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PEZ Holiday Gift Guide’19 #8

Gift Guide #8: Last chance saloon for getting those presents in time. ‘Gift Guide #8’ has yet more ideas for your cycling loved one, although that might be yourself: DMT Shoes, TruTrainer Smartload Power Rollers, KASK Helmets, KOO Eyeglasses, KOO Billy Clip, GORE Clothing, Sapo BJRO Micro Pump, Provis Clothing, ROUVY Holidays, Giordana Clothing, DZR Socks, DeBoss Jersey by Reggie and Lintaman shoes. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Pez Sez: I’ve worn several pairs of DMT shoes over the years – we ran our first review way back in 2005, – and I can say with complete honesty that the new KR1’s are the most comfortable cycling shoe I’ve ever worn.  Yeah – athletic shoe construction has come a long way in just over a decade – with new materials and manufacturing leading the way as shoes get lighter, stiffer, more durable, and comfy.

The key here is the engineered 3D knit upper that we first saw at Eurobike last year.  It’s literally one piece of material that’s cut and shaped as the last (the part that covers your foot), made of a soft yarn type material that’s coated on the outside with a poly-something to add structure and shape.

This “wrap” is fused together at the back of the heel, and features extra 3mm wide “ribs” at certain pressure zones to help stabilize the foot.  The sole is anatomically shaped carbon – the right amount of stiffness without being too much, and there’s room inside for special footbeds if you prefer something more custom than stock.

The heel cup gripped my foot very nicely – never did I feel any slip – and the single dial BOA enclosure is offset for added comfort, allowing the laces to tension evenly across the top of the foot.

A new generation of performance. Ultimate fit and highly breathable knit construction. Boa closure and Anatomic Carbon sole complete the perfect fit.  Along with the fluo orange and black, they’re now available in white – !

More info and BUY EM at the AleBikeWear online store.



Trutrainer has long been known for building the highest quality rollers that deliver a smooth supple feel closer to the actual road than anything else on the market.  Now – with the release of the SmartLoad Power Rollers earlier this year, Trutrainer introduces what many now consider the best power training roller system anywhere. Fully compatible with all the latest and most popular training apps – Zwift, Trainer Road, Sufferfest, Xert and more, training with power has never been better, with riders gaining the superior benefits of pedaling on rollers, with the added dimension of power.  The TruTrainer story is also truly one of American ingenuity to build the best stationary training system for cyclists.

• Read the PEZ First look at the SmartLoad Power Rollers here.
• Buy yours at TruTrainer.com here


Kask is an established Italian hemet brand making helmets for snow sports, equestrian  events, and of course cycling – you’ve seen their lids atop the Team Ineos riders like Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas.  You may have also asked yourself why the world need another helmet brand – but the good news is that Kask offers a range of lids that are a little different from the others.

While construction and safety standards meet the necessary requirements like you I’d expect, their Valegro model is a super vented version designed for maximum airflow  and ventilation to keep you cooler on really hot days.  It features 37 vents to allow as much air to pass into, over, and away from your head.

Airflow is key to keeping cool under a helmet, and the best ones I’ve used also have the deepest channels – cut to allow the most amount of airflow over the head. Even on hot days, more airflow will keep you cooler than stagnant air.

The Valegro was also designed to be as aerodynamic as possible – considering it does have 37 holes in its surface.  Kask is known for helmets with a smaller profile than other brands – so there’s no worry of looking like a bobble head while wearing one.

Inside is lined with a 5mm thick foam padding, that also moves sweat away from your head and allows it to evaporate faster.  And here you can really see how deep those venting channels are.

The chin strap is unique too – with an off-center placed closure snap, there’s a faux–leather strap that sits under your chin  – intended to be more comfortable than more traditional straps.  While many other helmets feature adjustability around ears, the Valegro’s chin strap is sewn in place which may or may not be an issue for you.

The retention system features loads of adjustability, with an easy to operate roller dial to tension the helmet around the head, but there’s also more up / down adjustment of the rear cage than I’ve seen on other brands – so this one should fit everyone.

The Kask Valegro comes in sizes Small, Medium, and Large, and 10 colorways, and retail for around US$250, but you can find ’em for less online.

• See more info at the Kask.com website.
Buy one at Amazon here.


KOO OPEN CUBE Eyeglasses
KOO is another Italian brand of stylish eyewear (you can never have too many of those , right?) with the same corporate mothership as the Kask helmet you just looked at.  I first noticed them in the cycling world a few years ago, and like any piece of eyewear I notice – the shape of the original Cube model – which features a full rim around the lens is what caught my eye… (ahem).

The “Open Cube”  features a similarly shaped brow and arms, but comes with lenses “open” at the bottom.  The idea here is better ventilation, but having worn the regular Cubes for a season, I say it’s really more a matter of aesthetics than function – but this could also have something to do with the shape of my face.

