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PEZ Xmas Wish List #5

Our Phattest List Yet! Strap on your Yuletide drool bucket and click on in for some way cool bike bling. It may be blatant commercialism, but who’ll be smilin’ when they find one of these niftty gift ideas under the tree on Sunday morn…? That’s what I thought…

“The Found Poetry of Phil Liggett” pretty much says it all about his new book by Doug Donaldson, that presents in short verses, over 150 pages of Phil’s quips, quotes and comments from years of calling the biggest races in pro cycling. Phil told us: “I was stunned when I was asked to allow the research to be done, but it was laid out so well. As regards the phrases I never know what’s going to come out. It is definitely an emotional thing to suit the occasion. I look at the picture and see things which perhaps other don’t! It is so important to try and convey the riders and the event in the way they deserve while at the same time allowing viewers to appreciate just how hard the sport is. I was very proud to see so many of my quotes in print. Many of them I’d forgotten about, too!”
A must have for any true cycling fan.
• MSRP: $9.99
• Go to BreakAwayBooks.com

With help from the leaders in adventure video recording, make movies your friends might actually want to watch – with the VioSport Adventure Cam 3. It’s a full on helmet camera that mounts almost anywhere on you or your bike and connects to your video recorder stuffed in your jersey pocket. I took it to the Giro and video’d my descent of the Stelvio – 45 minutes of the most riveting descending action you’ll ever see (check out that actual pic from my Stelvio descent!)…well, unless you shoot your own. The camera lens is made especially tough for shooting action sports, and the lens options make for crisp, clear hi-res images of all the guts you’re made of. Stay tuned for my full review, or just get on it at:
• Retail: $329.95
• Go to: VioSport.com

The 2006 Siena is the weapon of choice for 2005 British Champion Russ Downing and the DFL/Cyclingnews Continental UCI trade team. All new for 2006. it’s completely crafted from cold worked 3Al-2.5V titanium. Designed for greater stiffness and more precise handling, the tube shapes at the head tube junction work together to create a rigid front-end for stable performance and confident tracking, the oversized expanded-diamond down tube is crafted from 3AL/2.5V titanium alloy and is shaped for superior stiffness and handling precision, and the oversized seat tube further enhances the overall frame stiffness by locking the bottom bracket in place.
• Retail: $2499 Frame/fork
• Go to Litespeed.com – 1-800-229-0198

Looking for a cool racing calendar that’s not just about one rider…? This calendar showcases the passion and skill of photographer Jonathan Devich in a collection of “postcard style” photographs taken at the Tour de France. You’ll enjoy one full year of months and days of the natural splendors of the Tour de France Landscape, from mountains to small villages. It’s a perfect portrayal of cycling’s greatest spectacle. It features thirteen full-color cycling photographs in oversized formats, international holidays and descriptive text. and large daily planning boxes.
• Stuff your stocking for $12.99 U.S./ $16.99 Cdn
• Go to calendars are available online at EpicImages.us/calendar2k6 and at major bike shops throughout the United States.

Guaranteed to make you faster, PowerCranks are the choice of top pros like Tour of Germany winner Levi Leipheimer, Pro Tour World Champion Danilo Di Luca, and World Time Trial Champion Michael Rogers. See our review of the basic model for the scoop, or consider the Xlite version, with adjustable dual mode that allows the rider to lock them in place as regular cranks and to easily un-lock them to make them operate independent from one another.
• Price: $799 US Basic, $1299 US Xlite
• Go to PowerCranks.com

A high performance pedal at a budget price, the Forte CR150’s offer weight comparable to Dura Ace 7800 but at less than half the price. The Look compatible platform features a lightweight CNC’d titanium spindle, low profile aluminum body all at 240 grams.
• MSRP $99.99 currently on sale for $79.99

The five BicycleGifts poster jerseys are based on images from classic advertising posters that were popular between the turn of the century and the 1930’s in France. All feature C-Dry™ premium honeycomb knit micro-fiber fabric and a long 45 cm hidden zipper with three rear pockets, and constructed in the looser club fit sizing. Receive a free 6×9 mini poster that the jersey is based upon,with any jersey purchase.
• Retail price is $69.95.
• Go to BicycleGifts.com

This “Instant Classic” documentary tracks Team CSC’s 2004 season and is now available through WCP. Danish filmmaker Tomas Gislason spent last year’s cycling season, including the Tour de France, capturing the joys and sorrows, the triumphs and the disappointments, the dogged pursuit of endurance and the emotional highs and lows of the team members and directeur sportif Bjarne Riis, whose impact on the sport continues significantly after his career as a top cyclist. The film presents in moving yet excruciating detail the pain and glory that characterize pro cycling. Not since Jorgen Leth’s classic “A Sunday In Hell” has there been a film that so perfectly distills the rich essence of cycling into gripping, cathartic cinema.
• 105 minutes.
• Click HERE to see the Trailer
• Buy it at WorldCycling.com

Made in the USA, Power Cordz use a Synthetic fiber for their brake and derailleur cables that are over 75% lighter than traditional steel cables, which can save over 60 grams when compared to steel brake and derailleur cables. Lateral stiffness, flexibility and low coefficient of friction gives the rider smooth and responsive fingertip control. The non metallic, smooth coating doesn’t rust and limits grime build up increasing component life!
• Retail for $36.95
• More info:
• Get it at WiseCycleBuys

At last, a saddle maker that dares to stare erectile dysfunction in the face, and stand tall with a saddle backed by scientific data. Leave it to the Italians to tackle the issues that we’re “too manly” to talk about, and come up with a solution that appears to be working. The unusual shape of the Strike line of saddles has been designed to ease pressure on your… erm… sensitive areas, so you can ride all day and well… ride all night too.
• MSRP: $239.99
• See the US distributor at Albabici.com

The new fully-adjustable one piece titanium aerobar is almost ready. Featuring S bends, 6cm of armrest adjustment both forward, back and side-to-side, 42cm width outside-to-inside and 85mm and 100mm stem, integrated cable routing, fitting 1′ and 1 1/8″ steerers, a 10 year warranty and weighing only 835grams… whew!
• MSRP: $479.99
• Go to Aero-Concepts.com

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