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Pez Holiday List: Number 3 For Under The Tree

Twas the week before-the week before the week of Kwanzaa and all through the house, it’s time to surf for presents so go ahead and click your mouse…

Crumpton Cycles have decided to take their (er his) top line custom Carbon bikes and toss in a Holiday Bonus to Pez readers…

From now till the end of the year (and not including existing orders, cause this is a Pez fortified deal…) anyone booking and putting a deposit on one of Saint Nick’s custom sleds will get a free (yep, zero dollars) Ritchey WCS carbon post (31.6×350 2 bolt), Ritchey WCS 4Axis stem (84/73 90-130 flat black) and a Ritchey WCS Logic or Classic aluminum bar (40/42/44). Go get em!

Once you get your new Crumpton kitted and fitted (With Shimano or Campy) you might also like a set of Christmas Hudz

After poking their heads out at Interbike and deciding on 6 more weeks of winter, HUDZ will finally be hitting the shelves in time for the holidays. These are “enhancement hoods” that roll out in more than just Red, white and Green (8 colors last time we checked) and will be at several distributors shortly so your local shops can get stocked. For a list of distributors take a look at their web site… GrabTheHudz.com.

And if you’re gonna go festive with the Hudz, why not match up your saddle?

Selle Italia, distributed through Pronet(www.pronetcycling.com), offer up one of the cycling industries long time standards, The Flight. This has the same old sit shape that thousands of butts love, but do so in an updated style and several colors (sorry, the greeny is a Pez Special). 240 grams and $172.99 get you the new hotness…

With all that speed and style on hand, you’ll need some damn fine brakes.

Bontrager Speed Limits let you shed 40 grams from your Dura stoppers and since no color has ever been “the new black”, Bonty folks decided to add to the silver… They also decided to interrupt the extremely high priced upgrade brake game with a $199 price tag that should be a “goal” of others in the game!

Kuota Bicycles made a rig that was simply faster than Santa…

The K Factor SL looks the part of the top line TT rig, but remember this is from the guys that also roll out the Kalibur and Kueen K… That means this bike can be had in various versions of dressed up for what can be considered in the obscene world of bicycle pricing as “affordable” (though the Zipp 808/404 set up on this one are only on the gift list of the truly naughty). They’re available world wide and through Kuota North America for the US and Canada.

D2 Custom Shoes toss in a little Silver and Gold for the Holidays

And there’s no better time to get happy feet than during your winter base miles, as perfectly fit shoes (top to bottom) will absolutely make a difference. D2 (d squared) can make multiple levels of custom and have a new color selection and shoe configuring section on their site. If you really love yourself (like I do) you’ll not make a better gear investment than great shoes. These start in the $500 range, but even their basic shoe gets custom ortho inserts, cleat placement, sizing and basic foot shaping, and there are loads of high end shoes in this ballpark that don’t play this kind of ball.

Cycling Innovations and Tiso can also bring a little festive color…

With a slew of trick, light weight parts that are sold as stand alone or in kits to replace most standard bolts for your Campy, Shimano and SRAM groups. They also roll out pulleys, QR’s and a new Front Mech hanger… You can call 866-425-0468 for orders and info, or simply click the link above.

Upland Sports bring my personal favorite shorts to market in the form of Demarchi’s Contour Evolution Bibs.

The Elastic I.T. cham in these is a great combination of free movement (split design) and ample padding and combines with great fabric and grippers to make this a class leader. A $249 retail is on the upper end for shorts, but they also stand toe to toe (er cheek to cheek?) with the Swiss brand for top marks.

KNOG frog lights would pretty much make for an insanely cool tree decoration…

Turning em all on and off would be a bitch, but 30-40 of these little guys on a tree outside would be bright enough to probably confuse air traffic, so you best not… That said, it’s light time for most of the country that do morning rides, and these are inexpensive, paint friendly and match out loads of frame colors (there are 12 colors). Knog also do some sweet trick bags, larger lights, gloves and other kit. For more info click the link above.

Paceline Products have a heap of cool things and some things that will help you to get warmed up…

Qoleum potions, creams, salves etc will rub you the right way (please be sure to use the appropriate product on the appropriate body part) and their low and medium embrocation are a staple for me this time of year. This is a great product line in Europe and available in North America as well. Hit Pacelineproducts.com for details and retails…

Vellum Cycles are a growing brand and they roll out their new TT ride this year.

The Uno will be available as a frame and also kitted with Zipp wheels, Prologo saddles, Rotor rings and a host of pimp bits. Vellum plan for these to be rolling out in January, but pre orders probably wouldn’t make em to upset, and an IOU from Santa for one of these wouldn’t break my heart.

SIDI Shoes and Veltec Sports have heated sole winter kicks that are off the charts.

But these are the new Ergo 2 and are hot enough on their own. Solid (but not too…) Carbon sole and a heel cup that puts just a touch of squeeze at your Achilles to keep if firmly but comfortable on your foot… I wouldn’t have a left foot if it were not for their insanely good Moto boots, but for two wheeled bikes that don’t have 200 Horsepower, these will do. $449 and you can contact Veltec Sports for a retailer near you.

Something else sent in dressed in sexy silver…

Rocket Science Sports sent us this PICTURE OF THEIR Rocket Bag. Actually they sent us way better pictures of the bag and all its internal pouches… which we deleted in favor of this one. $150 bucks gets you separate shoe / wet gear / other spaces (it really is a well set up pack) all in a very light but durable fabric. You really should check this out…

Fashion, more old school style without flash, comes from the folks at Fi’zi:k

This stuff makes me want to send some custom cow skin to D2 Shoes so they can make a pair to match a sweet Saddle and Bar Tape kit. Given the price of saddles these days, $149 seems nice fore the saddle alone, much less the wraps, but that’s the price for the pair. Check out Fi’zi:k.it for more…

ERGVIDEO TRAINING VIDEOS will help you kill the chill inside

ErgVideoTM : Virtual Reality Cycling combines real-life video action and real power profiles for the most realistic racing simulations possible. ErgVideo’s “Train for RealTM” series provides year-round training with on-road video sessions for cyclists, triathletes, & duathletes. 32 different ErgVideosTM are available at ERGVIDEO.com $45 each, deals on 3, 6, and 9-disk orders. Read the Pez Review here

Nothing brings good cheer like a DOPE KILLS T-SHIRT

Artist Brian Opsal has also created a collection of cycling apparel and art prints that capture the passion of cycling and bicycle racing as well as the pain. We know ‘cuz we read it on their website… Join the fight against evil for only US$26.00 + shipping. Get em at OPSALSPORT.com

And last on the list is the new W.I.N.D equipped CS600 from Polar.

This unit has so many functions we would need to make the list twice as long to fit it in, but this is Polar’s latest power / speed / cadence / time / Calorie / heart rate, I think there is a horoscope and stock-market ticker in there too… $709.00 gets you the hook ups and for the detailed scoop check PolarUSA.com.

Well that’s it for this list… And since it’s a nice sunny 70 outside, I am going to shake off some of this cheer and hit the road! Happy Shopping!

Have Fun,

Charles Manantan

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