The lens on the Open Cube offers fairly deep coverage around the eyes ad upper cheeks, and ventilation is increased with tiny slits cut into the top of the lens at the frame.  Lenses are made by famed lens maker Zeiss, and enhance clarity and sharpness of vision.

The Koo eyewear comes in a fairly robust case that includes a second clear lens as well as the smoked lens shown in the frames.  The only downside is that case takes up a lot of space in a race bag.  The smoked lens is a good one – not too dark but

The arms fold inwards on two sturdy hinges and can be easily stowed in a jersey pocket.  They also micro-adjust, so you can actually tip the frames forward at the hinges to allow more airflow over the top.

The soft rubber nosepiece snaps easily into the lens, and features adjustable pads.

The KOO Open Cube comes in 12 colorways, sizes Small & Medium, and retail for around US$250, but you can find ’em for less online.

• See more info at the Kask.com website.
Buy one at Amazon here.


KOO BILLY Clip – US$25.00
If you need a place to stow any of your Koo glasses – especially when parking for coffee – the Koo Billy clip is designed to solve a problem you didn’t even know you had.  It’s a tiny and almost weightless plastic clip that attaches to the stem with a simple elastic band.

The clip is designed to perfectly and securely grip any of the Koo glasses in the center of the frame.  You simply press the glasses into the clip and they’re held in place until you take them out.

• See more info at the Kask.com website.
Buy one at Amazon here.


GORE x Romance: The first-ever full color Shakedry jacket

Want to give your loved one something truly unique? How about a very limited edition GORE X Romance Shakedry jacket?

For the first time ever, the lightest, fully waterproof rain jacket on the market is now available in color but only 200 will be made.

Due to the complexities of its membrane, printing on GORE-TEX’s famous SHAKEDRY™ material has previously been constricted to a handful of dark colors. Now using innovative digital printing technology and high-tech ink and printers, the GORE-TEX brand have developed a way of unlocking a broader spectrum of color without compromising the quality of finish or overall performance of the garment.

Designed in collaboration with independent cycling apparel brand ROMANCE, only 200 of the unique print jackets will be produced, each subtly different, each individually numbered.

RRP: $300

See more here at: www.gorewear.com.


Sapo BJRO Telescopic Micro Pump

Measuring just under 5 inches in length, the BJRO Micro Pump from Sapo not only fits neatly in your back pocket or saddle bag, it makes the perfect stocking stuffer! But don’t let the size fool you, thanks to a specially designed heavy-duty screw-joint and uniderectional valve (fits Presta or Schrader valves), this telescopic mini pump is made entirely of aluminum and brass components, and inflates up to 7 bar / 100 psi! The BJRO’s ergonomic design gives you easy access to your valve so you can quickly inflate without air loss. And with no cartridges to worry about, this reliable no-fuss little telescopic pump is always ready to help you get back on the road/trail.

The BRJO Micro Pump is available in several different colors, and comes with optional frame attachment clips (via the bottle cage). 100% made in Italy by Sapo.

Sapo is Italy’s leading and longest-standing manufacturer of high performance cycling pumps and inflation systems. Sapo Pumps are superbly efficient, completely serviceable and require no tools for disassembly. Only the best materials and components are used to make Sapo Pumps which are designed to last a lifetime. If a part wears out over time, spare parts are readily available throughout the world. Owning a Sapo Pump guarantees you quality, durability, reliability and safety.

RRP: $29.95

See all the options at: store.albabici.com.


Proviz REFLECT360 CRS Plus Men’s Cycling Jacket

The Proviz REFLECT360 CRS Plus is the merger of two of our best-selling cycling jackets. The Proviz REFLECT360 Plus and the Proviz REFLECT360 CRS (Colour Reflective System) are both fantastic cycling jackets in their own right yet some customers wanted even more. We were asked if we could combine the two jackets to give the best of both cycling jacket to deliver a hybrid. So we have.

The REFLECT360 CRS Plus is the more technical version of the REFLECT360 CRS jacket which in itself was a unique jacket as it brought the first ever fully reflective jacket to be manufactured in different colors. The REFLECT360 CRS Plus version utilizes a highly technical film to ensure higher rates of breathability (10,000/24hr) and waterproofing (10,000 mm), while still delivering the amazing reflectivity that the whole REFLECT360 range has become renowned for across the world. This version of the jacket also has a more tailored fit and added side pockets.

The unique lighter weight material we have worked tirelessly on will help those who like to push things a little bit harder, to stay cool. The jacket achieves a great ‘through-flow’ as the front pockets can be opened up and used as vents to allow air in at the chest and it can escape either out of the under arm or shoulder vents. In the colder months the front chest pockets are watertight and the size had been increased to deliver freer hand movement to access your belongings. The jacket has also been designed in a two-toned system to give a stylish and sleek look so you can look great out on the roads by day and night.

