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Cool Gear: Vittoria Arrow Shoes

It’s not every day I am sent a new pair of cycling shoes and this is the first pair of carbon soled shoes I have tried. Now what a beautiful piece of Italian work-man ship the Vittoria Arrows are.

Vittoria Rolls On!

The sun has come out for good, and that means one thing: product testing! Check out a full shakedown of the best tires Vittoria has to offer.

On Test: Colnago’s Newest “MIX”

A bike test and GASP! It’s not all Carbon! It’s not Ti and Carbon. It’s (Insert music from Psycho’s shower stabbing scene) Mostly Aluminum! And (insert Shriek from latest scary movie) It costs less than 4 grand ready to ride with high end groupo (depending on the build…).

Cool Gear: Serfas FP 100 Floor Pump

Owning a floor pump is not something the average “cyclist” would have, but if you’re reading this, you’re obviously not average! And that means you've probably blown through a few air pumps in your day. The Serfas FP 100 is a pump to set a fine standard in the category…

Close-Up: Giant T-Mobile TT Bike

Seen up close at the Giant booth at the Taipei bike expo this week, Greg Chang spotted the latest TT offering from Giant – destined perhaps for one Herr Ullrich? We’ve got the pics that reveal lots and lots of carbon, and some pretty nice cable routing…

The SKID LID – Helmet Technology

Remember when it was actually cool to NOT wear a helmet? I had a plastic Brancale number that cracked when I whacked my stem with it – good thing my bean wasn’t inside at the time. Then I bought a Bell V-1 that had a buckle only a munchkin could operate,...

Cool Gear: Adidas Evil Eye Glasses

I’m not sure that I’ve ever had a better set of glasses (in fact I am sure that I have not) than the Shields I got to test from Adidas But for those of you that like glasses with more “stuff”, these might fit the bill pretty well.