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INTERBIKE 2018 Gear: Round 1!

Reno is the new landing spot for Interbike 2018 gear and we have the first round from the floor from Limar, Repente, Stages and Vittoria Shoes.

Limar Helmets have upped their game across the board with the latest model Air Pro.

This helmet further reduces drag from their already relatively low drag model the Ultralight. But Limar didn’t stop with shape and instead have a full fresh redesign that drops the drag, maintains a low weight spec and increases both safety and Ventilation.

Note the clean lines front to rear and also the small logo attached to the new internal reinforcing structure, the Carbon Coretech.

This carbon reinforcement is a full support structure for the foam.

And it allowed Limar to support longer and narrower foam sections to run continually from front to back.

This allows for a low drag design and also leave a LOT more room for the deep and continual ventilation channels (and larger exhaust openings) that make this Limar’s best helmet to date by design.

Tipping the scales at 230 grams (M) and knocking 20% off the drag number of the reasonably aero Ultralight, the Air Pro is landing in the US as we speak and will be available at all Limar dealers. You can find more from Limar at their North American Distributors ALBABICI.COM and also at LIMAR.COM.
• Shop for Limar helmets online here.

Vittoria’s shoe line up runs a broad price point range, with all of the models having a clean aesthetic.

There’s a solid value in the Alise, featuring both a carbon and a nylon reinforced sole, the latter starting in at just $129. With Boa L6 closure and synthetic upper.

The Stelvio Model doubles up Boa’s L6 Dial and features Laser-cut ventilation in a Microfiber soft-touch upper, with a UD Carbon sole (also available Speedplay specific). The Stelvio checks in at $259.

Vittoria’s Velar takes everything a couple of steps up. With their Forged Carbon Sole with shorter sections of UD material compressed for multidirectional strength that allows less material, The Velar tips the scales at a 253g. The Velar has a Microfiber Tech upper, cut and sewn to spread compression around a greater portion of the upper. This shoe has dual Boa IP1 Dials and also has loads of laser-cut ventilation holes.

The Velar’s shape really is exceptional and a quick trial had the shoe feeling fantastic for my mid-width foot, leaving a bit of toe box room but cradling my foot and spreading the tension in a fashion that felt pretty close to custom. The Velar run $499.

Perhaps my favorite shoes from Vittoria are the 1976 line.

The top dogs here are the Legend (laces) and the La Tecnica Boa.

Both of these shoes get Kangaroo leather, not only for a supple feel, but for Kangaroo’s exceptional ability to withstand abrasion (The top MotoGP guys are racing in Kangaroo).

Both shoes also get a UD Carbon sole.

And Vittoria have also made a significant step up in insole tech for these models, giving you something well beyond the limp-noodles that usually amount to placeholders for the insoles that you’ll eventually use.

The Legend and La Tecnica are not cheap at $329 and $449, but for full Kangaroo uppers and given the craftsmanship at Vittoria (still making these models in Italy), they’re actually less than I thought they would be.

You can find more at Vittoria-shoes.com
• Shop for Vittoria shoes online here.

Also Made in Italy are Repente Saddles

This is a slick design that features a VERY light carbon fiber base.

This base is fastened to the rails which also house the mounting pass through holes that allow for different levels and shapes of padding.

The tops of the saddle have posts that are easily and firmly secured with dampers and lock rings.

Aleena (center channel), Comptus (solid) and Kuma (solid and thicker) make up the tops for this range and when mated with the base, the net packages are VERY light. It will remain to be seen what the flex and performance are like, but this build is significantly more advanced than past attempts at replaceable top saddles. 130 to 145 grams for the range.

Repente are currently negotiating for distribution and we hope to have more in the near future.

You can find more at REPENTE.IT/EN

Stages are well known for both top quality indoor training rigs and light weigh crank integrated solutions for Power measurement. For Interbike 2018 the product that stands out are the Dash L50 and M50 Head units with EverBright screens.

I’ll tell you now that the pictures here DO NOT do these screens justice.  They are the easiest reading screens in daylight that I have ever experienced.

This new tech is High-Resolution color that seems like something that should suck a battery dry in a half hour but there are apparently a few “EverBright” engineers working on these things as they’ve come up with a low power consumption tech to give these 18 hours (L50) and 15 hours (M50) of ride time. If you were to mimic the bright display by using the backlight on Garmin and Wahoo units full time, you’ll get nothing like this battery life.

The models are pretty simply “L” for large and “M” for Medium and the descriptions are relatively accurate when you look at the offerings available in cycling today.

The Medium is about average size (think Garmin 520) and has a 2.2-inch screen.

The “Large” is quite a bit Larger. The measure is just 2.7” BUT the screen seems nearly double in size.

Both units can also be mounted from both the long and short side of the unit.

Both units feature Advanced Course Mapping, Navigation and a BIG list of programmable screens.

With these units (and especially viewable on the larger unit) you not only get turn by turn instruction and view, but you also get displayed street names (one up on most of the rest of the market).

You’ll also notice the oversized buttons on both units. This, like Wahoo, is a must-have design feature that every head unit should have. Gloves, no gloves, cold, hot and wet… You’ll have no issues finding these buttons.

You get some expected features (ant/Blue/GPS) and you add to that all of the workout programming and screen customization from the old Dash unit, making this a gem while training inside as well as high functioning outside.

This is solid Tech, but the view is phenomenal relative to everything else… (and BIG-FAT buttons are gooood…)

These should be rolling shortly and The SRP will be $349 for the Large and $249 for the Medium.

They’re new enough that Stages don’t seem to have info up yet, but you can (or can’t) see more at: StagesCycling.com
• Shop for Stages computers online here.

More from the floor to follow!

Have Fun,

Charles Manantan
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