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ROAD ID: Save Your Life

Last year, I lost a very good friend.

An absolute crap way to find out that, despite the folks I ride with thinking I have 5 of everything, I didn’t have the one thing that might matter most in a critical situation.

By “critical situation”, I don’t mean 3k to go on a summit finish, and by “the one thing”, I sure as hell don’t mean a 13.99999 pound bike, or a mainline shot of caffeine. I am talking about the one thing we all should have when things go wrong.

We should all have emergency info on our bodies (not our bikes…) in a place that both Medical Professionals and our ride partners can find.

The information is at once simple and critical for things like allergies to medications or specific medical conditions and it also includes emergency contact info.

I have been in a position a few times now where people needed to get to someone’s family and couldn’t. Instead, the group called all over hell and back, finally getting to a friend of a friend. Several hours after the accident, we finally got to their families.

Selfishly, it took loosing someone very close to move me to get this article to you. You can ride with someone for yers and in an instant, get a lesson in how little you really knew.

And this isn’t the standard product review, where we lucky bastards got a major league hook-up. I pulled out the charge card and insisted on paying (especially since it cost so damn little), even though one of the writers at Pez is sponsored by Road ID and they were happy to have us get the word out.

Road ID have several products to suite your needs. Or maybe I should say that road ID have a few products that you’ll not notice until you need them…

The wrist band is simple and light. The ankle strap is as well and both feature a bit of reflective material. The shoe tag weighs nothing and will fit over a shoe strap with ease and can also fit between laces.

And if all else fails and you want the simplest thing, you can go for a Dog Tag.

It also functions as a mini fashion statement as RoadID offer a slew of picture options for the non info side…

The Dog tag is also great for multiple sports or just the standard day to day, as… shit happens.

And “shit” generally doesn’t care weather you’re on a bike or not (although it sometimes looks like “shit” likes bikes…).

My point here is simply that Road ID make it extremely easy to keep the right info in a place where medical professionals and your ride partners or passing motorists (maybe even the one that hits you…) can see what’s what. Road ID can whip something up with your choice of info and have it to you damn near immediately.

Road ID prices are low enough that nobody reading this can’t afford it.

20 bucks gets you the wrist, ankle or shoe tag. 25 bucks lands you the dog tag and chain, and that includes shipping. If you want some useful bling-bling, you can get a 10k gold version of the dog tag too. All feature six lines of text ready for your info.

I had quite a bit of emotion rolling while writing this but don’t want to get too preachy… Road ID have a whole section of testimonials, so if you lack common sense and feel like you need more reinforcement in order to not risk laying in a hospital bed (or worse), getting meds you shouldn’t have from Doctors that have no idea who you are, while your Family is running in circles calling around trying to find you, click on the testimonial section…

If you’re smart enough to learn from someone else’s mistakes…

Order it online at www.RoadId.com

I ride past an empty street corner where a friend used to meet me. I do it damn near every day, and I can’t wait for the “just hit in the balls with a stun gun” feeling not to be there…

Until then I am gonna bitch at every person I see to get something like Road ID.

Maybe these are not a bright yellow fashion statement on your wrist but if forced with a choice, I would send Lance Armstrong’s foundation 2 bucks directly and buy one of these. I don’t mean at all that you shouldn’t give to the Lance Armstrong foundation (I have and will continue to) but if you’re going to wear something on your wrist, ankle, shoe or chest, I would rather it be something that might help you “Live Period”…

Thanks Bruce White and Josh for suggesting Road ID.

Note: if you have other experiences with gear, or something to add, drop us a line. We don’t claim to know everything (we just imply it at times). Give us a pat on the back if you like the reviews, or a slap in the head if you feel the need!

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