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Hincapie Sportswear Launches New Tri Line

It’s true – PEZ loves the road, but I know a lot of you readers do triathlons, and when something comes along I think is good news – we pass it on. Hincapie Sportswear - as in “George” – has been making hi-end custom clothing for years, and in addition to their excellent cycling lines – which we hope to be testing soon – they make tri –gear.

Cool Gear: Graeme Murray Crank Set

Bikes, components, even riding gear, it seems these days everything is being made from carbon fibre. Everybody knows the fine qualities of this material, not the least of which is the property of carbon to be shaped any way the designer likes – to create a vision, so to speak. Graeme Murray has created a crank set different from anything else on the market…

Cool Gear: Lemond Bib Shorts By DeFeet

The package arrived just before I left for the Tour- very nice indeed – a pair of the all new Lemond bib shorts made by DeFeet. Of course I knew Lemond bikes, but admit I wasn’t so familiar with the Lemond apparel line. For sure I was keen to test ‘em, as what lay ahead were some of the best climbs of this year's Tour...

Vittoria Shoes Get Less Sole

Platform racing shoes are out – thin is in! Vittoria Shoes sent us the news of their latest and greatest – a carbon fiber sole that’s 3.5 mm thick, called the Scorpion “Lightech” carbon sole. We’re after our own pair to run across the test-bench, but in the meantime, here’s what Vittoria has to say about the new soles…

Paketa’s Little Missile: Pez-Test

Last thing we tossed a leg over on the test front is the newest from Malmgren Imports, The Paketa Magnesium. We knew the bike would look good, but when they loaded it with all the parts and pieces from the Ultra Cool FRM folks and we slapped our house wheels on, I started to pay a little more attention to the Russian Rocket.

Cool Gear: Chris King NoThreadset™

The 100th edition of the Tour de France is now a pleasant cigarette-inducing memory, and the United States Postal Service Presented by Berry Floor (also team with longest official name) delivered the most-worthy winner. Most of us are aware of the time and prep the team dedicates to their quests. With access to virtually any brand, winning races is concern #1, so choosing equipment to do this would be concern #2.

Product Review: Keywin Titanium Pedals

In the world of pedals, most of us probably ride Look, Shimano, or one or two other well-known brands. Let’s see a show of hands on this one – who’s heard of a company from down under called Keywin, who make possibly the lightest pedals on the market? That’s what I thought. Their Titanium pedals weigh in at 96 grams each, and make for one nice ride – here’s the scoop…

Tour Tech: TTT Time Machines

This year's Time Trial rigs are old looking, new looking and something in between. We got up close and personal with the rigs and they pretty much fell into two groups thanks to the UCI doing away with the futuristic look that TT bikes seemed to be going. In this corner we have the profiled Carbon, and in that corner good old metal. Here’s a look at tomorrow’s Team Time machines…