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Meet GENSAN: Supplements For Sport

Given the increase in competitive sports participation in recent years, it’s no wonder that we now have endless choices of supplements, energy bars, and drinks to help us train harder, recover faster, and just get better. Here’s a look at the professional’s choice – Gensan Supplements.

But with so many choices, you could find yourself floating in a sea of supplements without a proverbial paddle and many of us just don’t know where to start, or even understated the differences between the various brands and their offerings.

Most of us probably got introduced to the idea of a nutritional “supplement” by eating our first Powerbars. The category has changed a lot, and by now you’ve probably tried all kinds of energy bars, drink mixes, and recovery drinks as part of your search for what works best for you.

The Company You Keep
Mario Cipollini has been using Gensan products for 8 years, which says a lot about his sponsorship, but also a lot about the quality of the stuff. If it didn’t work he wouldn’t use it. His Domina Vacanze teammates, as well as many other professional teams have had success with Gensan as well.

So for us non-scientific types, the pro endorsement is a good place to start when considering product choice. Adding even more credibility to the endorsement is an athlete’s win record: lot’s off wins = more credibility!

Gensan is made by the Italian pharmaceutical company Abiogen. The company itself has been around for many years, developing pharma products that are used for the treatment of ostio perosis and arthritus. So they’ve got a lot of experience understanding how the body works, and what it needs to make it work better…naturally.

Gensan also sponsors several cycling teams including Domina Vacanze, Amore & Vita TDS-Schwalbe, ALAN Factory Cyclocross Team, Formaggi Trentini, the Bianchi Motorex Pro Mountian Bike Team, and San Paolo/Saeco and enlisted the help of several pros like Cipo to develop the line.

The Products
They make a pretty complete line that includes proteins, nutritionals and supplements. I tested several of the Gensan products including the:
ADHOC Hydration drink
NutriGusto Energy Bars
Booster Bike Energy Bars

Once you get past the funny names (that probably sound a lot cooler in Italian), you realize it’s what inside that counts. According to Gensan, the actual composition of each product is optimized for high athletic performance. On one particularly long ride this Spring, I found myself 60km from home and down to my last bar – a BOOSTER BIKE energy bar. I solely attribute that bar to fueling my long ride home and keeping me bonk free.

Being Italian, the flavors are also “Italian”, so you get lots of hazelnut and marzipan flavored bars, and fruit drinks that are pretty sweet tasting.
A big motivator for me is taste. As long as I Iike the taste, and the price is competitive, I’ll use ‘em. You’ll have to make up your own mind on the taste, but if you like sweeter flavors you should like these.

If you’re interested, you can get a pretty complete trial pack with full-sized samples direcly from GensanUSA – check this out:

Trial Pack
On offer at the Gensan USA website is a trial pack containing large amounts of a full selection of products at a special price.

The Trial Pack Contains
1 Maltodex Canister (50 servings)
1 ADHOC Canister (50 servings)
4 Energy Strong Cheer Packs
4 Activator Strong Cheer Packs
16 Carbogels (8 Orange and 8 Mint)
10 Bars (1 of each flavor)

Includes free Gensan water bottle and shipping to anywhere in the Continental US!

Price $150 Value for $99, includes shipping.

Order At:
[email protected]

Phone: 866-623-3073

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