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PEZ Holiday Gift Guide #3: ITAL Cycling Tours, The Zwift Hub, DMT KRSL Road Shoe, The New Campagnolo Gold BIG Corkscrew, GORE Kit, Doormate Garage Door Opener, Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit & New Bianchi Book

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The PEZ Gift Guide: Stocking stuffers big & small from: ITAL Cycling Tours: Ride Bartali’s Yuscan roads trip, GORE, 12speed Doormate garage door opener, the Zwift Hub home trainer, DMT KRSL road shoes, the new Campagnolo Gold BIG corkscrew, Muc-Off ultimate bicycle cleaning kit and Casa Bianchi: Stories of inspiration and innovation in Bianchi’s new book.

ITAL Cycling Tours: Ride Bartali’s Tuscan Roads Trip


Bartali’s Tuscany Ride, a new tour was successfully introduced by Ital Cycling in September 2022, and dates are now set for 2023.  The trip retraces Gino Bartali’s famous route from Florence to Assisi, as he evaded the Nazi occupation forces to help Jews flee the country.  Beginning with a visit to the Bartali Museum in Florence, and after splitting that trek over two days, to explore other nearby areas of Tuscany and Umbria on roads familiar to cycling fans from races such as the Strade Bianche. With a mix of gravel and paved roads and visits to impossibly picturesque and storied locations, culminating in a steep climb into Siena, the tour promised a compelling blend of history and two-wheeled adventure. Not only the cycling, but also things like our idea to teach clients how to cook pici pasta for all. It is perfectly in tune with our tour operator’s mission: to experience Italy in a special way.


The Zwift Hub Home Trainer – From $499

Zwift’s platform is more accessible than ever with the Zwift Hub, a $499 trainer with quality comparable to the top smart trainers on the market. Whether it’s jumping into a Pace Partners ride, a no drop group ride with your club, or racing against your personal best with HoloReplay, Zwift offers training for all levels of riders.

  • Works with any bike
  • +/- 2.5% accuracy
  • Comes with pre-fitted cassette, saving you ~$100 in parts and labor


Pair those features with the recently extended 14-day free trial and there has been no better time to start Zwifting.

Stocking stuffers from GORE

GORE C3 GORE-TEX INFINIUM Stretch Mid Gloves – $60

Shop for Gore gloves at Amazon here.

GORE C5 GORE-TEX Thermo Gloves – $95


GORE Sleet Insulated Overshoes – $120

PEZ sez: I’m writing this from our house down in SC where daytime temps can still get up into the low 70s (F) and “cold” is considered 50-something (F). So this is stuff I’m not using now but will when I head back north to Babylon on the Potomac when I’m brave enough to weather the elements and do some winter riding.

I have a pair C3 GORE-TEX INFINIUM Stretch Mid Gloves that have served me well for a couple of seasons now. Thankfully, GORE hasn’t tried to fix something that ain’t broke. For me, these are versatile gloves that I can wear when it’s just “chilly” (low 50s F … as someone from more tropical Filipino heritage, I tend to get colder more easily) to “cold” (I’ve worn them on rides down to the high 30s F) — I know everyone’s tolerance for cold is different so YMMV. These aren’t thermal insulated gloves but the windproof GORE-TEX INFINIUM material keeps the windchill off my hands and I find that’s more important than thermal insulation per se. That said, these aren’t what I would call “deep winter” gloves.

The forefinger on the C3 Stretch Mid Gloves is touchscreen compatible

If you need gloves for more frigid conditions, then the C5 GORE-TEX Thermo Gloves are definitely for that. I don’t ski anymore, but they reminded me of ski gloves. They are thermal insulated with a soft fleece-like lining. And they’re windproof. The palm and fingers (including thumb) have a leather-like surface for better grip. The tradeoff for increased thermal insulation is that the C5 GORE-TEX Thermo Gloves are slightly “bulkier” with less tactile “feel.” Also, I found the fit (size S for me per GORE’s size guide) on the “snug” side but not to the point of too tight or constricting.

As the name implies, the GORE Sleet Insulated Overshoes are also for more frigid conditions. As shoe covers go, they are fairly “robust.” One way to think of them is as a ski parka for your feet. PrimaLoft material provides thermal insulation. And the GORE-TEX exterior is both waterproof and windproof. Some nice touches are abrasion resistant material in the toe area, a wind flap behind the zipper, and the elasticized cuff is DWR (durable water repellent) treated to keep the wet out. I probably won’t do a whole lot of outdoor winter riding (especially since I’m not riding Freezing Saddles — a fun and silly outdoor winter riding “competition” — this winter), but I would expect the GORE Sleet Insulated Overshoes to keep my feet as warm as warm gets when I’m brave (or is that foolish?) enough to venture out in truly cold weather.

