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PEZ Xmas.2: More Stuff You Should Have!

13 days and counting! No need to get dropped, but our PEZ Xmas wish lists have been known to increase sales of certain products just before Christmas – so you might want to snap up the cool gear we’ve spec’d for this week’s list before next acceleration. Here’s the goodies…


The folks at ZIPP have something on offer that fits the “gift bag” tag, in their revised travel / gear bag and wheel bag. Both retail for an affordable $125 bucks and are available through several retailers on line and or can be had at your local shop if they order em now…


The perfect gift for that cyclist who appreciates carbon (almost) everywhere. This cage and bottle come neatly packaged in a holiday ready gift box that looks great under the tree – but even better on your bike. The Tao carbon cage weighs just 29 grams and works exceptionally well with rubber no-slip surface and carbon construction.
• Price: $79.95
• Get It: CycleCo.com


For the folks logging the long hours, the people at BIKEMINE.com bring you the Activeblu head set. Better than the latest display piece of self important people (the folks walking around with ears sets as a fashion accessory) This is a far better on-the-bike unit with easy to hit buttons and a wind sock to keep the background noise down as you ride… ($149)


Want a gift to go with a New Year’s resolution? Experience how independent bicycle cranks can make you a better and faster cyclist in 2007. PowerCranks is offering PEZ-Readers 10% off when they use the code “holidaypez” at their online store by January 2. 2007. Join Magnus Backstedt, Ivan Basso, Paolo Bettini, Dario Cioni, Danilo di Luca, Levi Leipheimer and many other top professional athletes who train on PowerCranks to realize their potential.
• MSRP $869.00 U.S.
• Get It: www.PowerCranks.com


• The folks at Trialtir USA know a thing or two about seasonal colors, as Italy waves ‘em all year long. The LAS Haxial with the National Flag colors would look uberpimp on your Christmas ride along with an Old Mapei Italian National Team kit… (You could add the new Colnago Extreme power in Italian Tri-c for just a couple dollars and complete the theme).


• A little lighter on the pocket book, but equal or greater in the cool factor would be Chris King’s “Angry Bee T”. 25 bucks gets you back in black, or you can go with a personal favorite, King’s popular Hub Shakers for a few dollars more…


• Just arrived from SPIUK – the Spanish makers of ‘all-things-cycling’ – are their Spiuk Extreme Socks: made from 75% Merino wool and 10% Lycra and a blend of 3 acrylics, the Extreme provides high heat retention and insulation and molds tautly to the shape of the foot providing optimum warmth and comfort. • Offered in small, medium or large, and only $10 bucks a pair!
• Get ‘em at: DPMSports.com


• For the rider who has it all – something you actually need – replacement bolts for your tired and worn out bits. Italian brand TISO has been in the small and very light parts game long enough to know their stuff (read the PEZ review here), so why not trick your ride with some cool colors your buddies don’t have (yet). The bolt kits are here for Campy or Shimano, in colors like blue, red, black, gold, and silver, and include pulley wheels, pulley wheel bolts, and bolts for chainrings, crankarms, derailleurs, headsets and cassettes. Check out their ultra light derailleurs, chainrings and head sets too and all the items are sold separately as well.
• Price: US$129.95 + shipping (Xmas Special)


• It’s happened before: a product designed for one thing gets used for something else. Ironclad Performance Wear is no different, originally born on the construction jobsite, the product line has reached out to sporting and activewear, most notably the cycling world. Their base layers are perfect for winter – in short and long sleeves – featuring heavy-duty stitching and high collars, mad ein the USA of a nylon, ploy, spandex blend, they fit snug and pull moisture away from your skin, so you stay warm. I’ve been riding ‘em both and they work… You’ll be hearing more from these guys soon.
• Price: $US49.99 (long sleeve cold condition shown above)
• Buy ‘em online or at major retailers
• More info at: IRONCLAD.com


• After your _______ (insert adjective here) year ever, it’s time to think about replacing your tired chain and cassette for fresh shifts in the spring. SRAM delivers the gift of smooth shifting precision in its 1090 series chains and cassettes at a price that won’t flatten your wallet. Install your chain quickly and with confidence using the innovative PowerLock® connecting link, Santa digs it. The SRAM cassette will improve your holiday mood and shifting performance with OpenGlide® technology.
• Price: Chain: $US54 – Cassette: US$95
• Buy ‘em: ProBikeOutlet.com
• More info at: SRAM.com


• Rouleur is a new quarterly road racing magazine from the UK published by Rapha, and a great read for anyone passionate about the sport. Beautifully produced, packed with sublime photography and insightful writing, and printed on heavy quality stock, it brings together leading cycling writers and photographers to convey the essence and imagery of road racing that celebrates the passion, drama and beauty of the sport. Don’t expect to see bike tests and race reports. Instead, the magazine focuses on exquisite photography and writing that really gets under the skin of the great riders and theatres of road racing.
• Subscription: 4 x quarterly issues of Rouleur cost Ј34, $85, Ђ70 prices include postage. Free pair of Rapha Merino Socks with every subscription (postage will be charged on the socks).
The next issues of Rouleur will be: February 07, May 07, August 07.
• Get Em At: Rapha.cc


• Salsa’s Bobby Buckle is their heroic effort to fight off plumbers crack everywhere. No more coin slot jokes. No more butt cheeks flapping in the breeze. Crafted of 100% pewter, the Bobby Buckle is the classy way to keep your (or your loved ones) pants from dragging. Available at any good bike shop or at any Salsa Authorized Dealer.
• MSRP $40.00 U.S.
• Get It: SalsaCycles.com

Note: if you have other experiences with gear, or something to add, drop us a line. We don’t claim to know everything (we just imply it at times). Give us a pat on the back if you like the reviews, or a slap in the head if you feel the need!

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