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Interbike: Full Speed Ahead!

There are a host of Cranks with retails reaching the heavens, but FSA has best in show quality, especially with it’s Pro Team Carbon Version. I looked at the offerings from others costing out at 2 or almost three times the cost, and found it laughable once I looked at FSA’s. The finish is as good or better than the competition, and from experience, I know the
performance is top flight (Test is complete and will be published shortly).

FSA simply has top flight components for a fraction of the cost of other brands. I can’t wait to try out their stems, bars and a head set… If you are in the market for a Crank upgrade or spec don’t look past FSA!

FSA makes a full line of components for road, mtb and bmx to fit every material-junkie’s love for carbon, titanium, aluminum.

See more from FSA at their website: www.fullspeedahead.com

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