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Looking Cool: Custom Paint Is Key

Looking cool is the key component to actually “being” cool. And thanks again to modern technology combined with good ol’ fashioned creativity – anyone can stand out from the crowd. Take for instance this custom paint design on Charles’ moto-helmet. The fact that this lid is for use going 130 rather than 30 made no difference!

The guys at Colorzonedesigns.com took the time to roll out this amazing Moto lid, just in time for the other “Bike” season. Taking a stock paint job on a top of the Line Arai helmet and turning it up a notch to make it something special for another two-wheel sport we love.

This helmet was done in several stages. First the background color, then the Tour De France and Giro color Balls, The Worlds stripes and the names. The Gila Monster and Monkey and Bananas came along the way…

They have also done some drop dead Bicycle paint schemes that would make any Colnago owner drool. Taking a stock frame and stripping it then adding a coat or two and a clear coat to make your ideas come to life is just another days work for these guys. As for experience, check out the site. When Hollywood went looking for the best of the best to make the custom rigs up for the movie Biker Boyz (the bikes were easily the best part of the movie…), they came to Color Zone Designs.

Give em a ring the next time you buy a frame and fork and want it to not look like everyone elses. If Gilberto Simoni can have a spider, You can sure as hell have what ever you want!

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