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Review: Selle Italia SLR Boost 3D TI 316 Superflow Saddle

Improve your road cycling performance with the TI 316 rails of the 3D printed SLR Boost 3D TI 316 Superflow.

Made with a proprietary, 3D printed pattern, the SLR Boost 3D TI 316 Superflow provides support on the toughest road rides helping you conquer the steepest of climbs and fastest descents. The differentiated cushioning zones give progressive absorption and TI 316 rails provide strength and ensure comfort on every pedal stroke. This high-tech road-specific saddle with Carbon DLS™ Technology is one of the most advanced on the market and is the perfect way to finish your dream build.

I’ve always liked Selle Italia saddles, I have tried others, but have always come back to the Italian brand. At the moment I have the Flite Team Issue on both bikes and I’m quite happy, so trying something new is always a bit scary.

Subtle style

Our top tech man, Chuck Peña, has been using the SLR and suggested I try it and the 3D saddle needed testing, so…

The ‘Superflow’ cut-out

I’ve not had the ‘Selle Italia SLR Boost 3D TI 316 Superflow’ saddle for long and only managed a couple of rides due to the heat and work, but as I received a 3D saddle before Chuck, I had to tell you about it.

It needs a good long ride

I was sent the L3, which is slightly wider than I am used to, but there has been such a large demand for the saddle that they can’t make enough of them. White is also my favourite saddle colour, but you don’t see the saddle when you are riding it.

Black saddles – Not as bad as black shoes

The technical details about how the saddle is made, you can read on the Selle Italia website or from people who understand these things, in the end it comes down to how it feels. It being slightly wider (as I said above) than my present saddle was no problem and to be honest it felt like there was more support for the ‘glutes’ and less pressure underneath, which would also be helped by the cut out, the ‘Superflow’. In fact I didn’t feel any pressure on those parts.

Looks like a vibration damper under the nose of the saddle

The cushioning is different at certain points of the saddle and I would say Selle Italia have got that right, but a longer ride is needed to test that fully. The SLR 3D is a little shorter than the Flight, so setting it up was a little tricky. I first set the distance from the nose of the saddle to the bars to the same length as the flite, but this was too close as the middle of the saddle was now further forward. I noticed on the Selle Italia website that the newer Flite is also shorter than the ones I have. Anyway, one centimetre further back and all was good.

Light enough!

So how does it feel to ride? Very nice. I shouldn’t have worried about trying an SLR (thank you Chuck). Climbing sat down, there was something to push back on, descending you could move from side-to-side for bends. With other saddles I had noticed they impinged the movement of my thighs on the down stroke, which gave me back ache, no problem in that department. No numbness in any ‘private parts’, but I’ve never had that problem. There was no uncomfortable pressure points or chafing, yes very comfortable, solid where it needs to be and soft at those other parts. I’m pleased with the feel of the 3D, there was no slipping around that you get on ‘leather’ topped saddles and the technology in a 3D printed top must be superior to foam on plastic.

Softer where you need it and firmer in other places

The big test for me was the next day, even with a saddle you are used to, that first kilometre can feel uncomfortable, but all was good with the SLR 3D. My problem now is that I will need to get another one for my second bike.

Ti 316 rails

I tested the titanium railed version, it is also available with carbon rails, which saves about 30g, for around an extra €/$/£100. This is a very comfortable saddle, made by cutting-edge technology. Stylish to look at, it will be centre of attention at the cafe and lightweight, what more could you ask for?

Titanium rails, also available with carbon rails

Technical Specifications

    Weight: S3 200g (± 8%) – L3 205g (± 8%)
    Dimensions: S3 130 x 248mm L3 145 x 248mm
    Rail: TI 316 Tube Ø7mm
    Intended use: Road
    Family: SLR

selle italia
You can always just admire the weave patern

Materials and Shapes

  • Superflow
    The Superflow technology drastically reduces all physical limitations caused by prolonged pressure in the perineal area.
  • TI 316 Rail
    Rail increased by up to 25% resistance and durability and reduced by 15% weight compared with traditional rails, ø 7 mm.
  • 3D Printed
    3D printed cover with dedicated and proprietary pattern featuring differentiated cushioning zones that provide progressive absorption over the entire surface area, ensuring the cyclist optimal comfort and support.
  • Price: EU €359,90, GB £329.99, USA $399.90
  • More info at: www.selleitalia.com

slr 3d
Definitely looks different

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