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PEZ Holiday Gift Guide #6 Primal Holiday Deals, Canyon Gifts, Wahoo HRM’s, Campagnolo, Craft Tops, Pegatin Discount & Michael Blann Book

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The PEZ Gift Guide: Primal: Greet the season with top winter picks, Canyon: Get ready for Christmas – The best presents for those who love to ride, Wahoo: Still Looking for gifts for the cyclist in your life? Make Christmas 2021 all about Campagnolo, KOO Eyewear’s Spectro and Demos accessory collection, Craft: Lets top it off this winter, Christmas discounts from Pegatin and Michael Blann last minute stocking filler.

Primal: Greet The Season With Our Top Winter Picks!


Canyon: Get Ready for Christmas – The Best Presents for Those Who Love to Ride


With gifts to suit every budget, our range of Christmas presents for cyclists is sure to please those who love to ride. From the latest apparel to accessories and components, explore inspiring cycling Christmas gifts this year.

Canyon Gift Guide
A selection of apparel, components and accessories for every ridestyle: these are gifts for loved ones that want to keep pedaling this Christmas.



Canyon Gift Cards
Let your family, friends and riding buddies choose from a wide range of products with a Canyon gift card.


Wahoo: Still Looking for Gifts for the Cyclist in Your Life?
Great options from Wahoo for the cyclists and runners in your life:


TICKR X ($80) & TICKR ($50) heart rate monitors are perfect fits for anyone interested in using their heart rate to guide workouts and track progress toward fitness goals. TICKR X also complements the Apple Watch and other fitness platforms by measuring running and indoor cycling cadence along with heart rate.

More info at: wahoofitness.com

Make Christmas 2021 all About Campagnolo


KOO Eyewear’s Spectro and Demos Accessory Collection
KOO now offers spare PHOTOCHROMIC lenses and Optical Clip attachment for use with DEMOS and SPECTRO sunglasses.


KOO Eyewear now offer spare variable tint PHOTOCHROMIC lenses designed to rapidly change to match varying light conditions and an Optical Clip for ophthalmic lens application, suitable for use with their DEMOS and SPECTRO sunglasses.

Designed for long rides in the saddle, climbing through mountainous cloud or diving into tree-lined descents, the new PHOTOCHROMIC lens adapts when lighting and weather conditions rapidly change. With a variable VLT (69 to 12%) and offering 100% UV protection, the lens also features an anti-fog internal coating, providing excellent performance when humidity is high. When exposed to the harshest of light, the lens provides a light reduction effect, turning a dark pink. Under low level light conditions, the lens fades, offering a brilliant increase in contrast and clarity.


Key Features:

  • Anti fog internal coating
  • Photochromic variable VLT (69 to 12%)
  • 100% UV protection
  • Contrast increase
  • Clarity increase effect in dark conditions
  • Light equalization in clearness

The PHOTOCHROMIC spare lenses are available in Pink for both SPECTRO and DEMOS:

  • SPECTRO & DEMOS PHOTOCHROMIC PINK lens are priced at €90 / £79.99 / $120 (AUD) / $100 (USD) MSRP

The SPECTRO and DEMOS are available as complete glasses:

  • SPECTRO Black/Photochromic priced at €200 / £179 / $320 (AUD) / $209 (USD) MSRP
  • DEMOS White/Photochromic priced at €190 / £169 / $280 (AUD) / $199 (USD) MSRP


The Optical Clip is designed specifically for users to attach prescription lenses to the DEMOS and SPECTRO sunglasses.

The Optical clip has been designed in Italy and is constructed using 3D printing technology, allowing for a flexible and discrete form, barely visible through the sunglasses.

It is quick and easy to install and allows those with ophthalmic lens needs to use single lens sunglasses and experience the same world class ergonomics, precision Zeiss lenses and incredible debris protection.

The accessory is designed to work seamlessly with the highly popular DEMOS and SPECTRO range of sunglasses. At a super light weight of 1.8g, the Optical Clip is practical and safe to use in a multitude of activities, providing the athlete with extreme comfort and protection.

Key Features:

  • Spectro and Demos compatible
  • Practical and safe
  • Quick to install and remove
  • Lightweight (1.8 g)

The Optical Clip is available in black and sized at A–50 // DBL–24 (size in mm)

The Optical Clip is priced at: €50 / £49.99 / $88 (AUD) / $65 (USD) MSRP.

The PHOTOCHROMIC lenses and Optical Clip are available to buy from kooworld.cc.

Craft: Lets Top it Off this Winter




Christmas Discounts have Arrived to Pegatin!


Who in the world doesn’t love Christmas? It’s a time where people are looking to give gifts to people, but the big question is: Do you already know what you will gift to your loved ones?

In case that you have a friend or someone in your family that LOVES cycling, you can surprise them with some amazing Pegatin Stickers! We have a discount prepared for everyone until the very last day of December, so what are you waiting to grab your stickers?

Get your stickers here!

Go you our website and use the code XMAS25, everyone will get a 25% discount on all their orders! Even if is not a gift, it’s the perfect time for you to give yourself a present with some high-quality stickers!

Remember, in case that you like to stay tuned with news about cycling and the newest bikes from different companies, you can check out our blog! We also give discounts to all our readers, so stay tuned!

How do I claim my coupon?

  • Go to www.pegatin.com
  • Choose your personalized bike sticker
  • Click the “have a coupon?” option
  • Enter the promo code XMAS25
  • Enjoy your Pegatin with 25% OFF!

We guarantee all of our products for one year – this means that we replace them FOR FREE if you have any issues at all.

Get Your Custom Name Stickers Now!


Don’t wait and get your custom name stickers now!

We guarantee all of our products for one year – this means that we replace them for free if you have any issues at all. And you can ask for custom stickers as well!

Promo Code

You can use this on step 3 of www.pegatin.com to get your set of personalized bike stickers for 25% off the usual price.

Just click the “have a coupon?” option above the checkout button.


Michael Blann: Last Minute Stocking Filler Needed?


Last minute Christmas shopping? Order a copy of Mountains: Epic Cycling climbs today to guarantee delivery before Christmas.

This award-winning hardback showcases the best climbs Europe has to offer, stretching from the Dolomites of Italy to the Alps and Pyrenees of France and through to the Austria mountains of northern Spain. It also covers the epic climbs in Switzerland and Austria and those climbs on the iconic islands of Tenerife and Majorca.

A catalogue of stunning images are punctuated by essays from some of the stars of the peloton past and present, reliving their experiences of riding some of the world’s greatest ascents.

Each book comes signed by the author and with a free set of Mountains postcards too.

£35 – despatched next day. Shop today for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery.

shop books

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