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BERGAMO Winter Gear: Stay Warm In The Cool

You can’t ride if you’re not warm, so we’ve pledged ourselves to checking out the best in winter gear - and to keep riding! Bergamo’s Tuscan Winter Jerseys (long and short-sleeved), Professional Winter Bib Shorts, and Dolomite Rain Jacket will work in a variety of temps and conditions, and are worth a look…

Sports Instruments Fit 3: Simple Pleasure

Speaking to the folks at Pace line Products, the initial thought was sure we’ll do a test of your most expensive thing… We are, after all, nose in the air elitists. It took a few minutes to understand that they were saying sometimes not having 136,324 functions on a frikin watch is better…

Cool Clothing: NALINI Winter Gear

It’s 3:30 in the afternoon, it’s been raining since yesterday, and it’s almost dark outside. Not exactly ideal riding conditions, but when you live north of California, these are classic winter conditions for a lot of us. Good thing we’ve got winter gear like Nalini’s Nostromo jacket, Bucintoro bib tights, Marinaio PowerDry jersey, and Raz gloves – to eliminate the “it’s too cold outside” excuse.

Cool Gear: FI’ZI:K BAR:GEL

On a rainy Sunday afternoon in Fall, one has but few options to spend one’s time… watch football, romance the Mrs., or re-tape the handlebars. Since Mrs. Pez was out with friends, the obvious choice for me was re-taping the bars – especially since I’d just received the new BAR:GEL from Fi’zi:k.

SEROTTA Ottrott ST: PEZ Tests Ben’s Best!

Most folks see the Serotta badge and think two things: Custom Fit and Big Money. When Serotta offered to give me the first hand experience of the process that makes a bike like their top of the range Ottrott ST special? First I asked “are you serious” (14 times), then I said “hell yes!” Here’s what we got.

Cool Gear: New From DeFEET

As leaders in the technical sock “revolution”, it didn’t take long for the smart guys at DeFeet to realize their bright ideas in creating advanced base layers for your feet could be (and should be) applied to other body parts like arms, legs hands and …body. We check out their new D-Tour jersey, Levitator socks, Kneekers knee warmers, Armskins and Dura-gloves.