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PEZ Holiday Gift Guide’17 #6

Gift Guide #6: Not much shopping time left till the big day and so here at PEZ we’ve put together our latest collection of Yuletide suggestions. From $15 to $10,000 you can chose goodies from Campagnolo, ZWIFT, Cipollini, Cycleops, Elite, Proviz, Shimano, KASK, fi’zi:k, Muc-Off, Liv Cycling, Spurcycle, Airlok and a book on ‘Gravel Cycling’. Happy holidays!

Iridio Jersey from the Campagnolo Collection

An essential part of any cyclist’s wardrobe, the Iridio jersey does it all. Its race fit, lightweight and breathable construction comes with high-end design elements such as zip garage on top and bottom, reverse mount cam-lock zipper and lycra hem sleeve grip to ensure not only great performance but great value as well.


More info on the Campagnolo Iridio jersey HERE.


ZWIFT – Serious Training Made Fun

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’re well aware of Zwift, the indoor training solution for cyclists. Connect your smart trainer, power meter, or speed sensor to Zwift and cover miles and miles of online roads with hundreds of thousands of riders from around the world. Race a crit inside a volcano, scale snow-capped mountains during your intervals, or just tour the streets of London, tube stations and all.

Zwift recently launched on Apple TV, which is now the easiest and least expensive device on which Zwift will run. Hook your Apple TV up to your existing television, use the native Bluetooth to connect your devices, and you’re off and riding. Try one of the new Group Workouts once you’re in the game and execute your training together, with a pack that stays with one another regardless of individual power output.

Zwift’s taken the lonely, dreary work of indoor training and made it engaging, social, and fun. Call it a holiday miracle, regardless of the weather.

Zwift’s no-commitment subscription is $15/month. Download the app for Mac/PC at Zwift.com or for iOS on the Apple App Store.

You can read how ZWIFT got personal at La Bicicletta in Toronto.



Cipollini RB1K THE ONE

Not just a restyling, but a whole new world. An overall technical improvement, achieved by pushing the racing DNA of this quintessential road bike to the limits, first and foremost by preserving its monocoque construction system.

Retail Price Starting From $10,990.00

Cipollini Bikes website: www.alebikewear.com/cipollini-bikes.


Cycleops Hammer

The Hammer redefines indoor training to create the ultimate riding experience. One that’s versatile enough to handle the most intense interval sessions as it is the easiest of recovery rides. Simply put, the Hammer is the perfect addition to any athlete’s toolbox.

This direct drive style bike trainer eliminates the tire-to-roller contact, and is capable of replicating any outdoor ride from conversational group rides to rolling hills to pain face inducing 20% grades. All of this is done with a smooth, road-like-feel thanks to a massive 20 lb. precision-balanced flywheel that replicates real world inertia better than anyone else. Paired with our innovative, rapid response electromagnetic resistance system and you’ve got a bike trainer that can cover large resistance changes in a blink of an eye at a whisper quiet 64 decibels. Plus, the Hammer’s revolutionary axle compatibility gives you the freedom to choose any thru-axle or quick release bike now and for years to come. Simply add a cassette, pop off your rear wheel, connect to your favorite virtual training software and prepare to Hammer away.

Retail price – $1,199.99

See more at: www.cycleops.com/product/hammer.


Elite Vero Thermal Bottle

It’s that time of year where rides get colder, and warmer liquids are more desired. The Vero Thermal is a double-wall bottle which keeps the temperature of the liquid both hot, and colder, longer by using Tritan material. The crystalline transparency of the bottle is like that of the highest quality glass containers while featuring a lower weight, a superior strength and a higher safety.

MSRP: $26.99

Product information at: www.elite-it.com/en/products/us/bottles/thermal-bottles/vero-thermal


Proviz PixElite Jacket

The Proviz PixElite jacket is a high performance winter cycling jacket that provides warmth, breathability and features highly reflective fabric in the arms, sides, shoulders and lower back. The bulk of the jacket is made from a soft-stretch mix of polyester, elastane and brushed thermal microfibre. Combined they block the wind, keep you warm while regulating heat build-up during hard efforts. Back pockets add carrying capacity while the middle lock-zip pocket keeps valuables secure. A front lock-zip pocket is also included for easy reach.

Price: $180.00

More on the provizsports website: www.provizsports.com


Shimano: Road Performance Shoes

Shimano’s new flagship road performance shoes offer unparalleled comfort and efficiency for long rides. The new RP9 utilizes supple, stretch-resistant microfiber synthetic leather with a seamless, one-piece upper design. Perforated venting delivers superior fit and all-day comfort while a new curved external heel cup securely holds the foot in place. The new RP5 delivers endurance performance at an excellent value at $150 while maintaining the same clean design and seamless upper construction.

