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Interbike: Best of Show Vol. 1

The greatest bike show on earth has much to offer, but it’s impossible to do and see all you want. Luckily, through the clutter of lights, bikes and action, some things do stand out. Herewith we present the first installment of the PEZ Best of Show Honors…

Best Ice Sculpture
I knew it was coming, but I still couldn’t believe my own eyes when I saw the mighty PEZ-logo chipped into a 3-foot block of ice at the Sinclair Imports party. Sure, it eventually melted, and this moment in the sun was only fleeting (aren’t they all?) but there’s something about your name in ice that is way cool.

Best Reaction To Interbike Food
Message to Interbike organizers – With 20,000 attendees over 3 days, couldn’t you come up with food concessions that even half way appealed to the cycling audience? I guarantee we’d be happy to pay for it. The result of the horrible grub was largest food-induced fast in Nevada history.

Best Mutton Chops
Hair impressions of all kinds were in effect throughout the show, but you gotta love the unique styles found at the Shimano booth. Raising their cool factor even beyond that already set by the 2004 Dura-Ace 10 Speed gear. Special mention goes to Gilberto Simoni for a surgical-mastering of his own facial fur.

Best Booth
Interbike really is a crazy show, everyone is on espresso-fueled adrenaline, fired by the pressures of making the meeting and doing the deal. The lighting is intense and usually glaring in your face. Finding a place to chill is rare. My hat goes off to Will and Scott from Fondriest Direct, who rented a suite in the Venetian, instead of booth space on the show floor. Get this – it was quiet, I sat on a comfy couch (seating is almost extinct on the show floor), and when they ordered lunch from room service, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! Well done fellas!

Best “Way Overdue” Idea
Let’s see a show of hands out there – how many of you regularly ride on the drops? Yup. That’s what I thought… 3 people. Why have manufacturers only made one sized curve and reach for handle bars for so long? Don’t they know everyone’s reach is different? Those smart folks at Bontrager have finally made a handlebar with a tighter drop curve, that will be perfect for rides with shorter reaches to finally see what it’s like to use the drops! Hooray – I am excited about this one!

That’s it for now, but we’ll be back with more Best of Show next week…

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