NOTE: The Sleet Insulated Overshoes don’t have a lot of “stretch” (they took a little bit of work to get on and were a fairly tight fit on my US size 9 road shoes), so make sure you get the size right.

SHOP for GORE overshoes and booties here.

Not as sexy sleek as #aero shoe covers, but still fairly form fitting

12speed Doormate Garage Door Opener – $39.99


PEZ sez: If your favorite cyclist has an automatic garage door, this would make for a nifty gift/stocking stuffer. It looks a lot like a Shimano bar end Di2 junction box, but it’s a garage door opener designed to fit in a bar end.


Programming the Doormate was pretty easy. Took me all of about 5 minutes.:

  • Using the supplied programming safety pin, press and hold the PROGRAM BUTTON (green arrow) until the LED (red arrow) on the front of the remote control turns on
  • Press and release the REMOTE BUTTON (yellow arrow) the designated number of times for your garage door opener (Ren at 12speed let me know that my Liftmaster was the equivalent of Chamberlain)
  • Press the PROGRAM BUTTON to exit programming mode
  • Press and release the LEARN BUTTON on your garage door opener (consult your owners manual)
  • Press the REMOTE BUTTON on the Doormate until the garage door opener lights flash (or two clicks are heard)
  • Voila!

The Doormate works exactly as advertised. Push the remote button to open/close the garage door. 12speed claims a range of 50 feet for the Doormate. Using the tried and true method of stepping off yardage like I do when I play golf, I found I was able to open and close my garage door from pretty close to that (maybe 48 feet give or take … so close enough for government work). Basically from where my driveway meets the road.

NOTE: I haven’t installed the Doormate as a bar end because (a) it requires re-wrapping the bar and (honestly) I’m too lazy to do that at the moment (maybe when it’s time to replace the bar tape I’ll give it a go) and (b) it would mean having to forego one of my KustomCaps skull bar end caps that I love. For now, the Doormate is small enough and light enough (0.5 oz/16 gr) to easily stash in a jersey pocket.


DMT KRSL Road Cycling Shoe


This is the evolution of the shoe that Tadej Pogačar wore on his impressive ride to victory at the 2020 Tour de France. Innovative construction with a full one piece seamless upper and a reinterpretation on the classic lace closure. Exceptional comfort, light, breathable, proprietary Engineered Knit construction eliminates pressure points, fits like a glove and is super breathable. Updated and race tested by Tadej with the new Anatomic SL sole and even a lighter upper.

The New Campagnolo GOLD BIG Corkscrew


The Gold and Rose Gold corkscrews were designed to reinterpret the creative ingenuity that traditionally distinguishes every Campagnolo product. The timeless quality of an object that is a symbol of Made in Italy design is enhanced by its precious and elegant form. Its beauty and design excellence are combined with extreme functionality.

To prevent incorrect extraction of the cork from leaving residue in the wine, the Campagnolo BIG corkscrew is designed so that the screw self-centres on the cork, ensuring optimal extraction every time.


Celebrate your finish lines now and make your moments unique with the Big – The Gold corkscrew.

Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit


The Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit covers all the bases when it comes to cleaning, protecting and lubing your bike. This kit isn’t style specific either with all the essentials for Road, Cyclocross, MTB and the daily commute.

Complete with our award-winning Bike Cleaner, Microcell Sponge, Soft Washing Brush, Detailing Brush, Two Prong Brush, Microfibre Cloth, Drivetrain Cleaner, Bike Protect and Bio Wet Lube, this kit is the perfect Christmas gift for any bike fanatic!

Casa Bianchi: Stories of Inspiration and Innovation in Bianchi’s New Book
Bianchi launches a new coffee table book to tell stories of people, bicycles, and events through inspiring images. A limited-edition collector’s book that embodies the Bianchi style


To excite and inspire through never-before-seen images and photographs is the intent behind “Casa Bianchi,” a treasured collector’s book by the Italian brand, on sale at www.bianchi.com.

The coffee table book contains the most iconic images of Bianchi products, from the innovative e-Omnia range with its ambassador, Nico Rosberg, to the revolutionary Oltre RC, to the diverse models from the gravel collection. “Casa Bianchi” also documents the brand’s presence in the most prestigious events and happenings in the world of cycling, including the Giro d’Italia with the innovative film Giro Reflections, produced by Bianchi Media House, which took Nicholas Roche on the roads of the Pink Race.

Thanks to “Casa Bianchi,” the Italian brand offers a true collector’s item, a book that’s meant to be a tribute to design, to be jealously preserved to relive the uniqueness of the Bianchi lifestyle.

Note: PEZCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.

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