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Top Lids: Kask Mojito Helmet Review

The Kask Mojito scores some high marks for fit, cooling, and comfort, but gets and extra nod in the colors of this Maratona dles Dolomites cyclosportif special edition model.

On the test bench of France-based Chris Selden since summer, is the KASK Mojito helmet, decked out in a special color scheme as part of Kask’s official sponsorship of the famous Maratona dles Dolomites cyclosportif race.


Apart from its flashy graphics scheme (also available in white with the Maratona graphics) let’s look at what else you get with the Mojito.


Firstly you’d have to be blind if you missed the fact that this helmet is 100% made in Italy. The labels attached to the helmet when you buy it and the writing on the box should be enough but ‘Italy Made’ is also written on the straps and an Italian flag is printed on the rear of its adjustment system – yes they are very proud of their Italian heritage at KASK.

Nice detail work abounds on this lid. Here from the rear you can see the Italian colors on the adjuster, a reflective sticker 1/2 way up on the left and right sides that lights up very well under the shine of car headlights and of course the Maratona graphics.

The adjustment/retainment system is a unique unit that not only allows for the standard head diameter size adjustment but also for up/down adjustment. Thanks to this system you can adjust the helmet to perfectly cradle your head to provide not only the most comfortable fit – but also the safest one. I especially liked the up/down adjustment as it meant that you can move the harness to exactly where you need it, but also so it doesn’t get in the way of your sunglasses arms.


The helmet uses in-moulded construction with a reinforced frame and has a total of 26 air vents. Although they’re certainly not the biggest vents on the market in terms of size, their placement and airflow through the helmet make for a very well ventilated helmet.  The vents open to fairly deep channels that allow air to flow nicely from front to back, which is essential to overall cooling.

Enjoying suffering in the Alps – minus Chris Froome’s ability to speed up the mountains the Mojito’s ventilation still worked well, even at my low climbing speeds.

As the summer sun beat down in France I had many occasions to test the Mojito’s ventilation in oppressive conditions – including an Alpine training camp during a mini heatwave where the Mojito’s venting performed admirably – much better than the rider that the helmet was stuck on.

Much of the credit of the comfort has to go to the padding, which has a quality feel that hasn’t aged at all during the test and is made from a sanitized fabric that is designed to optimize evaporation of sweat and is removable and washable. The padding is divided into three pieces, one large center piece that goes from the front of the helmet and covers the top of your head, completed by two smaller pads on each side, just above the ears.


Other goodies that put this helmet firmly in the ‘worth a long hard look’ pile are the Nylon thermo fixed straps which include reflective piping; a non-allergic imitation leather chin pad, easy to use and yet small quick release buckle and a low overall weight of 220 grams for a S/M and 250 grams for the L. The Maratona Special Edition Maratona Mojito helmet is only available in Europe & Asia and retails for 139 Euro or £129,00, but standard Mojitos in a big range of colors will set you back approximately £120, €129 Euro or US$199. Check them out at kask.it

Shop for Kask Mojito helmet here.


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