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Review: Limar Chrono TT Helmet

When it comes to shaving off the seconds in a time trial there are really three critical focal points to work on; the front wheel, the aero bars, and the helmet. The first two is where most people look to cut down on the drag, but the helmet is often overlooked. Today we look at the Limar Chrono Time Trial helmet.

This review will not apply to most of our readers in the US as this helmet is only a shell and does not provide crash protection, but do not fear, we plan on reviewing the all new USCF legal, ANSI approved Limar time trial helmet once it is available.

The Chrono helmet is simplicity at it’s best. Designed in cooperation with Team Telekom and perfected through tests in the Audi wind tunnel the Chrono makes for one fast helmet helping you shave off those precious seconds in the time trial.

My favorite design in the helmet is the interchangeable lenses. Not only do they help in making the helmet more efficient, a feature not found on many time trial helmets, but allow you adjust to the different lighting conditions you may have. The lenses also provide a greater than 180 degree viewing radius, so no worries about obstructed views.

Other features of this 160-gram (approx 5.6 ounces) helmet include a one-size fits all adjustment latch and a comfortable Velcro securing strap. The helmet does tend to push in on the sides of your head, so the larger cranium riders might consider putting in some light padding in on the sides. The snug fit is there to maintain the optimal airflow and smooth airflow over the ears and face. There are two small vents on the back to allow for some circulation of air but I have not been able to test their effectiveness, as it’s been rather chilly weather as of late.

Overall I found the helmet to be very comfortable, well fitting and would be a great addition at anyone’s time trial set-up.

Limar Is available in the USA through Trialtir, check out their website at:

-Gregg Germer-

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