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NAHBS’17 Part 7: Breadwinner And Calfee Bikes

NAHBS 2017, Salt Lake City: In Part 7 of our look at the North American Handmade Bike Show, Nic Sims investigates a well know brand; Calfee. But first Breadwinner from Portland, Oregon who will be a well known brand very soon.

– By Nic Sims –

Breadwinner may not be a name you have heard of but it should be, these guys out of Portland, Oregon have been around for over 20 years making some pretty clean looking bikes. Each of their bikes is built using age old traditions and age old materials namely steel. If you’re in the mood for a new bike, then check out these guys. breadwinnercycles.com

Calfee is a name that I am sure people have heard of, they are know for some cool carbon designs, carbon repair and recently their bamboo bike kits. What a lot of people may not know is the some of the bikes Greg LeMond rode to victory in the Tour de France where in fact Calfee’s and it was Craig Calfee that came out with the first internal battery for Di2 back in 2010. Based out of La Selva California, just a stone’s throw from Santa Cruz, a place known for some epic mountain bike trails and other pretty amazing roads, which means they are in the perfect location for some amazing test rides. calfeedesign.com

Similar to the Manta Cross the adventure also has a small amount of rear travel all designed around specially engineers and shaped stays.

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