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PEZ-Test: Colnago C50 vs. C40

When you’re in a bike battle with Colnago, it’s best to fight pasta with pasta, so to see how the new World Champs Edition C50 stacks up, we thought we would stand it next to the tried and tested C40 and see if the hoopla is all it’s cracked up to be…

Hot Gear: Hincapie WindTex Polar Jacket

Thanks to the guys at Hincapie Sportswear for eliminating one more excuse for not riding in the cold … Their WindTex Polar jacket is not only one of the warmest jackets I’ve found – it’s also by far the lightest! This thing is good…

Wheels: American Classic 350 w/ Sapim’s

American Classic 350 Sapim’s! After all the carbon tubulars we’ve rolled through, we thought it'd be nice to show a set of wheels for good ol' clinchers that won’t empty your wallet and still has better features than lots of "hype"-0-wheels.

Cool Gear: Adidas Shields Glasses

So much better with so little! Adidas have come up with the Carbon fiber Tubular superlight wheel of eyewear! No frames or view obstructions and weight so low the UCI are probably pissed off. I love these specs!

Cool Gear: Carnac Quartz 264 Shoes

For some time we cyclists have known the name Carnac whether we want to or not. Their shoes, clung tightly to the feet of countless pros, draped over the back covers of magazines, purporting their greatness. Hincapie. Van de Velde. The list goes on.

Cool Gear: Fi’zi:k Arione Saddle

First seen between Giro winner Gilberto Simoni and his seatpost last May, the Fizik Arione saddle was most noticable for its, erm... length. Of course you're wondering, "does size really matter?" The folks at Fi'zi:k think it does, and in this case that bigger really is better.

Inter-BIKES: Best of Show Vol. 4

Time for the main course – the new bikes to sink your teeth into! I hate posting the brief shots because they don’t show you what you need to see, and I hate writing the little blurbs that don’t tell you enough. That said, wet your whistle for a few of the coolest at the show…