SH-RP901, $300 | SH-RP501, $150

More Shimano shoes HERE.


KASK Infinity

The aerodynamics of closed helmets combined with the cooling benefits of race open models, for every weather. Infinity is our first helmet to feature fully adjustable vents: open up to manage ventilation while climbing and close down when you start sprinting and in bad weather conditions.

As developed with the Grand Tour winning Team Sky, our brief was to come up with a helmet that combined the same aero advantages as our fully closed helmets together with the cooling effects of a fully vented road race model. Produced using our innovative In-Moulding system, the Infinity is truly special in that it offers the same mechanical strength and shock-resistance as our other helmets, but with a mobile aerator for easy in-the-saddle use. Simply open up for temperature management on climbs and close to meet the aerodynamic demands of sprinting. Even when the vents are fully closed a high level of ventilation is guaranteed by two front openings that feed two airflow channels over the rider’s head and out through two rear exhaust ports. In addition to these adjustable vents, there are other optimal design features to smooth a path through the air: featuring a fully rounded profile, as well as further innovation in the use of a side rib that breaks the airflow, reducing the low pressure air bubble created to the rear of the helmet. The result? Ultra-low air turbulence and minimal drag.

Price: ​RRP US $255 /£169 / ​€215

KASK website.


fi’zi:k Versus Evo R3

With full-channel comfort and advanced technology, materials and craft, Arione R3 Versus Evo is a performance road saddle for riders who want a flat saddle profile and a pressure relief channel.

Made for Snake riders with high body flexibility and no pelvic rotation while pedaling, the Arione is longer than any other fi’zi:k road saddle, flat from nose to tail and with a narrow nose, so you can move around to find your power spot. The Regular model is the narrower of our two options.

Arione R3 Versus Evo features a composite Carbon-reinforced nylon shell – with Wing Flex technology which enables flexibility where your thighs meet the saddle – and a light, strong, corrosion-resistant K:ium rail. A Comfort Core foam layer beneath the neat, durable Microtex cover provides comfort, which is enhanced by the full-length comfort channel that reduces pressure on the rider’s sensitive soft tissue and ensures that all weight is correctly supported across the whole surface of the saddle.

Like all performance fi’zi:k road saddles, Arione R3 Versus Evo is light, flexible and agile. It’s designed for pros, with pros and raced by pros.With full-channel comfort and advanced technology, materials and craft, Arione R3 Versus Evo is a performance road saddle for riders who want a flat saddle profile and a pressure relief channel.

Price: RRP from US $149 /£139.99 / ​€160

fi’zi:k website.


fi’zi:k R3 LINK

LINK combines perfectly with fi’zi:k saddles to make the ultimate contact point between you and your bike – delivering optimum comfort and performance. LINK clothing’s interface is designed to match with the profile of Snake, Chameleon and Bull saddles, both Regular and Large sizes, to suit the three rider profiles determined according to Spine Concept EVO. Spine Flexibility and Pelvic Rotation are inextricably linked to saddle comfort – and thus performance – and in turn to the LINK shape you need.

The LINK R3 Chameleon is extremely lightweight at just 185g. It’s designed and cut for a performance fit, with the quick-drying fabric’s pattern supporting the muscles to improve riding experience and performance. Its fit is, achieved using specific polyamide and elastane non-woven fabrics designed for high performance sports activities, provides the optimum blend of support with freedom of movement, with minimal seams for optimum comfort. The supportive chamois with seamless padding and breathable cover is shaped to align perfectly with the appropriate fi’zi:k saddle and works in conjunction with the shape and length of the garment that’s calibrated to deliver the best comfort and maximum performance when riding in the position identified by the Spine Concept EVO designation: Snake, Chameleon or Bull.

For riders with medium body flexibility and low pelvic rotation whilst pedaling, the LINK R3 Chameleon fits with fi’zi:k Chameleon saddles: Antares Regular and Antares Large. Chameleons reach the handlebar combining the medium flexibility of their body with a 5° pelvic rotation. Their bodyweight is distributed across the whole saddle-body contact surface, and Chameleon saddles are at in the front and medial area, with a 5° angled part toward the rear to support the sit-bones. With its chamois built on a supportive dense foam Base Layer, the LINK R3 Chameleon has a fully Breathable Cover for long-ride comfort and Performance.

Price: RRP US $199 /£165 / ​€180

fi’zi:k website.


Muc-Off Bicycle Ultimate Valet Kit

Muc-Off have packed 13 of their most popular products for keeping your ride looking fresh and running smooth into this robust valet bag. Specialised compartments keep everything in one place. A built-in grit tray prevents you contaminating your brushes and sponges with the floor. This is truly cleaning taken to the next level.

