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LIMAR Air Master Helmet Review & Ride

The Limar Air Master road cycling helmet is a mix of compact fit and aerodynamic style designed (…as Limar says) for everything from riding Tour de France stages to your win epic adventures. Here’s my first look and initial riding impressions of the tricolor Italian flag version made exclusively for the North American market.

Watch my video review below, or click here to see the full PEZ Youtube channel.

As we’re seeing from most of the leading helmet brands these days, each offers a triumvirate of models for road cycling – typically in these categories:

1. The super-vented model designed to keep you as cool as possible

2. The aero version – designed to keep you as fast as  possible

3. The in-betweener – some mix of the two designed to be both aero-shaped, but also channelling enough air so you can wear it all day without over-heating. Right here is where Limar’s Air Master lives – as the Italian brand’s offering to the best of both worlds.

Key to the aero-ness of the Air Master is of course shape – which here features a pretty nice compactness that reduces the overall frontal area of the helmet itself, allowing it to disturb less air as you cut your speedy swath on your fast group ride or race.   The overall width of the helmet, measured at the widest part of the brim, is about 8″ (~ 224mm), while I measured the Kask Valegro and the POC Ventral Air Spin (both designed with big vents for cooling) at about 1/2 inch (12mm) wider.  My tester weighed in a 265 grams – neither the lightest nor the heaviest of helmets I have on hand here at PEZ HQ.

The Air Master has 15 vents, 9 of which are situated in the front half of the helmet for air intake, and 6 in the rear for exhaust.

Inside fit and comfort are aided by decent sized foam pads, that velcro securely in place.  I only mention this because I do in fact have helmets where the velcro’d pads simply detach after a few months of use, and float annoyingly around the inside of the helmet.  These one are thick enough to both add some space between your head and the inner shell to help airflow and cooling.

Inside are 4 dedicated channels to move air from the front, over the head and out the rear exhaust ports, plus two large areas on either side of the temples that look like they’ll function as channels as well.

The chin strap adjusts nicely, and the snaps under the ears worked simply but well opening for an easy on-head adjustment – then snapping shut and not moving.

The retention system itself anchors into the helmet sides just around the temples, and connects to the adjustable hangar at the back that has three set positions to adjust height and tilt of the helmet on your head.  Overall I had no complaints about the retention system on the Air Master because it functions as it should.


• Buy one from North America distributor Albabici: https://www.albabici.com

– Price: US$179.00

• See more info at https://Limar.cc

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