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1st PEEK: LOOK 2005: Frame • Fork • Pedals !

“We’d really like you guys to keep this stuff under wraps until June 21.” That was the directive from Veltec Sports and LOOK Cycles as myself and 7 other magazine and web editors gathered in Hyatt San Jose last Thursday to witness the newest coolest gear from LOOK’s 2005 line-up.

Great Head!: Pez Gives You Helmet

...REVIEWS - that is! The PEZ series on helmets starts with Specialized Super-vented S-1 and the Carapacho from Carrera. Remember when helmets weren't cool? We check some new offerings with lots 'o vents, that are pretty... er, cool!

Long Test: SRM Training System

One of the coolest things about this job is reviewing the same gear that the pros use. Case in point – the good folks at SRM Systems agreed it was a good idea that we ride and test their SRM Professional Road mobile ergometer system – for the next 6 months! Here’s our first look at the system out of the box and onto the bike…

Gear Review: Speedplay Zeros

Sweet pedals for less dough! Speedplay slides into the affordable pedal arena with their new Chro-Mo Zero. So now you need to ask yourself… “Do I really wanna spend another hundred bucks for anything else?”

BATTLE TEST: Serfas Bike Armor Transport Case

First impressions can be deceiving. When I first layed eyes on the Serfas Bike Armor Transport Case, I thought… “I’ll have to take an extra bag for all my gear.” This case is compact, arrived already filled with 3 huge blocks of foam, and I was heading to Belgium for the Classics...

Field Test: Bergamo Spring Clothing

Springtime in Belgium – not everyone’s first choice for a warm sunny vacation, but there’s no better place to field test some cool-weather riding gear – like the jacket, knickers, and vest by Bergamo.

Cool Gear: Vittoria Arrow Shoes

It’s not every day I am sent a new pair of cycling shoes and this is the first pair of carbon soled shoes I have tried. Now what a beautiful piece of Italian work-man ship the Vittoria Arrows are.