– £89.99

Muc-off Valet kit info: muc-off.com/collections/bicycle/products/bicycle-ultimate-valet-kit


Snap Back Athlete Cap

This luxury flat peak cap is worn by Muc-Off pro’s competing at the highest level of their sport. This limited edition, one size fits all design features a stitched Muc-Off logo and Pantone Pink authenticity label on the rear.

– £15

Snap Back Athlete Cap info.


Team Sky Hydrodynamic Lube

Team Sky Hydrodynamic Chain Lube is the Ultimate in bicycle chain lubricant technology. If you are looking for the most efficient chain lubricant formula for long distances and/or the harshest of weather conditions, look no further.

– £15.99

Muc-Off hydrodynamic Lube: muc-off.com/products/team-sky-hydrodynamic-lube


NTC Nanotube Chain

Using the same formula that helped Sir Bradley Wiggins to his world hour record and Chris Froome and Team Sky to 3 Grand Tour victories, the NTC promises to be the fastest chain on the market, with more than a 10-watt advantage over competitor models in all weather. Ideal for that someone who wants to go faster and further on every ride.

– £109

NTC Nanotube Chain: muc-off.com/products/ntc


Liv Cycling – Zorya Series

Designed to provide safety in low-light riding conditions, while providing an added benefit of protection from the elements. With lightweight, windproof ProTextura™ fabric on the Zorya Wind Jacket, TransTextura™ moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric on the arm and leg covers, the Zorya series is the perfect addition to your year-round cycling wardrobe.

Wind Jacket, $130 | Arm Cover, $35 | Leg Cover, $45

See the full range at: www.liv-cycling.com


NEW! Multi Tool

Compact, titanium, carry-with-you tool that says, “You had me at hello.”
Machined from Grade 5 titanium at Paragon Machine works in Richmond, California Spurcycle’s new multi tool consists of a 4” titanium tube with a sliding cross pin that allows for either L-form or T-form usage. The ten hardened, steel precision bits are chrome coated to minimize rust, often the result of sweat and rain.

The multi tool comes in a made-in-San Francisco compact tool wallet measuring 1.5” x 5”. The black wallet is made from water resistant Xpack fabric and has enough room for a $20 spot and a few glueless patches. Compact, light and easily stowed in a jersey pocket with no sharp or hard edges to dig into your back, the Spurcyle multi tool won’t weigh your or your jersey down. Made in the USA.


Read more at the www.spurcycle.com website.


AIRLOK: high security wall-mounted bike hanger

Leave your worries behind.

Gift ‘em this! AIRLOK is the first high security wall-mounted bike hanger and offers secure yet elegant storage for your bike inside and out. Secure wall fixings, hardened steel framework and a secure lockable bolt combine to keep your bike safe while displayed on your wall. AIRLOK’s patent pending design is a unique triangular shape, providing stable storage for multiple styles and sizes of bicycle, while the fully rubberized mouth prevents frame scratch and further adds to stability. Combining clean lines and quality materials, AIRLOK is available in a choice of colors and comes with 3 coded replaceable keys.

MSPR: $199

Airlok www.hiplok.com/airlok website.


Multi Pouch

Organize your essentials in more ways than one; a great gift for anyone!
Spurcycle’s new multi-pouch is not just for roadies, and not just for enthusiast cyclists for that matter. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for those that like to keep their essentials organized whether in your jersey, in your backpack or in a travel bag. The multi pouch folds and snaps to best fit your essentials and keeps them within easy reach, wherever you decide to stow it. The pouch can be snapped two different ways to compress it either horizontally or vertical.

Constructed of cuben fiber (Dyneema fabrics), the pouch measures 11.5 cm x 19 cm and weighs a svelte 14 grams. It features a YKK Uretek zipper and polymer snaps. It can also be snapped back to back to a second pouch to keep your cycling items separate from office or personal items. It’s rain resistant and transparent and made in the USA.


More from spurcycle HERE.



From farm roads to miners’ paths, gravel riding offers a return to cycling’s purest roots. Escape the traffic and ride unpaved with Nick Legan’s GRAVEL CYCLING: The Complete Guide to Gravel Racing and Adventure Bikepacking. Nick brings his experience as a ProTour mechanic and a gravel junkie to this guide with bike setup, building your dream gravel bike, and profiles of top gravel racers and 18 of the world’s favorite gravel races. Nothing beats an epic day with fast friends. Get into gravel and test your limits with GRAVEL CYCLING.

SRP: $24.95

Read the PEZ book review HERE.

Velopress website HERE.www.velopress.com/


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