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Head Gear: Briko Spark Helmet & Endure Glasses

I'm usually the first to admit that looking good is as essential to going faster as having good legs... you gotta look like a champ to be one. So it's comforting to know that helmet and eyewear designs have come a long way since I started paying attention back in the early 80's. Case in point - Briko's Spark Helmet and Endure glasses.

PowerCranks: Long Term Test

  I just talked with two guys who are so good at what they do, people pay ‘em to be in cycling (so go ahead and hate ‘em even though they’re great guys…). Most of the time when you’re calling people to talk about a product, you get the clichй answers from folks who are paid to use something. Not so when I spoke with Kevin Herriott of Team Health Net and Dr. Max Testa about PowerCranks…

Giro Pneumo Helmet: The Real Reason Lance Won The Tour

When I received the box from the good folks at Giro I thought they made a big mistake, as the package had no weight to it; did they forget the helmet? Inside was the Giro Pneumo Road helmet, US Postal Service team issue. First impression, wow is it light and look at those vents.

Winter Gear Test: Biemme, Northwave, Biotex

Spring is here, in spirit if not in weather - which means it's been raining for most of the past 10 days, as it often does in the Pacific Northwest. At least I'm not looking out at snow drifts and ice - ! There are even a few breaks in the gloom, long enough to sneak out for an hour or two and get the legs circulating - heart pumping - yeah it's not so bad. As long as you dress right!

Trek 5900 – Team Issue Vs Stock Bike

We recently published a review of the Trek 5900 - their top-'o-line carbon speedster, and the primary road bike supplied by Trek to the US Postal team. The bike I reviewed was the standard issue 5900 from Trek, and although "sweet as can be", it's slightly different from the bike that you'll actually see Lance and the team riding. Here's a quick look at some of the differences...

High-End Frames: Tour The Titus Factory

Our very own tech-weenie Charles Manantan recently discovered a high-end frame builder using titanium, carbon, and aluminum, right under his nose. Stick close now as we take you on a tour of the Titus Bicycles factory - you might learn something!

New Product: VariCranks

Call it spontaneous genious, but about the same time we started talking about crank lengths here at the worldwide PEZ-HQ, the folks at RacerMate were launching their newest training weapon - the VariCranks - the adjustable length crank set. We'll be planning a full test later in the season, but here's a first look...