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Park Tool PRS-22 Team Issue Repair Stand

The Park Tool PRS-22 Team Issue model stand is designed for Pro Tour mechanics to work on all of the different kinds of frames without the risk of clamping down on seat posts and frame tubes that have grown both more complex in shape and more fragile with thinner walled carbon.

Park Tool are a household name for cycling repair and have provided high end tools and stands for decades.

The company started 54 years ago out of necessity for their own bike shop, as bikes were growing more complex. Howard Hawkins and Art Engstrom were already making their own tools from scratch to enable easier and more effective shop work, and the first shop product that they sold was a production model stand who’s original prototype was made from dining room table legs, a shell casing and an axle from a 1937 Ford.


The tool, stand and accessory brand grew along with the shop and Park finally sold their shop business to concentrate on tools alone. We’re all better off for it as Park continue to set benchmarks in products designed specifically for the ever changing standards of cycling gear. The latest of these to land on my door step is their PRS-22 Team Issue stand.


Building and working on high end bikes has become more complex over the years for lots of reasons.  Changing standards adds to the difficulty and I’m frequently left standing in front of the latest review project in the stand scratching my head wishing for a tool. A call to Park virtually always sorts that out.

Over the past few years though, I’m left scratching my head before I even get the bike into the stand as I can no longer count on being able to clamp anywhere on the frame or seat post with certainty that it will be safe. And with a sea of brand / model proprietary seat posts, you can no longer clap in one of Parks old ISC – internal seat clamps which used to be the go to… No longer, as so many seat posts are no longer round.

With that, loads of Pro teams have gone to stands that support the bike at the Bottom Bracket, and the PRS-22 is the daddy of this design…

Sarto’s beautiful Veneto SL with Campagnolo’s Potenza Build


The frame clamps in at the fork mount on the PRS-22 and in this case, the mounting is a standard road dropout…


The clamp will work for both front and rear drops and is compatible with standard QR’s and 12-15 and 20mm Thru axles by either moving the spacers and / or popping the rod assembly out, making room for the 20mm spacers to drop right in.


Adjusting the distance is simple smooth and quick to accommodate getting the BB lined up with the rest.

The bike’s BB sits in/on the rest which is also adjustable for width (and can be offset). You simply use a hex key to loosen and rotate either (independently) or both of the rests 180 degrees to allow for more or less width.

Look’s Keo Blade Sagan edition pedals

For a lot of work, simply sitting on the rest will be enough security to hold the bike, but in the case you need a more firm hold, you will use the same retaining strap that holds the stand together when you pack it up.


The rubber protective pad will go over your down tube and the strap will wrap around the stand near the BB rest.

The stand itself is very quickly set up.

You’ll expand the base legs by loosening the knob…


Then you’ll use the QR to tip up the platform that has the BB and drop out clamping.


The two stacked QR’s allow you to adjust the height (top) and also allow the stand to rotate 360 degrees for easy access while you work.


There’s also a knob that allows you to slide the platform forward and backward to give you a better center of gravity.



Though I found that with a reasonably light road bike in size 54, there was no need to adjust it.


At just 12.5 pounds and given that the PRS-22 can go from fully collapsed to fully set up with a bike mounted in under 5 minutes, this is a great piece of equipment for anyone needing a stand on the road. But I found this to be just as at home in, er, eh… at home…

This will hold every bike in the house, from old steel to gravel road disc to Aero road to full on TT and MTB… Everything fits and there is no need for clamping onto any odd shaped or super-thin walled Carbon Tube.

No more wrapping towels or pads around super expensive parts trying to save the paint but not doing anything that will prevent crushing.

The build quality is here in 6063 T6 Alu that is both light and very solid. The other bits are composite and fairly bomb proof. The whole thing feels like it will still be working long after you’re dead.

These stands are available in stores now and retail for @$296…

You can see a great how to video and get a few more details at Park Tool’s PRS-22 Info Page.

• Check prices for the PRS-22 work stand on Amazon.com here.

Have fun

Charles Manantan
[email protected]

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