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NAHBS’17 Part 6: Kirk – Cio – Renovo – Metier – Shamrock

NAHBS 2017, Salt Lake City: By now you’ve seen a lot of amazing bikes come out of North American Homemade Bike Show, and the collection continues with Part 6 of the things that caught the eye of Nic Sims.

– By Nic Sims –

David Kirk won best Fillet Brazing this year on his Gothic frameset. What can I say except he deserved that win. This frame showed some of the cleanest and best brazing I have seen. If I had this frame I wouldn’t paint it either. I think you would permanently have to carry a cloth to clean up the hand marks and drool from people who just had to get close. Check out his website kirkframeworks.com/ for more of David’s work.

Well, if “Steel is Real and Carbon is Cool” then “Wood is good” as we’ve seen over the recent years there has been an influx of wood bikes. While not everyone’s first choice you have to admit that the the grains, colors and marks in wood, do lend themselves to make some pretty cool looking frames. Check out these two manufacturers. ciobikes.com and renovobikes.com/.

Metier-Velo how can you go wrong when your shop manager is a cat named Kiki and your security guard is a dog called Maggie. Seriously though you have a cool sounding Euro name and the owner is a ex-neuroscience researcher, you know he has some great attention to detail. The frames use 3D printed titanium lugs something similar to what Ceramic Speed is doing for their OSPW system and the tubes are all carbon that is filament wound, the texture of the frame was pretty amazing and you don’t normally hear that said about bicycles. Check out their site for more info on the models available www.métier-vélo.com/.

Shamrock cycles, are some traditionally looking frames but I felt that we should throw some “lug of the Irish” into the mix. I had heard that each one of the frames had some sort of story behind it, unfortunately I didn’t get to hear the one behind this bike, it just caught my eye as I walked up the aisles. Check out www.lugoftheirish.com/Shamrock_CyCLES.

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