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Interbike 2017: Round 2 Gear!

Interbike 2017 Round 2 Gear: Wahoo’s Kickr Climb, Stages LR Power Meter, Kuat’s latest racks and NUUN’s new Vitamin and Performance drinks… more Interbike 2017!

Wahoo changed the trainer game with their open source programming that allows multiple training programs to control the smooth resistance (and properly track data) of their Kickr trainer at the back of your bike. Now they’ve gone one better handling the front end duties with the new Kickr Climb.

The Climb works as a grade simulator and operates in real time(with supported and third party compatible apps) with the Kickr and Kickr Snap trainers to give you a full range of grade simulation from -10 percent all the way to a full 20% grade.

The unit can also be manually operated with the detachable bar mounted remote…

You’ll need an updated Kickr / Kickr Snap trainer that has updated to allow clearance for your rear mech and to allow either QR or T/A attachment that pivots at the back (which is preferable to destroying the rear end of your bike as the front end is raised and lowered).

On the floor, the pre-production prototype was functioning well. Having something that can respond to virtual courses from multiple app providers as well as your own programmed workouts adds a dimension to training that simply wasn’t possible for the masses.

Those masses will need a few extra dollars, as the Kickr Climb will sell at $599 and you’ll also need an updated Kickr / Kickr Snap to allow proper movement at the back. But this is genuine next-level gear from the folks that have already pushed the current trainer market up to the level we’re at today.

You can find more at: Wahoofitness.com.

Stages Cycling have added the much anticipated “Power LR” dual sided measuring to their low profile / minimalist (35 grams total added weight) power measuring line up.

Working with Stages own Dash head unit and also compatible with damn near everything else on the market worth using, the LR will give you +/- 1% claimed accuracy (at 100w/90 cadence) individually for both left and right power input. Stages also offer force tracking throughout the pedal stroke, self-correcting temp adaptation and internal cadence sensing (so no frame magnet needed).

The units are so damn unobtrusive that pretty much everyone can be forgiven for missing the fact that a fairly successful team had a pretty decent season this year at the head of the pro-tour…

Part of the reason a lot of people missed the units on Sky’s bikes were that the prototypes were tucked away on the drive side, but the retail units will have an easier battery access. 175+ hours is the target for a single 2023 coin cell and swapping the ubiquitous power source is still pretty straight forward with the low profile production units.

The first units will come shortly in Dura Ace ($1299) and Ultegra ($999) form, keeping Stages well in the low-cost / “Power for everyone” range (relative to genuine power measuring devices). I would guess they’ll expand into this to include several other cranks going forward for those few million people that don’t own Shimano product shortly.

You can find more at: StagesCycling.com.

KUAT Have been knocking out hitch and roof racks to much fanfare but haven’t played well in the trunk mount area until now. Behold the Highline…

The first goal of any smart trunk rack design is a secure fit with as little potential impact on the vehicle as possible. Kuat add clear vinyl adhesive strips to be applied at the contact points of the rack, which have also been designed to aid staying in place. 4 nylon straps with hook ends synch things down.

Next on the list is properly holding a variety of frames and especially with some of the more aggressively shaped mountain frames, this means adjustability is required.

The Highline’s frame extensions are independently adjustable to allow securing of bikes from simple traditional road frames to aggressively slopping models. And the adjustment is a simple push button.

Easy to adjust rubber on rubber closures that also adapt to multiple angles help secure things in place.

This feels like a solid piece of kit when in hand. Everything feels substantial and all of the indexed adjustability feels firm when in place with positive clicks when indexing through the adjustment range. The materials all feel like they’re made for the long haul.

The confusing part is when you pick the unit up… The whole thing weighs 13 pounds but it actuates and adjusts like something that weighs more than twice as much.

These are scheduled to be ready sometime early 2018 in 2 and 3 bike options and will sell for @$219 – $239.

Kuat’s best roof carrier (for my small form-factor wishes) was hanging nondescriptly on the back side of their booth.

The “Mini Skinny” isn’t new but it’s an awesome piece of kit that takes up just 23 inches of crossbar space with room for a single bike using the fork mount.

The QR mounts will take an adapter for 100/110mm thru-axle.

The rack has a nice depth to store loads of gear alongside your rig. This will hold a 160 lb total (but you need to make sure your crossbar system will approve of whatever you load…).

Speaking of cross bars, Kuat designed this to grab ahold of damn near anything from auto manufacturers and aftermarket cross bar companies (up to 4.5”w x 1.75” thick).

This is solid construction with a black powder coat finish. These are available now with an SRP OF $295.

You can find LOADS of quality carry gear at: KUATRACKS.COM.

NUUN Hydration are a staple product for me in Arizona’s nearly comically intense heat…

Aside from a couple of flavor changes, the line up swaps their “all day” product for a “Vitamin” call out and adds a “Performance” focused product to the party.

The “Vitamin” product comes in Nuun’s standard tablets in a tube form and means to pump up your everyday water intake by adding clean, low sugar, soy-gluten-dairy free, plant-based ingredients to give you a vitamin bump in Vitamins E / C / A / Potassium / Magnesium / Calcium and a few other additives.

The goal is minimalist calories with a continual flow of a few key vitamins and electrolytes that active people continue to burn during the day. It’s water +…

The Performance” product is pretty self-explanatory…

This is Nuun’s mix designed for use while training at higher intensity or for longer duration. Performance aims to be very easily digested and give you simple carbs and electrolytes for quick absorption.

This is a simple formulation of 9 non-GMO ingredients and gives you 15 grams of Carbs along with Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Chloride and comes in powder form in larger bags and small sachets.

Nuun have all of this available now and you can find it damn near everywhere that quality active lifestyle products are sold…

More info is available at: NUUNLife.com.

More later from the floor…

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