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Products: Chamois Creams From Assos & Paceline

Next up are a couple of additives that you might have seen and wondered about, but may have not tried. They are basically skin lubes and are for all intents and purposes serve the same function.

The Assos Chamois Cream is nice stuff. It is made to go directly on the cham, but I found that a little silly and wasteful (maybe the idea behind their suggestion) and apply it directly to the “hot spot” areas that might cause me a little problem on the road and let contact get it in touch with the pad. It does the job, but is a little to thick to spread and dissipates into the fabric just like the other product tested, so thickness doesn’t seem to be a plus. Thickness does mean that you use a little more… It also has a pleasant warm feeling as you put it on. Overall it does the job.

Paceline’s Chamois Butt’R Product does the same thing. It acts as a skin lube and cham cream. It is a little thinner and easier to apply, has no odor and lasts for a couple of hours (just like the Assos). I put it directly on the spots that need it and away ya go…

Both products cost in the 12 dollar range (Assos sometimes more). They are great products and do the job they are designed for, but the Butt’R out lasts the Assos cream and is easier to put on. I will go with the Butt’R, but will use it on nuthin butt Assos shorts if I can help it!

Well that’s all for now. You can check these products out at pacelineproducts.com and the Assos site.

Happy tails!

You can see more info on the Assos product line at their website. www.assos.com

and more info on the Paceline product line at their website. www.pacelineproducts.com

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