About the fabric: The material has millions of tiny reflective beads embedded in the material so when a vehicle’s headlights hit the jacket, the beads reflect the light back to the light source meaning the driver should be able to identify the cyclist further in advance than normal and maneuver appropriately. The CRS (Colour Reflective System) fabric combines the best qualities of the REFLECT360 Plus and the REFLECT360 CRS cycling jackets to give a highly technical, fully reflective jacket.

Key Features:
● 100% reflective material
● Tailored fit
● Breathability: 10,000+gm/24hr
● Waterproofing: 10,000mm
● Seam-sealed (for sewing line waterproofing)
● Fleece-lined collar
● Raglan sleeves
● Side, chest and back pockets
● Low profiled rear spray guard
● Inside mesh for added comfort
● Built in air vents: front/sides/back
● Adjustable waistband and cuffs
● Waterproof storm zips with garage
● Approximate weight (size variable): 400g
● Machine washable
● Zip pulls

Price: £149.99

All the details at: www.provizsports.coms


ROUVY – Best Cycling Holidays 2020!
Make your next cycling season unforgettable!

You will enjoy every single pedal stroke in the most famous Italian cycling destinations of Tuscany and Livigno. Come to the ROUVY camp, and you will train with our racing team, the ROUVY Specialized Cycling Team. Feel like a PRO, thanks to the professional support of our staff. Bike care… anything you need in one place.

● Focused on Road Cycling
● Training with the Racing Team
● Guided Training Groups
● Support Teams Cars
● Professional Mechanic and Coach
● Massage from a Physiotherapist
● Visit Local Attractions
● Bike Rental

More details from ROUVY HERE.


Giordana Holiday Skullcap

Constructed with Super Roubaix Lyte fabric, the Giordana Ear Cover provides warmth and is a versatile essential for fall/winter riding.

One size fits all.

RRP: $23.00

See at Giordana skullcaps: giordanacycling.com/collections/2019-gift-guide.


Giordana Fusion Women’s Thermal Bib Knicker

Keeping it simple and effective, the purpose built Fusion Bib Tight keeps you warm and comfortable riding through the harshest winter months.

Every Day Essentials
These new and improved versions of the popular Fusion Women’s Bib Tight and Bib Knicker feature Mititech® Thermoroubaix®, a new brushed loft material that aids in heat retention. The unique paneling pattern supports the muscles and conforms to the body in the riding position providing an aerodynamic, body-hugging fit.

The bibs uppers have soft elastic straps and a micromesh back on the upper that gently holds everything together. Additional features of reflective piping around the calves aids visibility and the top of the line OmniForm™ Aloe Vera infused Cirro S-W designed to provide maximum comfort on every ride.

Who’s it for?
Everyone, from athletes just entering the sport to the most hardened master cyclists, will find lots of uses for this comfortable and purpose built bib tight and bib knicker. No frills, just the every day essential tight that will keep you comfortable and riding throughout the winter months.

Cirro S-W Chamois
The chamois is the OmniForm™ Aloe Vera infused Cirro S-W designed to provide maximum comfort for women riders with thickness that varies to uniquely support each area of the body that touches the saddle and is 14mm at its maximum. The uppermost layer utilizes an all-way stretch microfiber that incorporates Aloe Vera.

● Mititech® Thermoroubaix® fabric
● Pixel® reflective accents for visibility at the calves
● Aloe Vera treated Cirro S-W Chamois

RRP: $130.00

Giordana bib knickers: giordanacycling.com.


DZR Italian Merino Wool Socks

Soft, low-odor and durable, DZR selected the finest Italian merino for their socks in both standard and no-show heights.

Price from $11.99 (No Show) to $16.99 (Tall)

More details at: dzr.echoscomm.com.


Reggie DeBoss Jersey

Understated and in your face at the same time. Reggie likes solid colors. Reggie likes tone on tone. The De Boss series is how REGGIE handles all of that. Their process presses the design permanently into the Italian fabric. The final is result is a lightweight, soft jersey that feels great and makes you smile every time you wear it. The DeBoss line is available in 6 colors, two fit styles “Fast” and “Faster” as well as a men’s or women’s cut. If you want to feel fast and be seen, then REGGIE is your brand.

Price: $125USD

Check out their full line at: https://reggie.bike/


Lintaman Shoes and Socks

Lintaman Cycling produces the most adaptable shoes on the market, and is currently offering exceptional discounts on numerous models. Cycling has a long love affair with the color red, and the Lintaman Adjust and Adjust Plus make everybody look and feel faster in red! Lintaman also produces a range of performance compression and semi-compression socks ($17.99) that don’t look like “compression socks.” In simple colors like black, white, navy blue, purple, and turquoise to satisfy different tastes without being too loud or too complicated.

Lintaman main link: https://lintaman.com/store/
Lintaman Socks: https://lintaman.com/store/product-category/socks/


Keep it PEZ for more Holiday Gift Guides in the build up to December the 25th.

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