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Speed Test: American Classics Carbon Wheels

It is with great regret that we publish the story on American Classics 38mm Carbon wheels. It means that I have run out of reasons to tell the folks at American Classic that they require “Further evaluation” and also puts me one step closer to having to give them up.

Product Review: Assos Shorts

ONE HAPPY ASS. While the title could as easily apply to the state of my persona, it certainly does apply to a certain part of me. It is nothing but a pleasure to get anything from Assos. The newest addition to the line of arguably the nicest shorts made,...

Test: Polar’s Heart Monitor & Power Meter

There are a few products lines in the market that seem to define the category year in and year out and Polar is one of those lines. We are currently testing the Polar S710i along with it’s optional Power measuring unit and software package.

Product Test: American Classic Wheels

In walked the UPS guy asking why someone would ship me empty boxes… OK, so the weight review is done on the new American Classic Wheels that arrived today. These are not the “light” ones by the way. These were 420 Aero Clinchers with Bladed spokes that have a recommended rider weight of over 200 lbs…

Power Cranks Product Review

So you think you're good? You know how to spin? You've got the most "powerful" stroke of all your riding buddies... Hey, of course you do! That's exactly what Charles thought until he got a chance to test the Power Cranks from the fine folks at Cycling Innovations. Prepare to be humbled...

Product Test: CompuTrainer

Being a product testing guy has its perks (unless it’s testing a Carbon saddle on a rough road…), and it hasn’t been much more evident than when we received the latest version of the Computrainer from Racermate

Interbike: Kestrel’s Carbon

One of the companies that has always been in mind when Quality and cost are on equal terms is Kestrel. Their line up is among the best around and they're certainly a good sized company, but they've remained small enough so that the corners still don't get cut.