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Inter-BIKES: Best of Show Vol. 4

Time for the main course – the new bikes to sink your teeth into! I hate posting the brief shots because they don’t show you what you need to see, and I hate writing the little blurbs that don’t tell you enough. That said, wet your whistle for a few of the coolest at the show…

Interbike: Best of Show Vol. 3

Way more than meets the eye! Only when I started sorting the photo-evidence from Interbike did I discover the real depth of the dirt that only Sin City can uncover – Thank god for digital cameras!

Interbike Best of Show Vol. 2

Here’s today’s offering of more of the coolest stuff we saw at Interbike. A few bits to get you rolling, to roll on, to see where you’re going, to stop and to take a deep clean breath…

BMC Bikes: The Swiss Are Attacking!

First they took over the watch world, now they are going after Cycling! Swiss Manufacturer BMC took a last minute charge at Interbike, taking advantage of a cancellation from another vendor to show off the insanely cool BMC Team rigs. We bring you a pre test quick peak at the bike Tyler Hamilton and late signing Oscar Sevilla will be on (and hopefully in Tyler’s case stay upright on…).

Interbike: Best of Show Vol. 1

The greatest bike show on earth has much to offer, but it’s impossible to do and see all you want. Luckily, through the clutter of lights, bikes and action, some things do stand out. Herewith we present the first installment of the PEZ Best of Show Honors…

Cool Gear: Stella Azzurra Bars, Stem, Seatpost

Carbon, carbon, carbon!!! We know, it’s all we talk about, but at least we’re still seeing lots of cool developments from this “wunder-plast”. The shapability of carbon is unmatched, and we’re seeing designs for every taste. Italian maker Stella Azzurra has done some pretty cool stuff of their own – here’s a look at their latest handlebars, stem, and seatpost…

Training Gear: Cycling Peaks Software

Everyone likes new toys, but the difference between a toy and tool is how you use it. Just like that new computer that ends up being a post-it note station, cycling power meters can be in the same category. Spewing out numbers left and right, max this, average that, what does it all mean? And then along comes CyclingPeaks Software, the Rosetta Stone of power meters, turning those binary 1 and 0’s into useful data.