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PEZ Xmas Wish Lists #3 & 4

If you’ve still got room left in the Xmas budget, we can help fill the gaps with some more super-sweet swag to brighten even the brightest tree. Here’s more of the stuff you need, want, and just plain can’t live without…

If you saw our review of the Neuvation M28 wheels, you’ll know these are some big-ass value. The R28 SL’s weigh 250 grams lighter at 1470 per set… and priced of $399 for a 100% handbuilt wheelset, that includes skewers, rim strips and extra spokes – these look to be an even bigger-ass value.
• Fits either Shimano or Campy.
• Go to NeuvationCycling.com

What better to wrap those new wheels than some new rubber? The top tire-maker from Italy has won just about every pro race on the planet, and with over 50 years experience in bike racing, they know where the rubber meets the road. The Open Pave (clincher) EVO-CG is designed for use in every kind of road and weather conditions, including pavй and heavy rain. Its got a new Corespun K2 casing (50% Polycotton, 50% Kevlar®), for added puncture resistance, a tread made of Vittoria’s Kevlar ® SiO2 3D Compound, and a “hand made” casing construction. An excellent choice for training or racing in crap conditions.
• MSRP: US $69.99
• Go to www.Vittoria.com
• Or see the US distributor: www.BikeMine.com

The big Spanish brand SPIUK (reportedly no relation to the bodily reaction familiar to cyclist climbing the famous Angliru in the Spanish Pyrenees) gained lots of exposure atop the heads of pro team Illes-Balereas with their helmets and glasses. Now available in America, the Nexion helmet features in-molding technology, 25 vents, weighs only 290 grams, and their CompactFix tensioning system, plus comes in lots of cool colors (plain and Pro team!)
• The SONIC Sport Glasses are the newest eyewear offering from Spiuk. Offered in 12 colors – 1 Carbon-style, 6 matte (solid color), and 5 crystal (translucent) variations, the frames are made of flexible, ultra-light, and resilient Grilamid, and the design of the frames allow the lenses to FLOAT in areas of low stress and tension, further minimizing the weight and bulk of the frame design. Each comes with four sets of interchangeable lenses, made of IMEX, a shatter-proof polycarbonate, and each lens has an anti-scratch treatment.
• The SONIC retails at $109.99 and come with a two-year warranty.
• Nexion retail price $139.99.
• Distributed in USA by DPMSports.com

CERVELO Soloist Bike
An unbelievable combo of aerodynamics and stiffness, ‘Soloist’ is the perfect name for Cervelo’s CSC team frame – a breakaway artist’s best friend. One of the most talked about bikes this season, smile all the way to the front of your group ride on a truly aero bike. CSC chooses the Soloist carbon, maybe you should too.
• Frameset: $3,200, Dura Ace $5000, Ultegra $4400, and Record $5595
• For more details or to buy it online go to www.RACycles.com

SELLE ITALIA Signo Saddles
Intro’d in ’05 as the newest from Italian saddle-maestros Selle Italia, the Signo (pronounced “SEE-nyo”) has been under my butt since May, and I’m pleased to say has become my personal saddle of choice. The center supports allow for saddle flex at the rear, so it moves with you as you pedal, designed to reduce fatigue and make the ride more comfy. They even backed it up with some lab tests that proved ‘em right. It’s offered in two versions – the Signo Genuine Gel shown above and Gel Flow with “anatomically arranged 1-3 mm differentiated thickness gel inserts around the central anatomical TransAm shape that further reduces pressure on the ischiatic and soft tissue zones.” They look cool too.
• Retail: Signo Genuine Gel $124.99
Signo Gel Flow $129.99
• Go to www.SelleItalia.com

ROAD ID Personal Identification
Possibly the best gift value on anyone’s list – full identification that’s easy to carry on any ride. Our review says it all, so we won’t preach about the value of these inexpensive items, but let’s say that if it’s the thought that counts, Road ID might count the most.
• Price: around US $25.00
• Go to www.RoadID.com

With the stiffness and performance levels of current bicycles and carbon wheels it only makes sense to improve the power of your brakes to control your added velocity. M5 Brakes are machined from 7075 aluminum in Holland, and feature the stiffest brake arms in the industry resulting in enhanced modulation and superior safety at just 72g per brake.
• Retail price: $465 per pair of arms, $560 with Bram’s Brake shoes and Corima cork pads.
• Go to GroupDeTete.com

EVERTI Team Bike
Vancouver Island’s small builder of custom titanium frames announces their new Team model – developed with the needs of racers, especially sprinters and very strong riders in mind. The frame has a massive downtube that flares out from the headtube at 36mm width to 58mm at the bottom bracket to ensure maximum power transfer from that area. The straight seat stays keep the rear wheel tracking precisely when sprinting, and compact geometry keeps the whole package very tight and responsive.
• Price: US$1450 Frame only
• Go to EverTiBikes.com

What better to grab this winter than some Ice? Ice Toolz make every kind of tool you could want (they are the manufacturers of some very popular brands as well…) but the one tool you should ask for this season is the Quartet Flex Hex wrench (the blue thing in the middle). 4,5,6 and 8 hex heads and they’re floating, rather than fixed! It will do screw driver type work and turn at angles to give you way more range than standard “L” shape wrenches, for tight spots.
• Go to PromologicUSA.com for a retailer near you.

