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PEZ Xmas: Stuff You Gotta Have!

If you’re like us, the Xmas shopping rush is still 19 days away… but it’s never too early to stick that Wish List on your fridge to remind Santa exactly how to light up your tree (and allow time for shipping!) Here’s a few ideas…


The only way to know if a saddle is right for you is to ride it, right? So the smart guys at Neuvation Cycling, makers of high quality, low priced (super value) wheelsets have brought to market something the big guys never will – saddle shaped like the most popular designs, but with a 60-day money back guarantee. So you get 2 whole months to ride ‘em and either exchange ‘em for another shape, or get your money back. All three models – the S1, S2, and S3 are on sale right now for $79.99 plus shipping.


Using wattage to train is the most effective method for improvement, but most power meters don’t come cheap. The iBike Pro from Velocomp prices in $399 and allows riders to measure power accurately at a third of the cost of other power meters. Rather than measuring force at the crank or hub, the iBike Pro gathers an array of forces opposing the rider, including frontal drag, altitude, acceleration, gradient, wind speed and bike speed, and then back calculates power within a few percent of the $1000+ big boys. And with no special wheels, cranks or hubs necessary, you can use the equipment you already own.
• MSRP: US$399.00


Batteries not included… but who needs ‘em? The Roof Rack Reminder is designed to remind you, both at home and away, of the items you are carrying on top of your vehicle so you can avoid the costly and embarrassing consequences of forgetting about overhead cargo – like bikes. The patent-pending warning system consists of a large, yellow, warning diamond that hangs from your garage door and a plastic windshield cling sticker with a space to write in the minimum clearance requirement of the loaded vehicle for easy reference.
• Price: US$14.99


I’m a big believer in compact gearing – it offers wider gear ranges, tighter ratioed cassettes, shorter chains, less weight, higher cadence and a lot less stress on your knees (so you’ll keep riding into your geezer years). I converted over a year ago and love it – and I’m less fatigued from humping too-big gears and riding stronger than ever. Ritchey Logic makes the choice to switch one step easier with their high-end and very stiff Carbon WCS compact crankset for Octalink BB.
• The crankarm material: unidirectional, high-modulus carbon fiber, 5 Arm
• Compatibility: Shimano® Octalink®, Double
• 110mm bolt circle diameter
• Chainring size: 34/50T (also available in 36/46T cross version)
• Chainring material: 46/50T 7075 CNC machined aluminum outer chainrings, 34/36T hardened steel inner chainrings
• Lengths: 170, 172.5 and 175mm lengths
• Weight: 548g (but mine weighed 540g)
• Price: $499.95 (USD)


Back again in 2007 is another installment of the “provocatively sensuous” calendar filled with shiny bikes and sultry bodies – Anke Wilken’s 2007 Cyclepassion calendar! Twelve different breathtaking models are shown alongside a range of exotic road bikes. The Cyclepassion calendar: cycling memorabilia that deserves the appreciation of every red-blooded cyclist!
• Price: US$29.99 + shipping


The power training train has left the station, and American Classic is on it – now offering CycleOps PowerTap SL hubs as an optional build on all their wheels with 24 or 32 spoked rims. You can buy the full Powertap SL Hub System & Power Lite Software, or just the wheels and hubs, or the Powertap SS 2.4 Wireless & Power Lite Software. And forget about weight worries with American Classic Sprint 350’s starting at 1490 grams (for the set), or the even lighter 1390 gram magnesium tubulars. They’re IN STOCK and ready to build, order yours now.
• Prices: US $979.00 – $2049.00 depending on wheels and build.


Not that you’ll have any money to put in it after the retail season, but a clever little wallet and ID holder distributed by PACELINE PRODUCTS makes for an inexpensive (less than 20 bucks) and effective piece of bike gear. The Jimi wallet opens with a press and keeps things dry (very water resistant) and organized. It also comes in a few colors to match your shoes…


Another easy gift or gifts would be from the folks at ELITE-IT.COM. Their selection of Ozone products includes very light warming oils (in handy as hell spray pumps) and several creams, rubs, shower and shave items. Any or all of them will be welcome additions to warm up through spring. In fact, they have a potion designed to help cool down in ultra heat as well, so this stuff is a year round gift…


• Also on the easy list would be a ‘script to the semi new guys at ROAD magazine. $39.99 in the US (64 Canadian, 76 beyond), gets you a 10 issue spread of massive pictures, news and interviews on the sport we love.


• Last on the pile for this list will be a gift for the rare few who have parked up the Gulfstream and cruised the Bentley up to Chalet du Mont D’Arbois for a couple of weeks of winter relaxation… Daddy will check the time on his Skeletonized Audemars Grand Complication and after having breakfast served for all, will stroll down to the main room of their suite to unwrap (or have presented to him) the bike that the Robb Report would have him (or him and her if he hurries) invest in. It’s the Anniversary sled from Groupe De Tete and will be custom built to size as well as accessorized (ALTiN coated 6/4 Ti gearing, one off coppertone Zipp Z wheels, one off saddle, bars etc) to the tune of $25,000. Of course you could swing a deal on one, but if you play in this ballpark, “swinging a deal” means you actually add cost and features (a diamond encrusted head badge?). One must wonder if every day is a Holiday for those that will ride these… (they’ll make 5, but only two were left at time of writing).

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