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PEZ Holiday Wish List #1

If you’re like us, the Holiday shopping rush is still 23 days away… but it’s never too early to stick that Wish List on your fridge to remind someone how to light up your tree (and allow time for shipping…) Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

AMERICAN CLASSIC 420 Aero 3 Pink Wheels

Imagine the love you’ll feel when your better half unwraps her very own set of American Classic Areo 420’s – colored in oh-so chic pink. You know what I’m talking about – and she won’t even mind that you treated treat yourself to a set in sleek all white – what woman doesn’t love to match? They’re available now in black big type or white new alpha type colors too.
• Price: US$1100.00/msrp clincher pair.
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CASTELLI Squadra Azzurra Team Kit

They may not have won big at the World’s this year, but the Squadra Azzurri never looked better in their national team kit by Castelli – and now you can too. A partnership that has created some of the most enduring images in cycling history including Paola Pezzo’s victories in the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games, Castelli has taken great pride in supplying the world’s most dominant national cycling team with innovative and visually imaginative apparel. The jerseys are full zip, and racer cut with three pockets in back, while the bibshorts feature Castelli’s excellent Kiss3 chamois, mutli-panel design and flatlock stiching. Available now.

Price: Team jersey: US$100.00, Aero Race jersey: $160.00, Team Bibshorts: US$125.00

DOPPIO Double Walled Insulated Tumbler

You’ve reached that point in your life when coffee tastes best in a small cup, so why settle for paper when you can ‘take away’ in style with this sleek stainless steel tumbler? Simple. Elegant. Functional. The Doppio is Innate’s response to requests from friends who wanted a compact double wall tumbler that could handle a couple of shots and enough steamed milk for a respectable wet cappuccino.
• Fits most vehicle cup holders, alas it won’t work well in your water bottle cage.
• Compact shape is a great alternative to larger travel mugs.
• Double wall construction keeps the goods warm while you live la dolce vita.
• Press fit lid with sipping and air holes is perfect for warmth rention. Just remember that it’s not designed to be spill-proof, just to keep sloshing overflow spills to a minimum.
• Capacity: 200 ml/6.5 fl oz — Weight: 130g/4.6 oz single tumbler and lid
And best of all – it works just as well at keeping cold drinks cool – and holds a perfectly sized negroni.

Price: About US$10.00

DOC’s Cycling Salves

New to the market but sure to be welcomed by you AND your boys, Doc’s All Natural Chamois Cream was developed by a physician-cyclist who worked for over 4 years with multiple pharmacists and chemists to develop a chamois cream with the ideal balance of friction fighting and grunge defense. Doc’s All Natural Chamois Cream contains a unique and effective blend of coconut oil, tea tree oil, and witch hazel, that are good for your skin, and won’t harm your chamois like petroleum-based creams can.
PEZ Sez: “I’ve used it, and me & the boys approve.”

Future All-Natural products will include a Saddle Sore Remedy (available in October), Cold Weather Embrocation, Massage Gel, and Post-Ride Crotch Balm.

Price: US$20.95

LOOK Kйo Blade Cro-Moly

From the guys who practically invented the clipless pedal, the Kйo Blade Cro-Moly fills in what the Keo Blade Ti started with a version priced just over $300. You gain a few grams per pedal, but at a very light 115 grams for each – who’s gonna notice? The Kйo Blade Cro-Moly runs a cro-moly axle and uses the same carbon ‘blade’ as the Ti version to provide tension.
• Price: US$ 319.99


Skeese Greets, Greeting Cards for the Athletically Minded, releases holiday cards for people who love bikes. The cards are designed with used bicycle chains formed into shapes such as snowflakes, an angel, a Christmas Tree, a snowman and a poinsettia. Corresponding sentiments include, “It’s the Holiday Season, so get in gear – Jump off the bike and drink some beer!” or “Oh Christmas Tree…How much I would like, if under those branches, lies a new bike!” All of the cards are also available blank on the inside which allows for customization for bike shops and individuals alike.
• Each 5.5 x 4.25 inch card is printed on glossy card stock with soy based ink and comes with a matching gray envelope.
• The holiday boxed sets of 10 cards are priced at US$1.39 per card ($13.95 a box) or $2.95 for individual cards. Boxed sets are packaged in a clear box with silver bow and dangling chain link. Keystone pricing is available for bicycle retailers. Bulk pricing is available for those retailers wishing to send holiday greetings to their customers.


WATER.org & Camelbak Custom Bottles

Forget the rumors about him starring in a movie about Lance Armstrong, what’s true is that Matt Damon has co-founded Water.org, and partnered with CamelBak to provide limited edition water bottles to raise awareness of the global water crisis impacting more than 2 billion people.

The Water.org “Bottle Project” aims to help make safe drinking water available in 14 countries. There are many ways to contribute, but this particular purchase is simple and powerful – helping bring clean water to people in need. Water.org is selling CamelBak Better Bottles (https://gift.water.org/) to raise awareness and funds for the cause.
• Price: About US$20.00 per bottle


ZYM RIVAL, Sugar-Free Natural Sport Drink Tabs

A show of hands on this one – who wants to be better hydrated? Thought so – and ZYM’s new Rival orange-flavored portable electrolyte replacement drink will do the trick. It’s naturally sweetened and contains electrolytes, vitamns, and a special plant extract that may improve performance. And fits neatly into almost any stocking.
• Price: MSRP $9.99.

GIRO Super Natural Footbed Kit

Introduced as part of their line of performance road and mountain footwear, Giro’s new SuperNatural Footbed kit features adjustable arch height, multi-density padding and X-Static top fabric for increased comfort. The SuperNatural Footbed comes with three modular arch cookies that can be swapped to match the arch height of any rider and can be varied from right to left if necessary. Available in February 2011.
• Price: $49.00/pair

2011 CYCLE PASSION Calendar

Here’s one final treat for making it to the bottom of this list:
If you’re allowed one (ahem)… calendar in your workshop (like me ~), then this is the way to go. The 2011 Cycle Passion Calendar is in its 6th year of providing a highly stylized and sexy look at professional women cyclists, proving that just because they can kick your butt on the bike, is no reason to stop being feminine.

In addition to 12 months of hot cycling babes, they’ve added some video trailers for the 75 min ‘making of’ documentary “Eyes Wide Open” that includes actual MTB racing footage with Willow Koerber and Heather Irmiger, plus detailed interviews with each one of the eight athletes. The film is available separately on DVD or as a Combo pack together with the Calendar. You can see for yourself in one of the trailers or sneak peeks produced by Cyclefilm’s Markus Neuert:

Next year’s calendar features big format (Size: 40 cm x 68 cm // 15,75″ x 20,72″ ) photos by Daniel Geiger of Willow Koerber, Heather Irmiger, Hanka Kupfernagel , Liz Hatch, Veronica Andrйasson, Mona Eiberweiser, Fabienne Heinzmann, and Julie Krasniak.


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