CALFEE One-Piece Custom Bars & Stem
Calfee roll out the best one-piece bar stem combo made, simply in it’s combination of weight and it’s ability to be tilted to fit you before they make it (rather than tilting your riding position to fit your bars, as other one piece units do…). Prices vary, but if you have a custom fetish, this is the one piece for the new year…
• Go to CalfeeDesign.com for a retailer near you.

Yo Santa! Keep those great gifts coming! What..? You still need ideas…? Fear not dear PEZ-Readers – we’ve got stocking stuffers-a-plenty for even the toughest to buy for riders… just email this to your own secret Santa and hope for the best on Christmas Day…

What true cycling fan isn’t interested in seeing a wide-open Tour de France for 2006? We can’t wait for July and if you want to see the action up close nothing will help you more than Velotainment.com’s Self-guided Tour de France 2006. 65 info-packed pages written by veteran TdF Guide Ted Arnold, the guide gives up all the skinny on just how to create your own adventure – complete with advice on the how, when, and where written specifically for the 2006 race route. From camping next the road, to the best 5-Star Hotels, Ted has been there and done that. With his guide and maybe you can too.
• Price $19.95
• Available at: www.CafePress.com/Velotainment
• Read the PEZ-Review of 2005 Guide
2005 Guide

WHITE XLITE by Barbieri
Pretty much a must have for dark-day winter riding – these super bright mini lights by Italian maker Barbieri weigh almost nothing, attach easily to handlebars, seatposts, even your hemlet, and shine enough light to make you visible from afar. The lights are waterproof, have replaceable batteries, and feature 3 settings – slow flash, fast flash, and steady light. Retail is around $17.95. Go to www.euromediagroup.us

Spin the spool and rule the fools in cool wool baby! Dig the Capoforma Retro Wool Jersey, it’s a classic Italian-made ‘maglia’ in 50% Merino Wool and 50% Acrylic, so you “scratch-a no itch”.
• Club Style Cut – 20cm Zipper – 3 Rear Button Pockets
• Sizes: S-XXXL
• MSRP: $149.99
• Go to

The boys from the NorthWest have filled in their line of cranksets by adding a Compact version (50/34) to the K-Force series. Sleek design and a full 60 grams lighter than their
SLK model we tested, it’s offered in 170, 172.5, and 175mm lengths, comes with the integrated MegaExo bottom bracket.
• MSRP $529.00
• Go to FullSpeedAhead.com

Ritchey Logic has been making sense of bike parts for years – from the early days of mtbs, right through today and their new 3D Net Forged 2014Aluminum Alloy WCS 4Axis Stem. Look sleek and fast, and weighing only 111g (110mm/31.8mm), you likely will be.
• 90mm through 130mm
• 31.8mm 4Axis barclamp only
• MSRP $99.95
• Find ‘em at

Nothing will make you more happy than happy feet (butts are a close second depending…) D2 make custom fit shoes that conform to your dogs, top bottom and sides. They make leisure shoes too for off the bike, but who cares…! Find ‘em at D2CustomFootwear.com. You might wanna do the gift certificate thing though, as they’re made after you go through a fitting process that might not fit on Santa’s schedule.

At last! Energy gel that’s chewy… sort of… The smarty-pants-es over at Clif introduce their new Clif Shot Bloks of energy boosting goodness. They’re reportedly “3 chews per blok”, won’t stick in the pack, and are “delicious”.
Each energy gel packet contains 100 calories, 24 grams of simple and complex carbohydrates derived from organic brown rice syrup for fast energy, 70 milligrams of sodium to maintain hydration and proper muscle function, and 20 milligrams of potassium to relieve muscle cramping. Expect to pay around $1.99 per pack.
• Find ‘em at ClifBar.com.

VDO MC 1.0 Altimeter
Need the data to confirm why your legs are killing you? The MC1.0 altimeter is the answer – max %/feet (or meters) and a host of other features from the same company that supplies the German auto industry with precision instrumentation. Features new larger graphics that are easier to read with blurred, sweat-smudged eyeballs.
• MC1.0 Wired $99.95 / MC1.0+ Wireless $149.95
• Buy it online at WISECYCLEBUYS.com
• Read the PEZ-Review VDO MC1.0+ Wireless Cyclometer

If you’ve been to Switzerland, you know they love rules, and what better way to enforce ‘em than a great brake pad to quickly put a stop to any monkey business? Special rubber compounds offer superior stopping power in wet and dry conditions, low pad wear rates, very linear brake response and smooth, quiet performance – how more Swiss can you get?
• MSRP Race2000 GHP (Campy/green compound) is CAD$38.80 for a set of 4/ Yellow King (carbon) is CAD$61.60.
• MSRP Flash GHP (Shimano/green compound) is CAD$29.60 for a set of 4/ FLASH Yellow King (Shimano/yellow compound for carbon) is CAD$48.40 (set of 4).

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