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QUICK Release: Taking Away Frustration!

Some time ago, some jackass cyclist decided to sue someone due to the fact that their wheel came off. Probably finding that they had simply done a shit job of fastening the QR, they also found an attorney that decided to blame the fork. Proof again (at least to me) that there is no such thing as a lawyer “joke”, but simply lawyer statements… (not all Lawyers are crap… I am certain…)

The result of that BS legal action gave us the gift of the exceptionally annoying “Lawyer tabs”(little ridges / bosses that force you to unscrew your QR several turns in order to get past the little ridges at the bottom of the fork drop-out to mount or dismount your wheel).

I have never seen or heard of these tabs doing anything but causing people to take extra time mounting a wheel (meaning I am not sure that they have ever prevented a crash…), so one would wonder if their sole purpose was as a source of frustration. If that is the only thing they are good for, We now have a long throw QR that takes the hassle away.

You can fine the QR’s from QUICK at www.neuvationcycling.com and they are available in 5mm (for hubs).

and 9mm (for racks) axel sizes.

They have a 6.6mm Cam action that, when released, open out further than the bosses on the majority of forks. And also have an extra security release that makes sure they stay in place. Since almost all forks are coming with bosses, these QR’s are a better option than grinding your bosses off like most race teams er uh…Never do… (We do not suggest you file or grind off your bosses to make wheel changes and rack mounting much-much easier).

Hit the site for more info or to purchase these little wonders, or call your shop and ask for them to get them into stock!

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