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Limar Sighting! The New 909…

Every time someone asks if I’ve worn the new Limar, I get a whole different picture of something else on my head… That said, the new lid isn’t too shaggy, er shabby er um… Here’s the review.

Limar’s newest baby landed along with a few other treats and the first thing I noticed is the heart shaped vent is at the front and center, and there are plenty of other vents (27) to go along with it. The vent openings appear larger than they are, as the inside material is black, but they are still good sized and in the right spots – especially the forehead vents. The 909 has a center raised channel on the inside to let the wind flow over your bean, but I didn’t feel as much wind flow as their 911 model. That said, the ventilation functions well.

The profile is on the pointy side, and I like that the front is fairly low slung and the point of the helmet has a little overhang, as it acts like a small visor and blocks the sun well. The color pattern is also pretty nice, and there are 5 other colors (a couple in solid) to go with the red…

From behind, it looks uhh…. Like a helmet.

The best feature on this bean holder is the part that touches your head and keeps the lid in place. The padding is slight, but firm and functional. Sweat wicking material of course… And with breathable openings for the vents and a few spots in between.

The pro retention system is done well also. It adjusts up and down in a larger range than most lids and making it loose or tight is very very easy. The adjustment range here is very large as well. It opens up enough for thick winter hats and closes and will tighten down with a twist to fit snug on naked noodle days.

Helmets today are all pretty nice. Nice enough that there isn’t a real reason why Andrei Kivilev should not still be alive… (yeah pro’s, this is the part where you get to hear me yap about how you set a bad example going without… “Live” with it…). The new 909 is no exception. It’s easy to find a good fit with the super slick retention system and weighs in at 275 grams. It’s ventilation is good but could use some more internal channels (like the 911 or Giro Pneumo). More important is that it is a sturdy and high quality build, and comes with a 2 year Crash replacement agreement ($45 gets you a new lid if you crash the first one you buy). The color range is nice, and the looks are super slick.

You will find them all over the place, so stop in and drop a few bucks on one if you get the chance.

Get more info at the US distributor’s website:
The Trialtir website: Trialtir-USA.com

The Limar Website:
– check out their distracting ads with Paula Pezzo…

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