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CO-MOTION Ristretto: The PEZ-Test

We took the Co-Motion Ristretto to the battlefields of Belgium and Northern France, to ride the ‘bergs and pavй in the worst Spring weather the Classics could throw at us. The weather was tough, the riding was tougher… but toughest of all was the bike.

1st PEEK: LOOK 2005: Frame • Fork • Pedals !

“We’d really like you guys to keep this stuff under wraps until June 21.” That was the directive from Veltec Sports and LOOK Cycles as myself and 7 other magazine and web editors gathered in Hyatt San Jose last Thursday to witness the newest coolest gear from LOOK’s 2005 line-up.

Great Head!: Pez Gives You Helmet

...REVIEWS - that is! The PEZ series on helmets starts with Specialized Super-vented S-1 and the Carapacho from Carrera. Remember when helmets weren't cool? We check some new offerings with lots 'o vents, that are pretty... er, cool!

Long Test: SRM Training System

One of the coolest things about this job is reviewing the same gear that the pros use. Case in point – the good folks at SRM Systems agreed it was a good idea that we ride and test their SRM Professional Road mobile ergometer system – for the next 6 months! Here’s our first look at the system out of the box and onto the bike…

Gear Review: Speedplay Zeros

Sweet pedals for less dough! Speedplay slides into the affordable pedal arena with their new Chro-Mo Zero. So now you need to ask yourself… “Do I really wanna spend another hundred bucks for anything else?”

BATTLE TEST: Serfas Bike Armor Transport Case

First impressions can be deceiving. When I first layed eyes on the Serfas Bike Armor Transport Case, I thought… “I’ll have to take an extra bag for all my gear.” This case is compact, arrived already filled with 3 huge blocks of foam, and I was heading to Belgium for the Classics...