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Pez-Test: TREK 5900

I was giggling like a school-girl... I'd just received the call from Dizzy Cycles - my local wrench-meisters and shop 'o choice, advising me that it had arrived. The Trek 5900 that is. The same bike* that Trek provides to Lance and the US Postal boys! I giggled some more.

Hot Tub’ Set-Up: Kool-Stop & Tufo

Hot off the Test Bench, a few great reasons to keep those tubs and carbon wheel set-ups alive! We check out the Campi2000 pads from Koolstop, and Tufo's high pressure tires & Adhesive Tape. A few more reasons not to fear Tubulars and Carbon wheels…

Product Review: The Athlete’s Diary

There is some excellent training diary software out there designed specifically for endurance athletes, so it’s time to retire those arcane spreadsheet programs to the recycle bin on your desktop, and embrace the new technologies as friends. PCN’s sport scientist and favorite geek Stephen Cheung introduces us to Stevens Creek Software’s “The Athlete's Diary”…

Quattro Assi XXX: Product Review

The latest bike on the test bench features multi-shaped chain and Seat stays, the latest in Carbo-Aliminum tube set, an all carbon fork that hovers around well under a pound a Carbon Seat Post and Head set. The only problem is it doesn’t cost enough…

Nike Poggio II Shoes: Product Test

We're not in Kansas anymore! My initial shock soon wore off after I opened the box containing the latest and greatest road shoe from Nike. Is that candy apple red? There it was, shining proudly in the box... behold the Poggio II! What snapped me out of my halucinatory trip down the yellow-brick road was that I could barely feel the weight of these shoes in my hands...

Speed Test: American Classics Carbon Wheels

It is with great regret that we publish the story on American Classics 38mm Carbon wheels. It means that I have run out of reasons to tell the folks at American Classic that they require “Further evaluation” and also puts me one step closer to having to give them up.