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Product Review: NIKE Cycling Gear

It’s great to see good ol’ American know-how and ingenuity at work – especially in the cycling world. Nike has been developing some great technical fabrics, materials and designs that are emerging in a line of cycling gear that will make you smile – and possibly ride faster… check out their latest gloves, shoes, and cool weather gear…

Hot on the heels of the new red and white versions of the Poggio II – comes the flashy Silver edition. Suitable for the Silver Surfer and other super-heros willing to stamp their mark on a race, you’ll want to wear these with “100% absolute confidence”. They’re made in Italy, worn by Tyler, and one of the most comfy shoes I’ve tried – read the full scoop in our Poggio II PEZ-test here.

Ride what the pros ride – it makes you better. If this is part of your mantra – then check out the team Issue Swoosh Gloves. Official issue of the US Postal Service Team, the back is thin lycra to keep you cool, while the palm side is a thin terry-cloth to reduce bulk, and has a thin grippy surface that keeps you closer to your bike.

This Breathable Rain Shell is great – light & functional. The Spring weather ’round these parts sees lots of rain and wind. Last Saturday’s ride was classic – head out in sunshine, warm up on a climb over 300 meters, and over the top discover the sinister mystery cloud looming not far off – directly in my path! I’m cooling off fast as I descend and finally decide to do the right thing. The jacket comes out of the musette bag (it folds up nice and small), went on and the wind was stopped in it’s tracks! Then the Spring showers tried to mess me up – no way Jose -! The long back and draw strings kept my butt toasty and dry – just the way I like it. This baby has passed the test and earned a spot as “required gear” for my TDF trip in July – ready to battle the worst the Alps and Pyrenees can throw at me.

Finally someone has been paying attention to covering up the last bits of exposed skin that constantly annoy during a cold ride. Nike’s Dri-Fit Hooded Jersey covers your neck – front and back – and has extrxa long sleeves with a thumb-hole to keep your wrists covered – gotta love it! It’s designed to wear next to your skin, and wick away the moisture as you wish you were sweatin’ to the oldies instead of freezing your nads on a cold winter ride. Also doubles as a ninja costume.

Yo – s’up s’up? Even whitest-bread homies can grab some ‘tude with this cool Dry-Fit Bandana. Keeps the noggin warm (and dry), and may be “street” enough to even get you through the ghetto gauntlet should your inner-city ride take you there… However – it’s not really suitable a a loin cloth – take it from me and save yourself the embarrassment.

Get more info on Nike cycling gear at their website: www.nikecycling.com.

Photography courtesy of Fotografica Studios

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