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PEZ-Tech: CAPO Monza & Limited Gear

Capo Cycling Apparel are mainstay products at Pez (they crafted our latest house kit) and their summer skins are always a welcome arrival. Here’s a closer look at their Monza Bibs, Jersey and Limited Editions.

Upland Sports Group sent the latest round of Capo Monza Bibs and Jersey and a couple of their limited edition pieces…

Click the thumb at top for the BIG view.

The Monza line is new this year and has a focus not just on venting and moving moisture, but more focus on compression and stink / bug killing…

The jersey looks fairly standard with raglan sleeve, full length zip and new graphics. The fit is a bit more snug than what you may be used to with other Capo lines. Not so much that you should change your size requirements (for most) but certainly enough that fat guys will look fat and skinny guys will be even more disliked than they were in other kits…

A bit of a closer look here will show you a few different fabrics… First on my list (in fact I wouldn’t mind an entire jersey made from it) are nice, wide mesh sections straight up the sides…

Soft and well vented is a plus for the mesh.

But the real deal here is the main body fabric of the jersey. I actually stole a better picture from the Upland SG web site (annoying me because I like taking better pictures than the manufacturers generally do) that shows you the perforation pattern.

You can see the pattern a bit better in black and white on the darker jersey and while it’s no place near as plain as on the white, you at least know it’s there…

Looking at the inside shows you that it’s not actually holes, but variable stitching that works VERY well at pulling water off the skin while breathing well. It’s probably more effective than simple holes would be…

But it’s not the stitching alone that makes for a nice shirt here… The fabric sections feature carbon and silver in proper locations. The carbon is an odor killer (and some suggest also cuts down on electrostatic build up) and is the main feature of the body sleeves and collar. The silver threads work to kill bacteria and are a part of the underarm and side panels.

The panels on the jersey fit is not simply “tighter” by the way. I would say that it’s more form fitting than simply tighter. The panels are cut to be more comfortable in a cycling position and that means bent over and arms reaching, so as you stand around evaluating fit, just know you’re wasting your time… Go ahead and lean over and stretch and you’ll get why the panels have been cut differently.

The back is pretty simple. Three pockets, vert graphics are nice looking and not over-done, a waist gripper and flat stitching are all expected at this level.

The Monza Bibs also get a twist from past Capo kits.

The most notable feature is at the leg bottom… The shorts are cut a bit to the longer side and feature a nice wide compression band that is actually two pieces of power Lycra bonded together.

The width of the piece is step one to a really supportive short and the cut and use of a couple of other fabrics is a combined second step.

Directional compression makes for ease of movement while maintaining great support and Capo do that with the Monza using Power Lycra and carbon added Lycra panels.

The shorts also feel a bit more snug, but that’s down to greater compression and on-bike form cut panels, meaning your size runs for the shorts will be roughly the same as past Capo products…

Of course virtually all priorities in life are related to the proximity and interaction of Mr. Happy and his luggage… With that, I present Capo’s 4D chamois.

Capo have used elastic interface tech chamois for years and this is the latest edition.

A nice trench in the middle (a bit more room now on the D-4) to keep from bunching and graduated stack height (4 thickness build up).

The D-4 also adds Carbon to the mix and is still a one piece pad. It’s perforated (and open cell) for better breathing bobbles. All combine for a fairly thick pad with good density that some like for long distances…

Pez have purchased a lot of Capo kit in the past but the Monza Bibs and Jersey are a definite next step in performance fit and cut. The Jersey Retails for $129 and the Bibs will run $199.

Capo also kicked in their Limited Edition Bibs.

The leg bottoms here are also Power Lycra but in this case it’s a single ply instead of the double dip on the Monza. They also add a silicone gripper inside.

The legs are also Power Lycra but with the addition of a vertically ribbed section that helps keep things supported but allows an ease of movement.

The chamois for the Limited Edition Bibs is Capo’s Anatomic EIT.

This is actually a 2 piece insert with lower stack height and a bit lower density than the D-4. It also has variable thickness but is a bit lower profile with a less padded “feel”. It features silver micro-fiber for a bit of added bug killing.

Still a performance shape, though a bit less aggressive (in both shape and compression) than the Monza shorts, the Limited fit like nakedness and specialize in disappearing rather than notable support.

The Limited Edition bibs retail for $219.

Last on this list is the Limited Edition Vest.

Light weight fabric and snug but movable fit is the order of the day for the Limited Vest. The main body fabric for this unit is compact Rip Stop Micro-fiber from Toray that is both wind and water resistant.

The side panels are a neat trick called Wind ST.

That’s a stretch panel, but it’s also fairly wind proof and vents well…

The whole thing folds down into teeny packer and zips up into its own pocket for storage.

But if you’re like me, you’re happy for higher durability because you’re going to just bunch it up and cram it in your jersey. This one just happens to be so thin and pliable that there’s room for gloves and a goo in the same jersey pocket…

$79 gets you the vest.

Capo Cycling Apparel have come a long way in a relatively short cycling life time. Everything here is a solid well made piece of clothing and the design and execution have gotten to the point that Capo now sit comfortably among the top couple of clothing manufacturers in cycling…

You can see these and more at Upland Sports Group‘s web site. WWW.UPLANDSG.COM.

Have Fun,
Charles Manantan

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