift this year with new Master Carbon, an all new E-1, and the top shelf President.

All politics aside, I would elect this lady as my President of choice! Ferrari Red fade that is at once conservative, and striking. Sure the graphics jobs are sweet, but it gets no more Classic Italian than this.

But sneaking around in the Italian compound also turned up a little gem in the form of the new Bottecchia. A very stylish ride that you won’t see in every bunch.

Cruising in the background we found the Vantuyl line up. They have a pretty broad line that should take a bit in 2005. A very nice custom or stock fit Carbon and Ti Tica looks good

But a very good value in custom fit Carbon lines up in the form of the 850 (below). The price point for it was a huge surprise, and the turn around time was very competitive for custom. We’re bike snobs, so no bother listing several other models, but they have many, and paint pretty well too. Give a jingle to the guys at Airo International for the details.

Also on the insanely cool level of custom, and with a show stopping history of historical riders, come the Cyfac line from VeloEuropa. They have been under tour winners, classics winners and lots of workers for decades, simply because of the ability to build something to spec extremely well. We showed you the custom fit Carbon TT bike in our pre interbike story, and here are a couple of shots of a great Booty…

And some very good color getting laid on.

Cyfac are more famous among riders than the public, because they have been making frames with other people’s paint over top for lots of pro’s. About damn time they got to lay on a coat of paint of their own and get the label attached.

A favorite for 2005 will be Sinclair Imports choice of Ridley Bicycles and components (they will actually be available very soon… This is a top notch Euro company and they are sure to make Belgium proud supporting (literally) the New Davitimon Lotto super-squad. The team will be riding The Damocles.

It looks like a fairly straight bike to us too, but on closer inspection things get pretty damn interesting with the Ridley. Note the pass through cables, matte finish wheels and the ribbing section of the fork and down tube… Good stuff, and they are made by a pretty nice guy, who is both far too young and far too fit to be running a company as well as he does…

Last in this slot go the guys at Time through Time Sport USA.

You’ve seen the bikes plastered all over the front in Europe. None more so than the rig under Paolo Bettini (shown in world cup form).

The bike line is definitely among the best in Carbon at any price. Detail and build quality are excellent, and they use top flight materials. I don’t see nearly as many of these as I should, as they can go head to head with any of the exotics available.

More cool sights on the way…

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