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Pez Holiday List: Number 2 From You to You?

Time to ramp up the nice (or naughty, depending on who you’ll be motivating), in an effort to present these things as what you might want. Pez land a couple of discounts and toss you some links on a few of our favorite gifts.

Cycleco are offering Pez readers a break on VCRC Ceramic bearings.

These are built as exact factory replacements to standard and are grade 5 full ceramic Si3N4 balls with ABEC 5 races. The Pez Special! Pez readers land a 15% discount on their set. Click HERE for the link and call Cycleco if you have any questions about the discount!

Ever wonder how Santa’s sled doesn’t just dangle and flop around off the back or the reindeer? And where do elves get those voices? Helium…

Maybe the same stuff used in the latest offering from Ridley, the new, yep… Helium. Their new for 08’ rig tips in at the 900 gram mark and goes minimalist from the stays to the carbon drops. Frame fork and headset will set you back $2999 and you can search dealers at Sinclair Imports.

Of course if you’re floating through the air on your helium filled ride, you’ll get a little chilly… In that case, you might want the Weather Warrior.

This is great for those days when your ride starts too cold for jersey and warmers alone, but will either warm up quickly or simply isn’t cold enough for full vest or jacket (think spring or fall). Cheaper than damn near everything else we’ll show and insanely easy on and off, Weather Warrior have dropped their Holiday price to $25.00 bucks so hit em up at WeatherWarrior.com

If staying inside is your thing till spring, Saris and Cycleops give you an indoor 1-2 punch with the Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer and the Power Training DVD.

Robbie Ventura puts you through an 8 week program on the DVD with cool bike mounted shots at Velodrome, training facility and on the road. All together, pretty perfect for breaking up the frozen / bored stiff winter. The Fluid 2 Trainer is an exceptionally durable (in fact guaranteed through Cycleops for life) trainer that has upgraded it’s internals for both higher resistance and more smoothness. The trainer retails for $329 and the DVD gets a Pez prompted discount! Just $29.00 for Pez Readers before Christmas (use the link above).

Also planted firmly in-doors is the long awaited sequel to The Tour Baby! This 2 Disk DVD gives you an inside look at the 2005 Tour de France. Film maker Scott Coady follows the entire Tour and gets way behind the scenes for Lance’s last ride, Chris Horner and Cadel Evan’s first Tour finishes.

It is all in there, the parties, podium girls and the madness that is the Tour de France. $39.95 for a 2-DVD set. The Pez Special! Pez readers save 20% with this code at check out <351234>. Hit THETOURBABY.com

Parlee Cycles have a little treat that lots of folks can appreciate (regardless of what bike they ride) in their new Front Derailleur clamp.

This little baby is especially friendly for our more thin-tubed ultralight bikes and tips the scales, er, well doesn’t really move the scales at all… at just 7 grams (about a quarter of normal) and will run you $90.00. But of course Parlee decided to make whatever Santa brings me look a little meager as the clamp came packaged differently than expected…

The new Z4 is heavier than 7 grams and more than $90.00 but qualifies as the single best front derailleur clamp accessory sent to Pez to date…

BBB and Bike Mine help Santa to keep you from destroying your new hotness (be it frame, stem, post or what ever…) with their Torquefix Torque wrench.

An adjustable handle lets you roll from 2nm to 24nm and tosses in several keys to fit most of what you’ll care to adjust. It also pops in under a hundred at $92.99.

Also from Bikemine roll the now padded versions of Selle SanMarco’s Magma.

Eva foam padded but tipping in at just 195 grams with a magnesium base The new no so heavy metal will run you $249.99. And… Bicycle Alley has agreed to a special Christmas price of $168.88 with coupon code pezmagma!

One of our favorite paper cycling stops, and a cheap and simple gift idea would be Road Magazine.

$39.99 plugs you more directly into the domestic Peloton than any other magazine and doesn’t stop there with supersized coverage of racing round the world…

Speaking of domestic racing, Velovie have been growing in popularity (beyond domestic actually) by tossing out a great value to folks who paste on numbers.

The Veloce TT bike is a pretty plain example. Blending different modulus carbon together to get stiffness and ride quality down and tossing you Frame, fork and headset for $1299 is right in line with putting these in the hands of folks hungry to compete. They’ll be $1399 for 2008, so take a look this month…

Also someone who tend to bring pretty high value / low weight and durable stuff to market, Holiday season or not, are the folks at Ritchey

The WCS Bars and seat posts are just a few of the things with retails that are more not only durable in comparison to others in the weight class, but also relatively affordable. One of our favorite stops for Ritchey kit is Glory Cycles

Also from Glory is a bit of money saving on Tires. Conti’s GP4000.

GP’s are near the top of most ratings, And with a special price for PEZ Readers, you can’t afford not to try ‘em for yourself… The Pez Special! Buy 2 tires and get $20 off. Use coupon code “pezmas” at checkout. Get ‘em at GLORYCYCLES.com

We’ll have another list up in a few days…

Have Fun,

Charles Manantan

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