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Lintaman Adjust Pro Plus Shoe Review: Massive Adjustment

The Lintaman Adjust Pro Plus road cycling shoe allows for an incredible range of adjustment while being very friendly to different types of insoles. Lintaman have some distinctive designs, from their aptly named “Minimal” to their range topping Adjust Pro Plus.

Each shoe in the range seems to have a few key features that allow the fit to suite a fairly broad range of foot shapes by allowing for the upper to be adjusted while the internal foot bed remains neutral to take a wide range of insoles.

Today’s subject is the Adjust Pro Plus.

My first exposure to Lintaman shoes was a bit of an accidental experiment. Traveling and having someone invite you to ride when you’re not prepared always brings the same range of stress points and shoes are one of the things that can generally not be adjusted to fit like saddle height and a stem swap.

Enter my first go round with Lintaman’s Adjust Pro Plus. The owner of the bike and shoes insisted that despite his feet being a size and a half larger than mine that I would be able to pop in my walking shoe insoles and adjust them to suitable comfort.

He was absolutely right…

There are adjustments in the forefoot for width and an optional lacing pattern for the toe.

The midfoot / arch dial is adjustable to close traditionally and can also be laced differently.

Atop dials and Kevelar lines for Lintaman

And out back, the heel cup can be raised/lowered as well as being adjusted forward in a range of what seems to be 2 full shoe sizes… (Lintaman actually suggest ordering .5 to 1 size larger than you typically wear)

The best version of describing this adjustability is probably Lintaman’s own Youtube vid… Watch the full length to see the lacing options.

As an experiment of my own, I had 3 friends try these on. They ranged up to 1.5 sizes larger than me and a full 2 widths larger. They all commented on the comfort, including one user who’s feet are so bulky that he can’t find many stock shoes that can hold his hooves (and he’s a full size larger than me…).

Adding to Lintaman’s broad range of adjustment is that they were smart enough to design in a fairly flat foot bed (the part your insole sits on).

That means that adding solid-form custom insoles with very good support is fairly easy versus shoes with too much arch support.

Other shoes with too much arch shape to the foot bed will exaggerate the shape of a lot of custom orthotics to the point that they’re no longer usable. With the Adjust Pro Plus this is not an issue and they accepted 4 different custom inserts without harming the fit and support.

With all of this adjustability comes some fairly bulky padding especially around the heel cup.

As you draw the heel cup up the right spot when putting the shoes on, this padding does a very good job of spreading the pressure around the back of your foot as the cable adjustment snugs things up.

There’s also some padding in the tongue that is thinner and more firm than the heel padding. That stiffer foam spreads the pressure from the Kevlar cables that crisscross the top of the foot in whatever fashion you settle on for lacing.

The Adjust Pro Plus also have some reasonable ventilation built into the design.

The small perf holes on the tongue are clear through…

There are also perforations around the sides…

That pass easily through the wicking material used in lining the shoe…

The Adjust Pro Plus supports all of this adjustability on a full Carbon sole.

Interestingly enough, Lintaman go with a fixed cleat position rather than allowing for some for-aft adjustment. This is a little odd given that everything else on the shoe seems to be designed to accommodate a range of movement.

A small vent sits just behind the bonded toe tread.

The heel tread is replaceable as it will take the bulk of the abuse on the ground…

The Adjust Pro Plus should accommodate a very wide range of fit requirements and when I saw “wide”, I mean it.

The sole and internal foot bed width for this shoe combine with the cable adjustability to adapt to feet from C width to what I would guess is EE width. And the platform is not just wide, it is also fairly high volume, meaning that people with tall arches or just all around big-volume feet might find the Adjust Pro Plus a fantastic option.

Something worth noting is that I found very close spacing toward the crank when I adjusted the cleat position to the proper Q factor. I was able to accommodate my fairly narrow “Q” needs but this shoe is wide enough that it sits as closer to the crank arm than any shoe I’ve had in the past (I’ve used the same standard length axle look pedals for many-many years). To be clear, it is not an issue at all and I have clearance, but I thought I should mention it.

I would guess the one down side to this much adjustment is that the extra materials required to make this shoe work do have a little weight. In size 43, this pair weigh in at 570 grams. But once these are on and adjusted, the fit is good enough that the weight isn’t really notable versus all but lightest kicks available.

Putting these on, I found that adjusting the heel to semi snug and then adjusting the forefoot knobs followed by a final heel adjustment made for the best overall fit with no need for further micro adjustments on the road.

I do notice that the substantial amount of padding allows for a little more foot movement under hard efforts than other shoes with thinner padding. The heel cup can move a slight bit up and down BUT my heel didn’t move within the cup meaning I always felt secure.

The sole is rock solid with no perceptible flex. Super stiff soles are a good thing when your insert / orthotic is a good match with your foot shape. That slight bit of foot movement pairs well with what might otherwwise be a “too stiff” scenario for some people.

The combination of a custom orthotic and tunable adjustment to the upper makes for an excellent all round fit and feel. But perhaps more importantly, I would think this same level of comfort could be had by people that have feet a full measurable width (size or two) larger than mine. I also know that this shoe accommodates a couple of people with much higher arches as well.

I can’t think of another stock shoe that gives anything near this range of fit options while also snugging down, section by section to give the feeling of a tailored fit.

I think a lot of people that typically struggle with shoe fit will really like giving these a try.

Lintaman’s Adjust Pro Plus are available now and retail for $374.

Have a look at the full scoop at: LINTAMAN.COM

For the US, You can buy em directly from Lintaman: https://www.lintaman.com/store/

Have Fun,
Charles Manantan
[email protected]

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